Workout of the Day - Daily Fitness Exercise by i365 2.03

Workout of the Day - Daily Fitness Exercise by i365 2.03

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There are no more excuses! Here are 365 workouts to pump YOU up with no gym or weight training equipment at all!

Our exercise routines are designed to work anytime, anywhere. All you need to start this program is your body, a piece of ground, and about 10 minutes a day.

Blasting through one of our burpee workouts in your living room in 10 minutes will leave you gasping for air, twice as powerful as the typical 3x8 sets of bench press baloney that most gyms encourage, and five times as fit as if you had simply jogged two miles.

By performing constantly varied routines involving pushups, burpees, sprints, pullups, situps, jumping, squats, lunges, and other bodyweight exercises in circuits and high intensity intervals you'll shed weight, hone your body, and develop the strength of a lion. These primal movements will have you performing like your hunter-gatherer ancestors, with a level of functional fitness that aids you in everyday tasks like moving furniture and carrying your kids around.

Many of these routines are inspired by Pavel Tsatsouline's advice in Naked Warrior and by the Crossfit philosophy. Exercise should be functional, high intensity, and high power, maximizing the amount of work you do in a short time period. Our sprint routines and Tabata high-intensity intervals are perfect for busy go-getters who exercise in order to achieve results and don't want to waste time small talking at the local Globo-Gym with the scrubs.

Simply by purchasing this app you'll be twice as badass as you were prior to owning it. Plus, you'll be entitled to free updates and get access to our community forums.

Toss your dumbells in the dumpster and hop to it!

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Changes: - Fixed a bug for duplicate workouts.
- Added quick feedback email button

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