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World War II Online Updater 1.16.3

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World War II Online Updater 1.16.3 updates 1.16.2 to 1.16.3 World War II Online is a flight war simulation game.

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Mail Call Broadcasts, 1943-1949 (World War II Series) 1.0 -  MAIL CALL BROADCASTS - 1943-1948 (World War II Series - 19 hours of audio)Mail Call ran during WWII and was a show primarily for the soldiers of the USA in order to lift their morale. The show would feature top entertainers in music, but ... ... (6/0) download
World War II: Heroes of Valor Lite 1.0 -  World War II: Heroes of Valor. Experience the battles of World War II like never before, on your iPhone. This game features the intensity of making spilt second decisions in high pressure situations, that could end your life, or save Europe. Do ... ... (2/0) download
1940 Veterans Aircraft Fighters of World War II Retro HD 1.0 -  Relive the glory days of the aviation during the world war II. Choose your fighter plane of early 1940's era and fight for your country in the Battle of Britain. Join the military alliance of the Allies against the Axis. Battle over water or land ... ... (2/0) download
World War II Special 2.0 LITE 2.1 -  A piece of the History in your Hands!!! Amazing World War II App!!! Includes: (I) WWII Great Battles: 312 locations, relevant facts and events that took place during the Second World War, with their history. (II) WWII Songs: 2 hours of amazing ... ... (5/0) download
World War II Memorial App 1.0 -  Discover the Memorial on the National Mall commemorating the war that changed the world. - Explore the Memorial - Learn about World War II - Go on a mission to earn badges - Follow the allied path to victory - Discover stories about those who ... ... (1/0) download
World War II Weapons Gallery 1.0 -  World War II weapons gallery.Covers 1937 to 1945, the Allied and Axis use tanks, planes, warships. ... (3/0) download
World War II Military History Magazine 7.4.1 -  World War II Military History Magazine is a monthly collection of expert articles charting the dramatic military history of the Second World War. Each issue examines an iconic battle of the Second World War in fascinating detail, combining expert ... ... (2/0) download
Great War II 1.3 -  Great War II is a real-time strategy game based on World War II.======================================The Axis is aiming to dominate the world.The Allies is launching counter-attacks from one check point to another.Who will claim the victory in ... ... (1/0) download
Navy Field: Resurrection of the Steel Fleet 1.333 -  Welcome to Navy Field; a massively multiplayer online tactics simulation game based on World War II naval warfare by SD EnterNet. Be prepared to experience intense naval battles against large teams of real opponents from across the globe. ... (50/0) download
Confirmed Kill v0.109 -  Confirmed Kill is an online, multiplayer World War II combat flight simulation. When the game begins you will see your briefing. You can change aircraft at this time. Then hit the "launch&quot\; button and to jump in the game. ... (102/0) download