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Outlook Compress PST 1.0
Compress your one or more MS Outlook PST file size using powerful Compress PST software. Software quickly Compress Outlook PST files and shrink PST file size.
vCard in Outlook 3.2
vCard converter is the most energizing tool to convert bulk vCard in Outlook. The vCard to Outlook Converter has simple graphical interface that make the user to use software to convert vCard in Outlook comfortably and in right manner.
WinHKI 1.84
WinHki is a file compression tool which makes data-files very small. Winhki uses new technologies.

Zip Management Suite v1.2

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(512k): 16 s
(1Mb): 08 s
(2Mb): 04 s
(5Mb): 02 s
(10Mb): < 1 sec

Allows you to perform unattended and repeated archiving tasks. While the script wizard lets you quickly produce archiving and extracting scripts, the script editor enables you to easily create and run complex scripts with drag-and-drop function definitions, context sensitive help, and built-in script debugging. You can manage a library of self-extracting and ZIP archives, allowing you to easily update, repair, or modify them without having to track them down, as well as simultaneously run and open a group of archives. Zip Management Suite also lets you add and remove files to and from a selected archive\; test, view, run, and open a file before adding it to the archive\; use third-party self-extracting headers\; create highly customizable self-extracting archives\; convert standard ZIP archives to multiple-block or multiple-disk spanning archives\; add and edit file comments\; and convert self-extracting archives to ZIP format.

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Netwrix Identity Management Suite 3.312.0 -  Netwrix Identity Management Suite solves the most critical identity management challenges, such as password management and provisioning, to decrease IT help desk workload and secure Active Directory environments. Price for 150 users is $1860. ... (10/0) download