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Twenty Card Keno 3.0 -  Twenty Card Keno allows you to play ... random numbers for each card. Features incude Autoplay, Advanced Card Marking Features, Sound, speed ... Game, Active Stats for Keno Game Return, Editable PayScale ... (56/0) download

4-Card-Keno 4.0 -  to 10 credits per card. The demo allows you to play for 20 days, some features are ... (8/0) download
Mega Keno 3.1 -  Mega Keno consists of 7 keno games. The game starts ... cash to start.Mega Keno includes Vegas Keno, Devil's Keno, Snowman Keno, Ten Card Keno, Four Card Keno, Wild Square Keno, and Catch-Em All Keno.A demo is available ... you to play for 20 days, some features are ... (8/0) download
4-Card Video Keno v2.5 -  4-Card Video Keno is a unique game of video keno which allows a player ... to 4 cards. 4-Card Video Keno lets you pick numbers ... numbers available on each card. 20 numbers are drawn during ... (82/0) download
4ck 4-Card Video Keno 4.0 -  Play 4 video keno cards at once Pick ... numbers on 4 video keno cards. Bet 1 to 10 coins on any card. Play nickels, dimes, quarters ... game, the computer picks 20 numbers which are applied ... (46/0) download
10-20-30 v2.1 -  10-20-30 is a single player card game in which you ... add up to 10, 20 or 30. You start ... add up to 10, 20 or 30. You can ... (7/0) download
Catalyst Deluxe 1.2 -  is an engaging solitaire card game based on the 10-20-30 game. The game ... face values total 10, 20, or 30 points. For ... a 10 would total 20 points and could be ... (5/0) download
Keno Online 1.5 -  Online keno game is a very ... to be hit by 20 random numbers for a winning. The 20 selected numbers are drawn ... start the game.Online keno game is a very ... (8/0) download

Prime Scratch Cards 2.1 -  offer a variety of 20 interactive fun and entertaining ... guarantee as every third card purchased wins a cash ... (1/0) download
Combination Keno Pro 5.3 -  Combination Keno Pro is a Keno analysis tool for Windows. Keno is a gambling game ... 80. Each player selects 20 numbers. Players are paid ... play tables match the 20 numbers drawn. Combination Keno Pro lets you calculate ... (3/0) download
Business Card Printery 3.5 -  can have a Business Card for every occasion! Select from nearly 20,000 ready-to-use-card layouts. Our intelligent software ... (26/0) download
Easy Card Creator Express Edition 8.20.17 -  Easy Card Creator is the most versatile identity card design software! The ideal ... an affordable photo ID card solution. This software will ... (6/0) download
SCardX Easy smart card ActiveX control 1.5.12 -  following functionality: - events detecting : 20 types of events are ... and an opened smart card through the smart card service and an attached card reader. It allows you ... PC/SC compatible devices like card readers and USB tokens ... (1/0) download
WinnaLotto 2.0 -  a comprehensive Lotto and Keno statistics application. WinnaLotto is ... size from 1 to 20 numbers. It can analyse ... (0/0) download
Hotel Solitaire 32.0 -  Hotel Solitaire is a card game in which you ... in a hotel with 20 floors. Each floor has ... 1 lower than the card in the waste pile ... (1/0) download
Ruby Royal Casino 1.0 -  Islots slots, Table games, Card games, Scratch Card games and Keno games Ruby Royal is ... jackpots, table games and card games. Whether you are ... (2/0) download
Keno Buddies 1.1KENO BUDDIES is a fun way to enjoy Keno with your two virtual Keno buddies. The game of keno uses 80 balls numbered ... game the house draws 20 balls at random and ... Powerball, Wild Ball and Keno 21. The game is ... (1/0) download
Windows Smart Card 1.00 -  The Windows Smart Card from Zash Electronics lets ... of the Windows Smart Card and launch your most ... instantly. The Windows Smart Card comprises executable functions, you ... (1/0) download
Smart Card ToolSet PRO 3.4 B20 20 -  Using Smart Card ToolSet PRO you can ... any ISO-7816 smart card on the APDU level ... of PC/SC compatible smart card readers TE Manage the ... (3/0) download
slot_kenoten 7.5 -  Slot_kenoten is an animated keno game with dropping balls ... time (each game drawing 20 balls from 80 balls ... (0/0) download
slots_keno 5.0 -  a pair of animated keno games one with dropping ... and the game draws 20 balls from a total ... (1/0) download
SD Card Recovery Software -  SD Card Recovery Software OCo SD Card Data Recovery tool is ... of the best sd card recovery software. SD Card Recovery tool recovers deleted data even after sd card gets formatted. It easily ... related to best sd card recovery software: OCo The ... (2/0) download
Recover Memory Card Files -  Multimedia card data recovery software allows ... handle several unwanted memory card data loss scenarios such ... photos etc. Download memory card recovery software get back ... (1/0) download
Memory Card Data Undelete -  Memory card data undelete software is ... formatted or corrupted memory card used in various portable devices. Smart media card data restoration utility is ... all types of memory card storage media in different ... (6/0) download
Sim Card Undelete Tool -  recovery software for sim card retrieves all contact numbers ... virus attacked on sim card memory. Utility efficiently recover ... GSM /3g mobile sim card memory. Tool required sim card reader to read or ... (1/0) download