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BLE Acc 1.1 -  CANSEC BLE Accessory. Base function: 1- Turn on/off LED ... 1- Add proximity sensing function. 2- Updated UI for ... (2/0) download

Optic Nerve 1.0 -  documentation of the optic nerve avoids blindness. Glaucoma is ... will result in visual function loss and blindness. There ... documentation of the optic nerve. It will help doctors ... (1/0) download French-English Collins Dictionary 2.0 -  not only an ideal accessory for language study, but ... contains the unique EasyLex function, where the user only ... (2/0) download German-English + English-German Dictionary 2.0 -  not only an ideal accessory for language study, but ... contains the unique EasyLex function, where you only have ... (3/0) download
Agilent Infiniium 548xx Series Oscilloscope IntuiLink Waveform Editor Add-In 1.0 -  is an add-in accessory for the Agilent IntuiLink ... (12/0) download
Function Grapher 3.3Function Grapher is an easy ... 2D, 2.5D, 3D function graphs, animations and table ... animation; graph of inverse function and derivative function; parity; maximum, minimum, and ... (352/0) download
NH's Function Point Analyzer 1.0 -  With NH's Function Point Analyzer it is ... and clear documentation of function point countings according to IFPUG (International Function Point Users Group) standard ... and databases in NH's Function Point Analyzer and the function points will be calculated ... (23/0) download
Function Grapher 3.7.3Function Grapher is graph maker ... 2.5D and 3D function graphs, animations and table graphs. 2D Features: explicit function, implicit function, parametric function, and inequality graphing; Cartesian ... (86/0) download

Function Plot 2D with Sections NewFunction Plot 2D with Sections ... id="bul">create function plots.</span><span id="bul">Function Plot 2D lets you ... is give an input function.</span><span ... (7/0) download
Pacific Accessory Corporation 1.3 -  Pacific Accessory Corporation, the App, is ... offers a dealer locator function, to identify the 5 ... (4/0) download
Complex Grapher 1.1.1 -  a graph of complex function. 3D function graphs and 2D color ... a graph of complex function. 3D function graphs and 2D color ... (98/0) download
Math Function Mania 3.0 -  Math Function Mania is a fun ... must first detect which function is being used, and ... the correct answer. Math Function Mania is a fun ... (33/0) download
Function Junction v1.1.1Function Junction enables you to ... and more. In addition, Function Junction uses true type ... (25/0) download
My Function Keys v2.3.0 -  Lets you use your function keys to paste frequently ... to re-map your function keys to contain frequently ... or Shift and any function key. The program runs ... (43/0) download
Function Prototyper 1.4.0 -  Generate function prototypes for BBEdit documents. Function Prototyper allows the user to generate function prototypes for any number ... ... (7/0) download
ZeGrapher 1.3.0 -  easy-to-use mathematical function plotting application. This handy ... (7/0) download
MathGV 4.1 -  to be a mathematical function graphing software. The MathGV ... (1/0) download
Zhu3D 4.2.2 -  interactive OpenGL-based mathematical function viewer. You can visualize ... (1/0) download
Windows 7 Autorun Disabler 2.0 -  to make the autorun function run on selected drives ... on "Enable Autorun Function on Windows 7" Using ... (1/0) download
CyoEncode 1.0.2 -  CyoEncode is a C function provider for encoding binary ... (4/0) download
Extended Stored Procedure class for VC++ 1.01 -  procedure is a special function packaged in a DLL ... (2/0) download
Simple Math Parser 1.1.2 -  specially designed for mathematical function that produces a tree ... (2/0) download
JFunctionViewer 0.7 Beta -  and fast open source function plotter. JFunctionViewer can even ... (5/0) download
Test Tone Generator 4.32 -  PC into a programmable function generator for testing or ... (14/0) download
Multi-Instrument Pro 3.2 -  is a powerful multi-function virtual instrument software. It ... spectrum, auto/cross correlation, coherence function, transfer function, impulse response. Support 55 ... long time data logging function for 129 derived variables ... (11/0) download