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DOS Navigator v1.51DOS Navigator is a DOS shell which features a multiple ... drag-and-drop capability. DOS Navigator can handle all ... (260/0) download

EasyConsole 1 -  EasyConsole Dos shell utility lets you navigate ... folders using Windows issuing DOS commands on a slave ... may also type long DOS instructions with their parameters ... (21/0) download
StupenDOS v5.0 -  StupenDOS is a programmable DOS shell. It has a menu ... interface that converts difficult DOS commands into "Point ... (136/0) download
Norton AntiVirus Command-line Scanner (NAVC) v1.0 -  Scanner (NAVC) is a DOS-based virus detection and ... run NAVC from the DOS prompt, from a DOS shell in Windows, or from ... more. NAVC returns different DOS errorlevels depending upon the ... (233/0) download
Shell MegaPack ActiveX 2012Shell MegaPack ActiveX brings total Windows Explorer ... hotkeys, task scheduler library, shell file operations, system idle ... shortcuts and internet shortcuts. Shell MegaPack.Net is written ... (3/0) download
Shell MegaPack.WPF 2012Shell MegaPack.WPF brings total ... task scheduler library, SingleInstanceComponent, shell file operations, system idle ... shortcuts and internet shortcuts. Shell MegaPack.WPF is written ... (5/0) download
Emsa Register Dll Tool 1.0.48 -  It also provides ActiveX information for ActiveX components like .ocx files and ActiveX exe or ActiveX dll files. Using this tool, you may register/unregister ActiveX dll/ocx/exe files, and you may also compare two ActiveX files having identical filenames ... easily register and unregister ActiveX files - Shell extensions. If shell extensions are ... (123/0) download
ACiDDraw ANSI Editor 1.25r -  and text justification, Undo, DOS shell, extended background color support ... (187/0) download

Chilkat SSH ActiveX Component 1.0.2 -  SSH ActiveX Component for Remote Shell and Remote Command Execution (7/0) download
DoneEx AppBinder ActiveX 1.1.2 -  This ActiveX library allows you to ... You can start any DOS or Win32 Console program ... (26/0) download
Shell Control Pack ActiveX v1.0Shell Control Pack ActiveX gives your applications Windows Explorer-like features. The Shell Control Pack ActiveX contains seven controls and ... three controls are the Shell Combo Box, the Shell List View and the Shell Tree View. These controls ... events and properties. The Shell Control Pack also includes ... (1098/0) download
Arclab File IO/System Toolbox 2.0c -  functions for File, Folder, Shell, Windows API and System ... for gathering informations. The ActiveX component was specially designed ... (352/0) download
SSHBlackbox (ActiveX/DLL) 4.4 -  SSHBlackbox (ActiveX edition) is a comprehensive collection of ActiveX controls that add client ... support for SSH (Secure Shell) to your Visual Basic ... and PKI support. SSHBlackbox (ActiveX edition) is a comprehensive ... (26/0) download
ShellBrowser Components ActiveX Edition 5.5.2 -  access to the Win32 shell functionality. The JamShellList, JamShellTree ... (114/0) download
FolderView ActiveX Control 8.0 -  FolderView ActiveX Control brings a Windows ... a variety of new shell functionality . FolderView ActiveX Control 8.0 brings ... (29/0) download
Spetnik's C++ Compiler Shell v3.0a -  Spetnik's C++ Compiler Shell is a shell for Borland C++ Builder ... is a command-line DOS compiler. Spetnik's C++ Compiler Shell inputs your options from ... the hard-to-use DOS program for you. The shell also contains a results ... (204/0) download
New Technology Shell va2 Build 119 -  New Technology Shell is a command-line shell. Net Technology Shell is ideal if you ... in place of the DOS prompt. It features: a ... (77/0) download
WinOne - Super Command Shell for Windows 7.7a -  in concept to the shell CMD.EXE, except that ... (22/0) download
Windows CHDIR v1.00 -  Windows CHDIR is a shell extension that makes it easy to open a DOS prompt in the current ... menu items to the shell context menu (the menu ... want to open a DOS prompt at the current ... (19/0) download
TimoSoft ExplorerListView 1.1 -  ExplorerListView is an ActiveX control that may be ... as well as for shell-browsing. It is optimized ... (1/0) download
ETL Universal Programmer 1.2 -  the parts of MS-DOS drivers for each separated ... combine into one software shell. The software used communicating ... (4/0) download
Monkey Tools 1.00 -  you to run a dos script without the contents ... (1/0) download
JRFile Viewer Activex 1.2 -  JRFileViewer is a ActiveX control that allows software ... user to drop an ActiveX control on the window ... txt JRFileViewer.ocx The ActiveX Control JRFileViewer.chm Help ... (2/0) download
CryptoLicensing For ActiveX 2012_R2 2 -  CryptoLicensing For ActiveX adds licensing, copy-protection ... (3/0) download
DoneEx INI-File Manager ActiveX 1.3 -  INI-File Manager ActiveX allows you manipulate with ... The INI-File Manager ActiveX can be used from ... (67/0) download