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Xpert WoRD 2.1 -  the ability to format text as Bold, italic, underline, strike through ... (3/0) download

SwiftText Word Expander 4.0 -  any word processor or text editor. The program allows ... automatically replaced with instant text. Expansions can be stored with or without text formatting (bold, italics, etc.). This program ... any word processor or text editor in Windows. Simply ... (3/0) download
Greeting Card Studio 1.27 -  own family photos and text. The program comes packed ... to your card design. Text controls include: Font, Size, Align Left or Center, Text Color, Bold, Italics. The product includes ... (223/0) download
TextMaker for Pocket PCs 2006 -  Severely limited text formatting. Image support? Barely ... Basically, just the body text in bold, italic, and underline survives ... (1/0) download
HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL COM, Win32 1.0 -  attributes, CSS styles, full text formatting, tables, pictures in ... to Word, RTF and Text. Converting features any HTML ... to DOC, RTF, ansi Text, Unicode Text URL to file, string ... (2/0) download
Photographer XML Template 1 -  MP3 Player * XML Text ScrollbarYou can add/remove modules ... (2/0) download
FontsOnCD 0.9b -  View sample text in bold, italic, underline and outline form. Sample text change capability allow you to type in text on the fly to ... faces using exactly the text that you type. (31/0) download
Trans Suite 2000 v1.0.2 -  can print the source text, the target text, or both\; use advanced ... addition, the program supports text formatting (bold, italics, and underlined), includes ... (178/0) download

DeskWork Basic 4.0.2827 -  employees, phone book); A Module "Universal Notification System"; A Module "Incoming Messages"; A Module "Text Message Distribution"; A Module "Voicemail Message Distribution" ... A Universal Business Request Module (request assistance for shipping ... IT helpdesk etc); A Module "Task Execution Monitoring"; ... (1/0) download
Portable FullRecall -  support for bi-directional text), open file formats, images, sounds text formatting (bold, underline, strikeout) possibility to ... be replaced with simple text that only looks like ... (2/0) download
Elerium HTML to Word .NET 1.6 -  - Text formatting (Bold, italic, color, etc.) - HTML ... (3/0) download
Elerium Word to HTML .NET 1.6 -  - Text formatting (Bold, italic, color, etc.) - Paragraph ... (2/0) download
WebSyndication Mail Merge Module 2.2 -  WebSyndication Mail Merge Module allows you to send ... kind of HTML- or text email to your customers ... it. WebSyndication Mail Merge Module has a clear and ... (4/0) download
Hermetic File Search - Index Module 2.12 -  The index module of Hermetic File Search ... for indexing HTML or text files in a hierarchy ... needed by the search module. Hermetic File Search is ... (39/0) download
Perl-Text-BalancedText-Balanced module for perl (13/0) download
Perl-Text-GermanText-German module for perl (3/0) download
Perl-Text-EP3-VerilogText-EP3-Verilog module for perl (5/0) download
Perl-Text-CSV XSText-CSV_XS module for perl (51/0) download
Perl-Text-VppText-Vpp module for perl (8/0) download
Perl-Text-MetaphoneText-Metaphone module for perl (13/0) download
Perl-Text-BindText-Bind module for perl (5/0) download
Perl-Text-MetaTextText-MetaText module for perl (4/0) download
Perl-Text-LineEditorText-LineEditor module for perl (3/0) download
Perl-Text-TemplateText-Template module for perl (6/0) download
Perl-Text-GraphicsText-Graphics module for perl (5/0) download