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Al-Quran Explorer 3.0 -  Advanced Al-Quran for Muslim This software ... students to work with Quran easier than ever. This ... of all verses in Quran, either sorted by Surah ... (2347/0) download

Quran in Word 1.3 -  add new menu "Al-Quran" on your microsoft ... can insert ayah of quran or translation to your ... (148/0) download
Plug AlQuran for Ms Word 1.3 -  add new menu "Al-Quran" on your microsoft ... can insert ayah of quran or translation to your ... (29/0) download
Cleantouch Khazain-ul-Hidayat (The Digital Quran) -  listen and research within Al-QurOCOan-e-Kareem. The ... to spread teaches of Al-QurOCOan. ItOCOs a worldOCOs ... its kind for presenting Al-Quran. This contains many features ... (28/0) download
AL-Anvar Portable 0.5.0Al-Anvar is a Quranic ... platform free assistant for Quran researchers. some features of ... recitation Most translations of Quran Release notes: New Release ... (12/0) download
AL-Anvar for Linux 0.5.0Al-Anvar is a Quranic ... platform free assistant for Quran researchers. some features of ... ... (6/0) download
Interactive Quran Tutor - Al Fatiha 1.0 -  how to recite Surah Al-Fatiha of the Quran. Each word is clickable ... (569/0) download
Holy Quran Malayalam English Translation 1.0 -  "Holy Quran Malayalam English Translation V1.0" is the first Quran Software in India. It ... and English Translations of Quran, Complete Arabic Text, Complete recitation of Quran by Abdurahiman Sudaise, Soud Al-Shuraim , Dr. Mohamed Ayyoob ... (31/0) download

MMS Digital Video Recorder 1.6 -  is a professional Network Digital Video Recorder, that works ... cameras, record high quality digital video either continuously, on ... (288/0) download
Digital Photo Cut 2.0 -  images made by a digital photocam. The proportions of digital photos does not match ... whole folder with your digital photo collection during a ... (139/0) download
Multilevel Digital Signature System 3.0_free -  A facile and efficient digital signing system for enterprise ... (170/0) download
Digital Wall Clock 1.0.0 -  TimeTools digital wall clock ntp time ... (125/0) download
Stellar Phoenix Digital Media Recovery 1.0 -  Phoenix Digital Image recovery software is ... a write process Provides Digital Media Recovery after Formatting of the digital storage media. This Picture ... Recovers lost or deleted digital pictures from: Memory Sticks ... (118/0) download
Digital Diary 4.6Digital Diary is a tool ... memories audibly and visually. Digital Diary main features: - Create ... the latest news with Digital Diary RSS. - Record your friends' info with Digital Diary Contacts. - Send e-mails using Digital Diary Mailer.- Create your photo gallery with Digital Diary Gallery, and make ... (220/0) download
LuxRiot Digital Video Recorder 1.6.6 -  Luxriot is a Digital Video Recording (DVR) and ... part of a complete digital video recording and remote ... (148/0) download
Digital Clock 1.0.0 -  TimeTools NTP digital clock software is a ... (105/0) download
Digital Camera Poster Creator 2.52Digital Camera Poster Creator lets ... and shape from your digital images. Our exclusive Edge ... photo lab printers. Your digital images can be from digital cameras, scanners, or any ... (47/0) download
XClock Digital Clock Screen Saver 1.01 -  a very large glowing digital time display when your ... (91/0) download
Digital Video Recorder 1.18Digital Video Recorder is a ... tool for recording your digital camera's video streaming into ... Very easy to use Digital Video Recorder software for ... (170/0) download
Digital Media Recovery Software 1.0.0 -  s Digital Media Recovery is comprehensive recovery software for any Digital Media that allows users ... for most popular professional digital photo camera like Canon ... cannot handle. Disk Doctors Digital Media Recovery quickly locates ... (183/0) download
AV Manager Multimedia Digital Signage 5.04 -  AV Manager is a Digital Signage, Multimedia display, Digital Video Management software which ... i.e. banner adv), digital clock, ad-hoc text ... (54/0) download
Digital Photo Recovery v.1.61.8 -  Recover lost or deleted digital pictures from anywhere. Formatted or corrupted digital memory cards, hard disks, USB flash drives and digital cameras are supported directly ... RAW files recorded by digital SLRs, D-Photo Recovery ... are shooting with a digital SLR or a compact ... (156/0) download
Digital Photo Finalizer Pro Edition 2.12Digital Photo Finalizer helps you ... the most from your digital photos. Digital cameras are not perfect ... then automatically adjusts your digital photos to make them ... (52/0) download
PDF to iRex Digital Reader Converter 2.0 -  PDF to iRex Digital Reader Converter is a ... of PDF to iRex Digital Reader. PDF to iRex Digital Reader Converter convert PDF to iRex Digital Reader quickly. PDF to iRex Digital Reader Converter does batch convert PDF to iRex Digital Reader documents, you can use PDF to iRex Digital Reader Converter to quickly and easily create iRex Digital Reader ... (263/0) download
Digital Aquarium Screensaver 1.5.1Digital aquarium screensaver is a ... (77/0) download