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EZ Alert 1.0 -  to use, no frills alarm clock application. Also useful ... or vibrate only reminders. Alarm features include: - choose from ... of five built in alarm sounds or none at all - display a custom alert message - set vibrate on/off ... (2/0) download

Nerd-Alert 1.0.0 -  You secretly control Nerd-Alert to go off when ... you choose when the alarm sounds indicating the presence of ... *** Lie-Detector, Babe-Alert & Hunk-Alert are also available from ... (4/0) download
Alarm Clock & Flashlight 1.0.4Alarm Clock & Flashlight transforms ... digital clock with multiple alarm functions. Wake up to the various built-in alarm sounds or your favorite tunes ... time - Toggle auto-lock/screensaver ALARM - 7 Built-in alarm sounds: Church Bell, Cuckoo, Modern1 ... (4/0) download
Awaken for Mac OS 4.0.23 -  A digital alarm clock for Mac OS ... of the built-in alarm sounds. It can also put ... (58/0) download
Earthquake Survival Kit 1.3Alarm - sounds when an earthquake is ... (4/0) download
WAKE UP! FTSK 1.1 -  Includes 8 different alarm sounds for you to choose ... that just set the alarm before going to bed ... (1/0) download
We Wake U 1.6 -  FUNCTION: Record your own alarm voice to wake up to. ********** Alarm clock with different technology ... to the annoying beeping alarm sounds? Instead let one ... record your own voice alarm to wake up to. This alarm clock application is a ... (1/0) download
Antair Nightstand 1.0.2Alarm clock with beautiful *animated* ... like a real nightstand alarm clock, Antair Nightstand features ... beautiful, large display, multiple alarm sounds, animated themes, news, weather ... (3/0) download

ssnooZe 1 -  is a talking weather alarm clock. Set your alarm as normal and ssnooZe ... current weather while the alarm sounds. Interested in the next ... (0/0) download
iFufi2 -  iFufi2 - PC alarm and presence simulator. This ... can be used as alarm and to scare thiefs ... and your speakers as alarm siren. You can add your personal alarm sounds (wav, mp3). A series of alarm sounds and a dog barking ... (3/0) download
Connection Watcher 1.6 -  If connection lost - play alarm sounds. (0/0) download
Best Alarm Clock 2.4 -  The ONLY Digital Alarm Clock with Weather + Temperature and Alarm 'Alert' Reminders!No ADS! ? ... You can run Best Alarm Clock in the backround while turned off, your alarm(s) will still work ... remind yourself why the alarm is ringing! Use multiple ... (2/0) download
Good Timing 2.1 -  Good Timing is an alarm clock, a timer, and ... Timing can sound an alarm at a particular time ... time. Alarms can play sounds, show a message, or ... (3/0) download
Notebak Alarm 1.0.3 -  Notebak Alarm is used for the ... Notebak will sound an alarm when the power cord ... you were away! Notebak Alarm comes with GEO Locator ... (2/0) download
Touch Alarm Free 1.8.0 -  Touch Alarm: a convenient, iPhone-style alarm clock can be quickly ... taste. Unlike regular WM alarm clocks, the program is ... in two editions: Touch Alarm Free and Touch Alarm Pro. Touch Alarm Free features: * Quick and convenient alarm set-up * iPhone ... (5/0) download
My Alarm Clock 1.4.2007 -  My Alarm Clock is an useful alarm/reminder program. My Alarm Clock can help you ... needed to do? My Alarm Clock can help you ... (11/0) download
SL Digital Alarm Clock with Voice Alerts Version 10 -  SL Digital Alarm with Voice Alerts / ... Resizable. Stores your previous Alarm Settings. Multiple Alarms Available ... and Clock Size. Multiple Alarm Sounds. Random Alarm Option, Never Get Bored of Your Alarm Sound. Release notes: New ... (8/0) download
Best Alarm Security 1.0 -  Best Alarm Security For Your Device Simply activate the alarm and catch sneaky friends ... Sound On/Off Feature Added - Alarm Rings In Background - Auto ... Locked - 4 Different Security Alarm Sounds - Loud Security Alarm To Notify You - Secure ... (8/0) download
Hearing Healing - Relaxing Music & Alarm Clock (Free) 1.1.0 -  healing music or the sounds of nature, such as ... songs and 11 natural sounds. All the healing songs ... time for the rain sounds and other natural sounds. Once the set time ... (1/0) download
EasyCCTV 2.1 -  the monitored area, it sounds an alarm, e-mails you captured ... ... (742/0) download
Analogue Vista Clock 1.09 -  is an outstanding quality alarm clock for your desktop ... size, position, transparency level ,alarm hour and more, is ... choose 5 build in alarm sounds but you can use ... (544/0) download
AbAlarm 2012f -  and easy to use alarm clock for your PC ... can depict from several alarm sounds or even upload an ... (47/0) download
Analogue Vista Clock - Halloween Edition 1.9 -  is an outstanding quality alarm clock for your desktop ... size, position, transparency level ,alarm hour and more, is ... choose 5 build in alarm sounds but you can use ... (31/0) download
Karen's Alarm Clock 3.0 -  Karen’s Alarm Clock is a super quality alarm clock which displays time ... features for enhancing an alarm clock right at your ... to set five different alarm times and you can ... (3/0) download
Simple Alarm Clock Software 7.0 -  With "Simple Alarm Clock Software" you can set an alarm clock that will play an alarm sound at a specified ... bother, than when the alarm sounds. With its friendly interface, "Simple Alarm Clock Software" shows the ... (4/0) download