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Almanac for Windows 95 v3.5eAlmanac for Windows 95 is ... daily, weekly or monthly calendars, including day calendars which fit in most ... or around the globe, Almanac adjusts calendar and schedule ... (109/0) download

Nautical Almanac 2017 -  2017 Nautical Almanac in pdf format which ... This Almanac was created by AstroNav ... (100/1) download
2010 Nautical Almanac 1.2010 -  Complete 2010 Nautical Almanac in pdf format. Includes ... (3/0) download
Make Desktop Calendars For Your Desktop 9.0 -  make your own desktop calendars with the EasyCalendarMaker software. Your desktop calendars can now have any ... itA?aa?s not only desktop calendars; you can make any ... (2/0) download
My Photo Calendars by DigiLabs 4.0.8 -  create fully customized Photo Calendars, easy to use, point ... all elements of the calendars, making images round, customizing ... (10/0) download
Calendar Constructer 1.87 -  Create and print calendars and keep organized with ... (44/0) download
World Almanac 4.3.0 -  The World Almanac displays solar and lunar ... (62/0) download
First Name Almanac 11.0 -  release of First Name Almanac, a Windows program that ... can use First Name Almanac to create personalized certificates ... can use First Name Almanac to create personalized spill ... (50/0) download

ESBPCS-Dates for VCL 4.4.2 -  Components and Routines for Calendars and Date/Time Manipulation in ... (22/0) download
OLOnline 2.20 -  OLOnline shows your Outlook Calendars, Tasks, Contacts on the ... (45/0) download
The Fishing Almanac 2.5 -  The Fishing Almanac has been designed using ... species until The Fishing Almanac. The Sun, Moon and ... is why The Fishing Almanac also provides you with ... (324/0) download
Cotton Calendar 1.7 -  print various kinds of calendars and schedules: 1-Name ... sports schedules); No-Name (calendars, appointments). Three views: Calendar ... Handles repeating events. Free calendars and schedules available online ... (26/0) download
Add2Exchange for Calendars 3.6.6 -  and/or public (group) Outlook calendars. Add2Exchange enables users to view their private/public Outlook calendars on any PDA, Pocket ... or Smartphone. Add2Exchange for Calendars is an Exchange add ... view their private/public Outlook calendars on any PDA, Pocket ... (87/0) download
Create customized Photo Calendars 1.94 -  create fully customized photo calendars, all elements of the ... ... (34/0) download
FUN Make your own calendars 1.31 -  Create customized photo calendars using your own photographs ... Create and Print photo calendars using your own or ... Ability to create standalone calendars. Quickly change the height, width, and position of calendars simply by clicking to your personal tastes!Easily create calendars in a number of ... (52/0) download
VueMinder Ultimate 2018.00 -  allows addition of many calendars, such as holidays, local ... also create your own calendars, which overlay in day ... capabilities are also provided. Calendars can be saved as ... (199/5) download
AstroNav 1.1.6 -  to print daily Nautical Almanac pages.Multiple sights can ... even print conventional Nautical Almanac pages for the full ... (44/0) download
Customised Monthly Calendars Designed By 9.0 -  make your very own calendars. But it doesnA?aa?t only let you make monthly calendars, you can also make yearly calendars or three month calendars. But even if you ... and design of the calendars. These monthly calendars can also make a ... be able to create calendars, whether monthly or yearly ... (6/0) download
The Anniversary Almanac 7.0 -  The Anniversary Almanac produces a touching reminder ... (1/0) download
Last Name Almanac 1.6 -  Last Name Almanac contains information on tens ... (5/0) download
Almanac Application 3.0 -  The Offshore Almanac provides self sufficient navigators ... (7/0) download
Nomads Almanac 1.5 -  Nomads Almanac - From any location in ... (1/0) download
Create Photo Calendars 1.2 -  Create Photo Calendars allows you to create different types of calendars using your photos to ... planning to print your calendars, don't waste your ... able to get your calendars. With this program, you ... (2/0) download
AMC Calendar Wizard 4.0a.2 .2 -  Wizard builds personalized, printable calendars. Use your choice of ... function prints double-sided calendars, which hang like conventional bank calendars, even if you don't ... Unlike commercially available dog calendars that never seem to ... (12/0) download
PrintableCal 1.4.0 -  automated creation of printable calendars from a wide variety ... ability to generate printable calendars, PrintableCal also extends the ... (15/0) download