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Weather Signature 1.20 -  weather conditions in your email signature for many popular mail programs. Your signature can be inserted manually ... weather conditions into your email but WeatherSig also allows ... cookie abilities and customized signature settings for your business ... (43/0) download

WeatherSig 1.3 -  WeatherSig is a FuN email signature software that displays your ... and more in your email messages. Your signature can be inserted automatically ... exciting signatures to your email messages. -Operates with all email clients - Integrated signature creator, no skills required! ... (1/0) download
Symprex Mail Signature Manager 4.8Email Signature Manager is a powerful Outlook email signature and Exchange disclaimer management solution. Email Signature Manager offers easy control over corporate email signatures and disclaimers, and even offers scheduled email campaign functionality. (0/0) download
CI-Signature 1.0.1 -  sent from my iPhone email signature? Looking for something ... and professional? With CI-Signature you can easily create multiple HTML-based email signatures, with formatted text ... can create as many email signatures as you like ... (4/0) download
Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers 1.0 -  Beautifully branded email signatures and email disclaimers centrally managed in ... to meet your total email signature, email branding and email disclaimer needs without loading ... disclaimers to your corporate email before you know it ... (3/0) download
TweetMail 1.0 -  followers & make your email stand out to friends ... latest tweet into your email signature. 1. enter your twitter ... (2/0) download
Sigwich 1.10 -  SIGWICH EMAIL SIGNATURE Why send plain old ... like: your name, address, email, website, position, company name ... BUSINESS OR PLEASURE Sigwich Email Signatures are Business Class ... (0/0) download
MailSigLite 1.3 -  is a professional looking email, a professional looking email signature. That's where MailSig Lite ... create a great looking email signature and easily use it ... gives you: A Single signature Template driven designs Every ... (4/0) download

WiseStamp 2.2.1 -  WiseStamp Email Apps enable users to ... tool. For users a Email Apps enable you to easily customize your email signatures with your personal ... add to each outgoing email dynamic content such as ... (2/0) download
Policy Patrol Signatures 1.0 -  your employees’ Outlook email signatures? Policy Patrol Signatures ... and Outlook Web Access) email signatures. This way, it ... a professional and consistent email signature along with the necessary ... (3/0) download
Random Signature Changer 1.5 -  you change your mail signature. All you have to ... up one or several signature database files containing the ... can either choose which signature you want to set ... (95/0) download
OutlookDisclaimer 4.0 -  format and brand outgoing email. You do not need ... stored disclaimer, Company Logo, signature and layout for every email they send. You can ... your webserver in every email that (some or all ... (15/0) download
IncrediMail Xe 5853718 -  IncrediMail is an email client that makes emailing ... has all the common email client features that everyone ... in the background of email messages. With IncrediMail, anyone ... (6/0) download
MyLiveSignature 1.00 -  Com, creating a signature couldn't be easier! ... web interface, imitate your signature yourself through a step-by-step signature creation wizard, or write your signature with a pen on ... a special form.The signature wizard (if you opt ... (1/0) download
Blogspreading 1.0 -  to your e-mail signature. This will easily catch ... automatic adding of a signature to outgoing message. If ... use an e-mail signature, it probably contains your ... (4/0) download
Big Text for Instagram 1.2 -  Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Email. You can save the ... text image in your email signature, it looks great! Changes ... (1/0) download
ASCII Art Generator -  in your forum post, email signature, or stylish and cool ... (128/0) download
CastlePaste 1.02.4 -  have more than one email signature ? Do you cut ... (57/0) download
QuickPaste 1.11 -  you could save your email signature ( like \\ --John G\\ ... want to retype your signature, just type \\sign ctrl+space\\ and your signature will replace the macro (11/0) download
everPICs Bridge 2011 001.000.103 -  Send stunning 3D- animated email invitations! Use the everPICs ... (1/0) download
GOGOVCard 3.1 -  GOGOVCard link into your email signature or your social media ... ... (0/0) download
MailSig 1.3 -  info in a business email than you want in ... The easiest, most flexible email signature App in the App ... MailSig can handle multiple email signatures MailSig lets you easily insert a signature into your new email or reply MailSig easily ... (0/0) download
Design & Logo Creator - Make designs, logos, presentations & business cards 1.0.0 -  website, letterhead, t-shirts, email signature & hundreds of other ... logos via Facebook,twitter,email... - Choose from our huge ... (0/0) download
QLINQs 1.0 -  business cards, as an email signature, possibly on a company ... (2/0) download
ScheduleAir Full 1.1 -  web hyperlink to your email signature, the web hyperlink always ... (3/1) download