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Giffish 1.0 -  Record animated video GIFs with one button. Live ... Giffish shows all the GIFs you have in your ... (0/0) download

Animotions for iMessage 1.1 -  Create animated pictures (GIFs) of your own and ... camera to record short animated pictures. Capture your goofy ... to record your own animated GIFs. - Meme generator! Add text ... (8/0) download
Video Snapshot Wizard 3.2 -  animator function allows creating animated images (GIFs) from a set of ... (7/0) download
JPG Files To Animated GIF Converter Software 7.0 -  multiple JPG images into animated GIFs. The user can add ... (3/0) download
Animated GIFs v2.2Animated GIFs is a collection of twelve animated GIFs that can be used ... (132/0) download
AnimateIt 1.0 -  Create animated gifs from your devices camera ... legend. Please note viewing animated gifs in Windows 8 is ... If it doesn't appear animated, open the image with Internet Explorer FEATURES: Created animated gifs Use existing photos Capture ... (11/0) download
Popims Animator 4.01 -  filters, video) and produces animated gifs, video files, and printed ... as video files and animated gifs that you can send ... (4/0) download
AVI and SWF To Animated GIF Converter Software 7.0 -  or SWF files into animated GIFs. Simply drag and drop ... per second in the animated GIF output. Requirements: None (16/0) download

GifGrabber - Make Animated Gifs from Videos 1.0 -  that lets you create animated GIFs through web videos. Just ... (1/0) download
GIFFY GIFS Pro : Funniest Gifs, Vines and Animated Memes 1.0 -  GIFFY GIFS Pro : Funniest Gifs, Vines and Animated Memes is finally here! ... UNLIMITED amounts of Funniest Animated Gifs and Memes are coming ... dose of laugh! GIFFY GIFS Pro has been designed ... (1/0) download
DP Animation Maker 2.0.2 -  that lets you create animated backgrounds, animated gifs for websites, and other ... (7/0) download
Scrolling LED Bitmap Generator -  small tool to create animated gifs. As of version 2 ... TE Allows generation of animated GIFs directly. TE Use a ... be combined into an animated GIF by a 3rd ... (4/0) download
SF GIF Animator 1.1 -  professionals to create unique animated GIFs for web, apps or ... Loads DLL/EXE, BMP, GIF(Animated), PNG, JPG, ICO, CUR ... (2/0) download
Giffer Pro - The Animated GIF App 2.6 -  up for making rad animated GIFs quickly and easily, whenever ... larger, longer (double length) GIFs compared to the standard ... Cinemagraphs, Jitter or wiggle GIFs, stop motion, time lapse, endless looping GIFs, reverse GIFs, text overlay GIFs, reaction GIFs, cat GIFs, dog GIFs, you name it. Effortlessly ... (0/0) download
5SecondsApp - Animated GIF Creator 1.4.4 -  Create animated GIFs from photos or videos! ... Tumblr, Google+ * Save GIFs directly to your photo ... to Dropbox and upload GIFs This app was made ... (2/0) download
Pickl - Animated Christmas Photo Sharing Edition 2.1 -  create fun and free animated GIFs to share with the ... (3/0) download
Reaction GIFs 2.7.0 -  browsing though hundreds of animated GIF images of people's ... browsing. - Navigate through the gifs by simply swiping your ... on the screen. - Share gifs with friends and family ... (0/0) download
csASPGif 2.0 -  and manipulate multi-frame animated GIFs. Read GIFs from disk, data stream ... (85/0) download
MagicViewer v1.2 -  editor that can create animated GIFs. MagicViewer you can create animated GIFs, batch convert file formats ... The program supports GIF, animated GIF, interlaced GIF, transparent ... (32/0) download
virtual animals V1.0Animated gifs of animals and birds ... enjoyment download all these gifs into a new folder ... (45/0) download
A Cool Java Menu 2.0 -  that is faster than animated GIFs with more than a ... that is faster than animated GIFs with more than a ... (163/0) download
1 ABCMenuMan Java Menu 2.0 -  that is faster than animated GIFs with more than a ... that is faster than animated GIFs with more than a ... (12/0) download
'SMILING FROG' V1.0Animated gifs of a frog 'smiling' ! these are animated gifs of a frog 'smiling ... please download all the gifs to a new folder and then run the gifs as a screensaver in ... ACDCEE.I dedicate these gifs to m/s Carol who ... (50/0) download
MatchWare ScreenCorder v2.1 -  to create AVIs and animated GIFs using these screen recordings ... The program can export animated GIFs, and you can use ... (32/0) download
A Smaller GIF (PPC) -  Compresses the size of animated GIFs. A Smaller Gif, when ... allows you to compress animated gifs, making it a great ... (121/0) download