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Nixory Portable 1.1 -  Nixory is a powerful anti-spyware program, which protects ... spyware's, and harmful cookies. Nixory is a PythonPyGTK ... most common are malicious cookies that slip from Internet ... (7/0) download

Copperhead AntiSpyware 1.3 -  AntiSpyware provides the best anti-spyware protection against spyware ... auto dialers, keyloggers, spyware cookies, adbots, spybots, rootkits, browser ... (23/0) download
SpyZooka Anti-Spyware 2.7.5 -  database, automatically update SpyZooka Anti-Spyware software on computers ... new spyware threats.Some anti-spyware programs detect all the safe cookies on your computer so ... remove only spyware.SpyZooka Anti-Spyware counts each spyware ... (5/0) download
MalwareBiter Anti Malware 4.2 -  is the most powerful anti-malware download you will ... processes, windows registry and cookies. Logs scan results. Schedule ... (8/0) download
a-squared Anti-Malware -  a-squared Anti-Malware protects your PC ... by conventional signature-based anti-virus software. These types ... now with a-squared Anti-Malware! The included disk ... (729/0) download
Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing 1.1Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing lets ... up to 20 different anti-spam blacklists. Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing is ... email delivery issues, performing anti-spam research or are ... (451/0) download
Anti-Trojan Shield Shield (ATS) is ... and viruses, but with Anti-Trojan Shield you have ... (545/0) download
Anti Trojan Elite 3.8.5Anti Trojan Elite(ATE) is ... in disk or memory. Anti Trojan Elite provide a ... new malwares in time. Anti Trojan Elite has some ... (946/0) download

Dr.Web Anti Virus for Windows 4.44 -  Exceptionally compact and fast anti-virus solution for PC ... analyzer of Dr.Web anti-virus allow to ?install ... (246/0) download
ZeroSpyware -  and removes spyware that anti-virus programs can't catch. ZeroSpyware can also block cookies that track your surfing ... and removes spyware that anti-virus programs can't catch ... (21/0) download
Norton Anti Virus 2009.16.9 -  Norton Anti Virus 2009 offers quick ... slowing it down. Norton Anti Virus updates every 5 ... silently in background, Norton Anti Virus requires very few ... (419/0) download
Auto Clear Cookies -  Auto Clear Cookies is a powerful cookies cleaner which enables you to wipe cookies from a single website ... or purge all browser cookies from Internet Explorer and ... of deleting all your cookies when you want to clear the cookies of just one website, then Auto Clear Cookies is right for you. Remove cookies by domain name or ... (142/0) download
Anti-Spam Software software solution 2.0 -  This is anti-spam software that is a great anti spam solution. Get back ... ... (54/0) download
Anti-Flu pack for Mac OS 2.0 -  contains the following icons: Anti-Flu folder, anti-flu users male and female, anti-flu world and anti-flu finder. Cryo64 Levit ... (73/0) download
Gingerbread Cookies Screensaver for Mac OS 1.0 -  delightful batch of gingerbread cookies. This screensaver will decorate your desktop with cookies floating against a gorgeous ... photo. These frosted baked cookies look so real youll ... (5/0) download
View Cookies Firefox Add-on 1.10.3 -  View Cookies adds a tab to ... which shows you the cookies of the current webpage ... can easily view the cookies of a certain webpage ... (6/0) download
NetDog Anti-Porn V3.9 -  NetDog Anti Porn is an anti-porn software. NetDog Anti Porn block porn web ... effectively and easily! NetDog Anti Porn allows you to ... on the Internet.NetDog Anti Porn can work with ... (17/0) download
ANTI-HOA Screen Saver 2.0Anti HOA against the homeowners ... (37/0) download
Jsoft Anti-Spam 2011 -  Jsoft Anti-Spam allows you to ... send you courriers.Jsoft Anti-Spam is free and ... (3/0) download
Anti-Porn parental controls parental controls -- A ... children from porn web . Anti-Porn filters out adult ... predatory language is used. Anti-Porn can work with ... (84/0) download
Anti Theft Laptop Cop 2011.13 -  Unique architecture of anti-theft laptop security software ... RECOVER YOUR LAPTOP Our anti-theft laptop software is ... with laptop recovery, the Anti-theft Laptop Cop recovery ... (34/0) download
Free Anti Spam Software - Email Remover 3.01 -  Remover is a free anti spam software that allows ... (14/0) download
Anti NetCut 3 1.0Anti NetCut 3 protect your ... other ARP spoofing tools. Anti NetCut 3 has the ... (57/0) download
PC Pitstop Exterminate 2.0 -  From Spyware to cookies to the baddest of ... Exterminate goes beyond typical anti malware solutions using sophisticated ... This will revolutionize the anti-malware industry. And through ... (2/0) download
---Anti Spam Controls 2008.5Anti Spam Controls guarding against ... and dangerous phishing attacks,Anti Spam Controls is your ... technology and detection methods, Anti Spam Controls boasts one ... (5/0) download