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Autostart and Process Viewer 1.41 -  you a control over applications which start with Windows ... out which processes and autostart entries are new. You ... (96/0) download

Purge-it! v1.2 -  system, find out which applications are running and which ... full control of all Autostart applications. The program also runs ... (43/0) download
GSA Autostart Cleaner 2.30 -  With GSA Autostart Cleaner you can. It ... your operation system where applications leave their autostart entries (registry, ini-files, bat-files, autostart-menus,...). Then you can ... a more stable system. Autostart Cleaner finally makes it ... (26/0) download
Business Applications Architect 2.0 -  deploying feature-rich database applications faster by automating much ... of fine-tuning custom applications and adding Visual Basic ... (45/0) download
ManageEngine Applications Manager 8Applications Manager offers a single ... and custom application monitoring. Applications Manager proactively monitors the applications and servers and notifies ... the following services : JMX applications, Microsoft Exchange Server, Service ... (3/0) download
Force Quit all Applications for Mac OS 1.0 -  Force quit all open applications Now! This small app will force quit all applications, helpful if your system ... ... (1/0) download
Running Applications for Mac OS 2.0 -  conveniently lists all running applications in a handy menu ... ease-of-use, Running Applications was developed specifically to ... switch between many different applications on a daily basis ... (0/0) download
LastPass for Applications 1.80.0 -  LastPass for Applications is a simple yet ... quickly login into your applications like you would do ... login into your desktop applications.NOTE: To continue using LastPass for Applications after the trial period ... (1/0) download

install-us Standard 2007 -  create your own installation applications within minutes. Even if ... Shortcuts (Desktop, start menu, autostart etc.) Addtional features: + ... (3/0) download
Autostart Kreator Build 4 -  The Autostart Kreator application was designed ... 2.6.0 [ Autostart Kreator full changelog ] (12/1) download
Deliawin Easily create applications 2013.2 -  Create professional desktop applications. DeliaWin comes with several ... features Deliawin: o Building applications from scratch o Creating applications from templates provided o Building applications from an existing ACCESS ... kit includes: o Deliawin applications generator o Images gallery ... (5/0) download
VBA Password Recovery 1.0 -  for Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) projects source code ... (138/0) download
Simple dictionary applications 1.04Applications allow users to use ... (87/0) download
CDMenuPro 6.20.00 -  making Autorun CD Menu applications. The program comes with ... (63/0) download
AutoRun Pro Enterprise -  to create interactive multimedia applications for Windows - without programming ... (152/1) download
EF StartUp Manager 6.00 -  and complete control of applications which starts with Windows ... (28/0) download
@Kill 1.2 -  list the opened windows (applications) on your Windows machine ... windows (for example trayed applications) and you can specify ... be invoked by external applications and batch files. (77/0) download
StartupRun 1.22 -  the list of all applications that are loaded automatically ... to easily identify the applications that are loaded at ... (13/0) download
iRAPP 1.2 -  your PC and Mac applications. iRAPP is the perfect ... individual Mac and PC applications side by side as ... Individual Mac and PC applications sit seamlessly side by ... (13/0) download
TaskDialog.NET 1.1 -  NET applications on any platform supported ... Windows Vista operating system. Applications written for .NET framework ... dialogs to their .NET applications that will work on ... (17/0) download
Fine Uninstall 1.2.5 -  Quick, powerful and easy applications uninstaller. Fine Uninstall provides ... way to remove unneeded applications and improve your computer ... (124/0) download
SoftRescue Pro Edition 1.1.5 -  license keys and reinstalling applications. This is the perfect ... (59/0) download
Accura Applications v5.0 -  Accura Applications is a complete suite ... server, fully customizable business applications. Accura Applications features numerous modules, including ... (85/0) download
UnPlugged (for Photoshop compatible applications) v1.3 -  UnPlugged (for Photoshop compatible applications) is a collection of ... (544/0) download
ImageIN for Applications 1.25 -  COM Component, for Windows applications development, enabling multi-layer ... image editing and manipulation applications (such as Adobe Photoshop ... (17/0) download