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CleanDisk 3.0 -  Keep your hard disk free from unwanted junk files ... kinds of temporary files, backup files, log files, cache ... slowly eat up your hard disk space. CleanDisk will help ... (72/0) download

Multi Virus Cleaner 2006 6.6.0 -  Virus Cleaner is a free, stand-alone utility used to detect ... Virus Cleaner is a free, stand-alone utility used to detect ... (187/0) download
Multi Virus Cleaner 2011 11.5.2 -  Virus Cleaner is a free, stand-alone utility used to detect ... (9/0) download
FNC Ticker 2.0 -  FOX News Ticker, a free, stand-alone application that gives you ... (1/0) download
Discflo Pump Selection 10.4 -  s PumpSelect is a free stand-alone program that allows you ... (12/0) download
VMware License Server 2.5 -  VMware License Server is free stand-alone license server installer.This ... (2/0) download
ClickAid 1.3 -  ClickAid is a FREE stand-alone on-screen mouse aid ... (4/0) download
GlobFX Player 1.0 -  GlobFX Player is a FREE stand-alone application that allows you ... (2/0) download

OPCTechs OPCClient 1.9 -  This is a free stand-alone OPC client application which ... (3/0) download
DWG TrueView 2010 18.0 -  software is a free* stand-alone DWG™ viewer. Built on ... (8/0) download
Swiff Player 1.5 -  Swiff Player is a FREE stand-alone player that enables Flash ... (1/0) download
ADRC Hard Disk Hex Editor 1.01 -  ADRC Hard Disk Hex Editor is a free page by page mode ... the binary contents of disk media directly. It has ... data must be fully backup as editing the disk directly using such Hex ... (48/0) download
Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise Server 1.00Hard Disk Sentinel offers advanced data ... by monitoring status of hard disks and solid state disks and provides detailed disk information, statistics, alerts and backup functions. Hard Disk Sentinel points on present or future disk problems like excessive temperature or degradation of disk health, which are signs ... failure. It offers deep disk ... (12/0) download
Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite 12Hard Disk Manager Suite provides you ... need to manage today's hard drives, including partitioning, backup & restore, migration, optimization & defragmentation, hard drive disposal, boot management ... all kinds of new hard drives - Support for the ... (205/0) download
ADRC Hard Disk Checker 1.01 -  ADRC Hard Disk Checker is a free disk utility that checks the health of your hard drive. It scans your hard disk for bad sectors and ... partition or an entire hard drive. ADRC Hard Disk Checker can also be ... magnetic tape etc. The hard disk checker is easy to ... (40/0) download
Paragon Hard Disk Manager (Personal) 6.0Hard Disk Manager 6.0 is ... and reliable toolset for hard disks: hard disk management, maintenance and disposal ... make any task regarding hard disk easily approachable even for ... (78/0) download
Hard Disk Erasing Utility -  utility completely wipes whole hard disk, separate partition or free space, providing maximum level ... capable to overwrite on hard disk with random generated codes ... irreversibly destroy all on-disk data easily and quickly ... (88/0) download
Hard Disk Monitor 1.0Hard Disk Monitor is an efficient ... designed to monitor your hard disk temperature, free space and perform defined ... some key features of Hard Disk Monitor: - Monitors hard disk temperature using S.M ... (83/0) download
Hard Disk Sentinel 4.50 -  Detect Hard Drive Issues Before Catastrophe ... so why leave potential hard drive issues up to ... save your data! With Hard Disk Sentinel, you'll always have ... (101/0) download
Flobo Hard Disk Repair 6.2 -  Flobo Hard Disk Repair is a program designed to repair hard disks damaged because of ... copy data from your disk. Flobo Hard Disk Repair is able to ... ... (0/0) download
Hard Disk Scrubber 3.3 -  Summit's Hard Disk Scrubber is a Free secure delete program designed ... from your PC. Use Hard Disk Scrubber to overwrite free space on your Windows ... basic parts to the Hard Disk Scrubber. The first is the Hard Disk Free Space Scrubbing option, and ... (14/0) download
Mac Hard Disk Recovery -  important files from your hard disk on Mac Machine? Need ... the solution named Mac Hard Disk Recovery software. The software ... and resized partitions. Mac Hard Disk Recovery software solves some ... (9/0) download
Hard Disk Data Recovery Tool 11.01.01Hard disk data recovery software is ... infected formatted, hardware corrupted hard disk drives. Software recovers data ... data from the selected hard disk drive. Recovered data is ... (7/0) download
Partition Recovery Bootable CD 3.5 -  Partition Recovery software for hard disk partition repair. It's designed ... SATA, SCSI and removable hard drive. Partition Recovery Bootable ... provides very useful functions: backup partition table, restore partition ... (16/0) download
Defrag Hard Disk -  the performance of your Hard Drive? If you want ... here is the Defrag Hard Disk Tool. This defrag drive ... application to defrag your hard drive on Windows system ... (6/0) download