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Vale Software SQL Express Agent 1.0 -  Vale Software is a SQL Express job scheduler lets ... and schedule jobs to backup SQL Server databases and run SQL batches and stored procedures in seconds on SQL Express 2005/2008. E-mail ... and monthly jobs in SQL Express - exactly the same ... (23/0) download

SQL Server Backup Server Backup is a backup and restore utility for Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2000, 7.0, MSDE, WMSDE, SQL Server 2005 Express. It can backup SQL Server database to local ... flexible design enable you backup and restore SQL Server database without deep knowledge of SQL Server. Key features: - Back ... one single job. - Flexible backup strategies ... (207/0) download
Smart Suite for MySQL 6.12.05 -  compare, synchronize, navigate and backup SQL databases manually. Smart Suite ... Suite for MySQL includes: Backup Watcher for MySQL (for database backup), SQLBalance for MySQL (for ... viewed or backed up. Backup Watcher for MySQL is ... (49/0) download
DMT SQL Quick Backup 3.0 -  DMT SQL Quick Backup is a backup and restore tools for Microsoft SQL Server. It's user-friendly ... batch operation, Enable you backup and restore data to ... AES encryption, secures your backup files from unauthorized access ... (38/0) download
Cyber-D's SQL Backup 1.01 -  Cyber-D's SQL Backup is designed to schedule and backup remote SQL databases. Using a PHP ... your server, Cyber-D's SQL Backup can download a dump of the specified SQL database and save it ... enter how frequent the backup is to be run ... (6/0) download
SQL Cloud Backup Free 0.9.63SQL Cloud Backup is simple and intuitive ... to back up your SQL Server databases and store the backup copies on a local ... guide you through the backup creation and scheduling process ... (1/0) download
Quick Maintenance and Backup for MS SQL -  of databases on Microsoft SQL Servers. If you are ... a database from a backup. This may occur for ... the creation of a backup has failed for example ... (22/0) download
Uranium Backup 7.3 -  and most versatile tape backup software in the world ... CD and DVD Burning Backup to DVD or CD ... disks and iso files. SQL Server Backup Microsoft SQL Server database backup (including Express Edition),with ... (90/0) download

One-Click SQL Restore 2.1 -  tool restores full MS SQL server database backups created using BACKUP DATABASE command or SQLBackupAndFTP ... it connects to the SQL server on the start ... (6/0) download
SQL Autobackup Pro 3.1.0210 -  Used to automatic backup Microsoft SQL Server database fro Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 Automatically backup Microsoft SQL Server databases SQL Autobackup can be used to automatically backup Microsoft SQL Server database. It can backup multiple databases simultaneously and ... (1/0) download
Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server SBS Edition 1.0 -  Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server is a centrally managed backup and disaster recovery solution for backup and recovery of Microsoft SQL Server databases in enterprise ... Assistants guide administrators through backup and disaster recovery tasks ... Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server is the ideal ... (35/0) download
DBSave 5.02.00 -  advanced application designed to backup and restore MS SQL Server, all versions: 7 ... server can be backuped. Backup over FTP or SFTP is possible. Remote Backup via VDI. Supports up to 4 SQL servers instances on different ... backups regardless of the SQL Server version. Encryption of ... (3/0) download
Cloud Backup Robot 1.0 -  Cloud Backup Robot is the ultimate backup automation software that will help you configure your backup schedule once and forget ... You can configure individual backup schedules for files, folders ... by unauthorized parties. Alternative backup destinations include an FTP ... (14/0) download
SqlBak 2.10.5 -  keeping copies of your SQL databases, and that's where ... A complete solution for SQL backup and restore, this cloud ... firewall configurations on your SQL server, and all you ... (189/9) download
Vembu StoreGrid Backup Software-Free Edn 2.2.1 -  is a flexible data backup software that works with ... networks and for Online Backup Providers. StoreGrid Benefits 1 ... and Internet Explorer Settings backup 7.Support for Open ... (28/0) download
Ahsay Backup Software Business Edition 6.3.2000 -  Ahsay Backup Software Service Provider Edition ... for xSPs and online backup service providers. Besides its robust backup features and multi-platform ... market. Besides its robust backup features and multi-platform support, Ahsay Backup Software Service Provider Edition ... (35/0) download
Ahsay Backup Software (Windows Platform) 6.3.2000 -  Ahsay Backup Software is a commercial ... for ISPs and online backup service providers. Besides its robust backup features and multi-platform ... supports brick-level Exchange backup (including Outlook mails, contacts ... (31/0) download
Acronis True Image Server for Windows 9.1 -  Windows provides comprehensive system backup, protection and recovery of ... operations. New features: Acronis Backup Server ? Ensures optimal ... IT administrators to establish backup policies Acronis Universal Restore ... (177/0) download
Vembu StoreGrid Service Provider Edition 3.1 -  offer an automated online backup service to your SMB ... options to fit every backup scenario. You can deploy StoreGrid backup solution at the customer ... requirement. 1. Direct Remote Backup over the Internet: You could deploy StoreGrid Backup Server in your own ... (4/0) download
Vembu BDR 2.0 -  is an effective VMware Backup solution that easily performs ... Table Level Recovery for SQL Server, Document Level Recovery ... Hyper-V and Xen. Backup entire images of physical ... (2/0) download
Auto Backup for MySQL Professional 3.2.8 -  Auto Backup for MySQL Professional Edition ... would automatically make the backup from the MySQL databases ... date or time interval. Backup MySQL databases to SQL or PHP files or ... (198/0) download
SQL Backup & Restore Wizard 1.2.2SQL Backup and Restore Wizard does ... Auto detection of installed SQL Server Instances Database Backup Database Restore File Compression ... required to store your backup files ) File Encryption ( To ... (78/0) download
DMT SQL Backup Manager 2.5SQL Backup Manager is a high-performance backup and restore tool for Microsoft SQL Server. It allows you ... reduce storage requirements, reduce backup times, speed recovery duration ... providing automated, multi-server backup management and monitoring. ... (4/0) download
dbForge SQL Azure Backup 1.0 -  dbForge SQL Azure Backup is an easy GUI tool for creating backup copies of SQL Azure database to local drive, SQL Server, or Azure Blob ... a set of T-SQL scripts packed into ZIP ... database to on-premise SQL Server. SQL Azure Backup consists of 4 components ... (9/0) download
A-Number backup for MS SQL Server 1 -  A-Number backup for MS SQL Server program is used ... under control of MS SQL Server, and for quick restoration of databases from backup copy. Windows servers of ... simultaneously working with all SQL servers which is situated ... (62/0) download