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Chinese Dictionary (Windows Mobile) 1.2 -  A 23,000 word Chinese-English dictionary for Window Mobile ... View pronunciations in PinYin (English script). Declan's Chinese Dictionary for Windows Mobile ... PC uses the CEDICT Chinese-English dictionary database. Declan's Chinese Dictionary allows flexible searches ... (26/0) download

Chinese-English Assistan 2.1Chinese-English bilingual dictionary. Chinese-English Assistant is a comprehensive Chinese-English bilingual dictionary. Features include ... More than 185,000 Chinese entries.(2) More than 168,000 English entries.(3) All Chinese entries and explanations are ... Pinyin romanization.(4) All English entries have clear phonetic ... (260/0) download
Chinese-English Sentence 1.0 -  A Chinese-English sentence searching tool. Chinese English Sentence Hunter is a ... tool using our large Chinese English bilingual sentence database: You ... ... (125/0) download
Medicine and Life Sciences Dictionary (Chinese-English) 1.0 -  The Chinese-English Dictionary of Medicine and ... up their Japanese or English translations. The Chinese-English Dictionary of Medicine and ... interface in both Simplified Chinese and English, includes both English-Chinese and Chinese-English dictionaries that provide access ... (4/0) download
China Law (chinese/english) 1.0 -  China Law (Chinese/English) General Principles of the Civil Law of the Peoples Republic of China Criminal Law of The Peoples Republic of China Patent Law of the Peoples Republic of China Regulations for the Implementation of the Copyright Law of the PRC Insurance Law of The Peoples Republic of China Real Right Law of the Peoples Republic of China ... (1/0) download
English Chinese English Dictionary 3.9English Chinese English Dictionary is a comprehensive ... and speaking module for English keywords that helps to ... for synonyms, antonyms, hyponyms, ... English learning tool, Audio pronunciations ... (2/0) download
Loqu8 iNterpret Chinese-English 3.1 -  time, understand and learn Chinese as fast as you ... 3 is an instant Chinese-English translation tool for both casual users scanning Chinese websites and serious students learning Mandarin Chinese. Instant English Translations: Loqu8 iNterpret refines interactive Chinese-English translation. Instead of requiring ... pop-up window translates Chinese ... (7/0) download
Boston Offline Street Map (English+Chinese) 1.10 -  It supports Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean language ... (0/0) download

Chinese-Japanese-English Daily Talk Dictionary 2.0 -  readout in 3 languages, Chinese, English and Japanese. The 3 ... conversations are edited in Chinese, English and Japanese, also with ... dining and travelling...etc. Chinese with Pinyin All Chinese characters are displayed with ... (1/0) download
English-Chinese Phrase Dictionary 1.1 -  This is a Chinese-English Phrase Dictionary. There are ... in this dictionary. Each English phrase has it's Chinese translation and two example ... (4/0) download
Declan's Chinese Dictionary 1.2 -  searchable 23,000 word Chinese-English dictionary. A fully searchable 23,000 word Chinese-English dictionary * Mark words ... for import into Declan's Chinese Flashcards* Windows Mobile/Pocket PC ... (71/0) download
Digital Catholic Bible 1.3 -  Digital Catholic Bible is an easy-to-use Catholic Bible program which contains 9 free distributable bible versions: Nova Vulgata (Bibliorum ... Vatican (Latin), Christian Community Bible / Sobicain (English), Douay-Rheims Bible (Challoner Revision) / JMC (English), La Bibbia / Sobicain ... / Sobicain (Portuguese), La Bible Des Communautés Chré ... (238/0) download
Holy Bible ASV(Ameria Standard Version)HD 8.0 -  Holy Bible ASV(Ameria Standard Version ... text of the holy bible in English. Colored background for index based on bible books classification. Innovative chapter# ... verse picker for quick bible navigation. Change font size ... (5/0) download
Qingwen Chinese Dictionary 3.2 -  extremely focused and streamlined Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionary designed with the Chinese reader in mind. Lookup ... at it - , Pinyin or English - and gives you the ... relevant results. Students learning Chinese can use the word ... (4/0) download
Bible Glossary 2.0 -  The Bible, often called the Holy Bible in English-speaking regions, refers to ... Judaism and Christianity. The Bible is the best-selling ... 300+ meanings/terms related to Bible, which will help you ... (4/0) download
Teach Me Chinese 1.2 -  Teach Me Chinese is simply the best ... for you to learn Chinese (Simplified) and improve your ... application contains a database (Chinese-English MDBG dictionary) of more ... (2/0) download
Talk Chinese FREE 1.0Chinese (Mandarin) is by far ... million people speak chinese! English is only to 350 ... better relationships to your chinese friends and colleagues! Try ... (5/0) download
Hunter Dictionary II 1.1 -  online dictionary for translating English word to Chinese, English or Japanese. It is ... online dictionary for translating English word to Chinese, English or Japanese. It is ... Service (e.g. Yahoo Chinese Dictionary, MSN Encarta, Thesarus ... (141/0) download
Microsoft LifeCam 3.6 -  be installed in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese ... OS language. Otherwise, the English language version will be ... (5/0) download
HWPEN 2008.0 -  Provides three recognizing modes: Chinese, English and number. Chinese recognizing mode supports GB2312 character set (6763 Chinese characters) and GBK character set(21003 Chinese characters). Chinese recognizing mode supports single ... recognition, short sentence recognition, Chinese macro recognition and graphics macro recognition. English ... (8/0) download
HanYu Dictionary 0.2 -  to use 2 ways Chinese-English dictionary. It also supports pinyin and tradition Chinese character search. It uses ... and easy to use Chinese dictionary. - For the people ... ... (13/0) download
Hsinchu Guide, Taiwan 1.2 -  This app provides Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese in three languages ... (0/0) download
DianHua Audio Dictionary 4.0.3 -  Audio Dictionary is a Chinese English dictionary for the iPhone ... provides search support for English, Mandarin Pinyin (with or ... to see Pinyin and/or English for the prompt and ... (1/0) download
MerlionWords 3.2 -  Learn French, Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and Spanish ... application to enhance your Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean and ... with the pronunciation (for Chinese, Japanese and Korean only ... (2/0) download
SocialPulse chat 1.0.3 -  your FB friends in English, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil ... languages (Amharic, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, Farsi, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew ... (0/0) download