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Bible-Discovery Software 3.0.4Bible-Discovery is a Bible concordance software. It contains several Bible translations, dictionaries, tools for ... a parallel and comparative Bible read feature. The Bible-Discovery software was designed ... the skimming of the Bible and they need more ... (62/0) download

3-Bible Concordance 1.0 -  The 3-Bible Concordance allows word and phrase ... three translations of the Bible: The King James, the ... (37/0) download
Holy Bible Concordance 2.2 -  Holy Bible concordance is a software application ... easy to search the bible scriptures and cross reference ... bibles. -Simple and Advance bible searches. -Talk to your Bible. -Write and Save your ... (45/0) download
FastBible 7.0 -  A no-frills bible concordance - easy to use, fast ... any verse in the bible and search for any ... on your device. The bible texts are stored on ... (2/0) download
Concordance 3.2Concordance is a flexible text ... full word list, a concordance, and your original text ... omitted from your analysis. Concordance works with nearly all ... (318/0) download
PocketBible Easton's Bible Dictionary (EBD) 1.0 -  of the Easton’s Bible dictionary (EBD) is for using it with the Pocket Bible for Windows. This software ... user to study the Bible easier and more conveniently ... the required help. Pocket Bible for Windows has many ... (20/0) download
Bible-Discovery for Linux 3.3.0 -  this web site and Bible-Discovery software were designed ... the skimming of the Bible and they need more ... like to understand the Bible verses and their original ... (11/0) download
Free Bible InterFaith Explorer 2.1 -  A free Bible and InterFaith Explorer tool ... a passage in the Bible or work with InterFaith ... (361/0) download

Free Baby Boomer Bible Browser 2.3.12 -  An elegant, free, Bible tool for Baby Boomers ... user experience. No previous Bible software experience needed. English ... ... (167/0) download
Free Bible Study - Add Any Texts 2.4.11 -  Put all of your Bible study material into one ... user experience. No previous Bible software experience needed. English ... (250/0) download
Textanz -  with a list or dictionary of the words, phrases ... writing objectives. The frequency dictionary created by a Textanz ... frequency calculation ; - building the concordance ; - calculating summary parameters ; - export ... (84/0) download
Bible Study Pro 2.0 -  Includes massive numbers of Bible maps , digital resources and ... own notes, produce sermons, Bible study classes and more ... (9/0) download
15,000 Free Bible Encyclopedia, Dictionary and Glossary Lite 3.8 -  20,000 links to Bible references. Includes search and ... (3/0) download
Bible Pro 14.9 -  BiblePro includes 1.75 million verse links, 250,000 commentaries, 43 bibles, more than 100 maps, and an interface with free updates for life. BiblePro uses the same buttons, tools, look, and feel of Microsoft Word and Outlook to make it as easy as possible to learn how to use. The search finds any verse intelligently. Results are linked to commentaries, ... (11/0) download
PocketSword 1.4.5 -  PocketSword is a Bible Study app for the ... developed by the CrossWire Bible Society. Modules are available ... Commentary on the Whole Bible pre-installed, but you ... (6/0) download
Equipd 2.6.3 -  for Ministry and Personal Bible Study. Equipd is optimised for Jehovah's Witnesses and Bible Students, complementing ... multi-language tools, additional Bible translations and much more ... from The Bible ----------- * The New World ... (2/0) download
Dict-misc -  The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (FOLDOC), The Elements Database, Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary, Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary, and The CIA World ... (32/0) download
Cornerstone Bible for Mac OS 7.2 -  RSV - TNIV - CEV - Websters Bible - NCV - Youngs Bible - The MessageMatthew Henrys Commentary - Wesleys Notes - Strongs Concordance with Greek and Hebrew ... ... (47/0) download
4001 Bible Dictionary Entries with Bible Study and Commentaries 4.4 -  4001 Dictionary entries are supported by ... 11,000 links to Bible references. Each reference can ... (11/0) download
15,000 Bible Dictionary and Encyclopedia Researcher with Bible Study and Commentaries 2.7 -  included in this vast dictionary and encyclopedia toolset to support your Bible study. Includes a powerful ... (1/0) download
SwordSearcher Bible Software 5.2.1 -  - Improve your Bible study efficiency. - Bible search instantly. Finding Bible verses couldn't be easier ... verse or passage. Finding Bible topics couldn't be easier. - Easily share Bible verses in email or ... Millions of pages of Bible reference material are just ... (692/0) download
King James Bible Diction 1.0 -  Free Bible Dictionary for Palm OS The King James Bible has stood it's ground ... 1611. The King James Bible Dictionary for Palm OS from ... for the specialized BDicty dictionary reader for your Palm ... (338/0) download
Animals in the Bible Ref 1.0 -  Free Bible Dictionary Lexicon for Palm OS ... Free Animals in the Bible Dictionary Lexicon. The lexicon contains ... 30 Animals from the Bible in only about 44 ... (313/0) download
King James Dictionary 2.06 -  King James Dictionary - Is the 1611 King James Version of the Bible full of hard, difficult ... and \\wist\\ mean? This dictionary helps you learn the ... more about this classic Bible version - The King James ... (299/0) download
Torrey's Bible Reference 1.0 -  Free Bible Dictionary Lexicon for Palm OS ... a Free Torrey's Topical Bible Dictionary Lexicon. The lexicon contains ... for the specialized BDicty dictionary reader for your Palm ... (90/0) download