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Bicycle Gear Calculator v98.12.005Bicycle Gear Calculator is a gear ratio calculator for serious cyclists ... (83/0) download

LFS Gear Ratio Calculator 2.5 -  LFS Gear Ratio Calculator is an application ... lets you input the gear ratios from your setup ... speeds attainable in each gear at any engine RPM ... (5/0) download
Racing Gear Ratio Calculator 1.0 -  for accurate and easy gear ratio calculations this is the ... information for track side gear ratio adjustments. You can quickly ... and rpm drop per gear. Instantly see what a ... (3/0) download
CBR Gear Ratio Pro 1.1 -  Honda CBR 600 gear ratio calculator lets you select ... and RPM in each gear. Save sessions with your ... comparison. Graphs of selected gear ratio and drop in RPM ... (9/0) download
Bike Gears Free - Bike Gear Calculator free, Cycling Gear Calculator Free 1.2 -  to an exciting FREE Bicycle Gear Calculator application. Bike gears ... tires size, gears determine gear ratio, gain ratio, speed, pedal rotations and ... (1/0) download
GEAR FINDER 2.0Gear Finder is a great ... gears for any given gear ratio. The program finds gears for machines with four gear combination change gears. Gear Finder features: - Find all ... change gears for any gear ratio. - Lets you specify the maximum allowable ratio error. - Lets you set ... (3/0) download
SimuCycle 1.0 -  exerting in a particular gear, this app is for ... to view calculations for gear ratio, pedal force and torque ... be in 2-6 gear or 3-3 gear ? or What is ... (2/0) download
Gearculator 2.0.1 -  single speed and fixie gear ratios. Helps in choosing a gear ratio on a fixie / ... of making a good gear choice into a few ... (6/0) download

GearRatio - We the Fixpl 1.9Gear-ratio Calculator by picker. 2 ... (4/0) download
GearWizard 2.0 -  table to find your gear ratio? Here is good ... famous touring cars gearing ratio. You select your car ... the spur and pinion gear size and then app finds your final gear ratio. This app currently support ... (2/0) download
Kart Data 2000 3.0 -  kart chassis settings including gear ratio, track speed and corner ... also included to create Gear Ratio Charts on your printer ... (105/0) download
Gearmate 1.0 -  ... relating to ... (4/0) download
Delgear 1.0 -  and manufacture of generalized gear pairs. Such gear pairs include cylindrical, bevel ... along with non-circular gear pairs. This software is ... any face width - any gear ratio (linear & nonlinear) - any ... (3/0) download
RemoteTach A Analog and Digital tachometer with speed & course 1.3 -  engine RPM for the gear set and tire size ... speed in a selected gear. - Changes in 1.3 ... enter your rear end ratio. In the second field ... (1/0) download
Rally Masters -  settings like tire choice, gear ratio, springs, and more ensure ... (219/0) download
Easy-RC v6.0.4 -  compute the speed and gear ratio of your car, show ... (51/0) download
EngCalc(Automotive)- PocketPC Calculator 1.2 -  Annual Gas Cost ApproximationCrawl Ratio, Crawl Speed, Cube Surface ... And Relative Humidity, Differential Gear Ratio, Drag Performance &\; more ... (26/0) download
Electric Drive Train Simulator 2.50 -  Select motors, batteries, the gear ratio, and wheel size, then ... (12/0) download
Podium Flash 1.6 -  all logged channels plus gear ratio and time difference - Overlay ... all logged channels plus gear ratio - Produce hard copy output ... (3/0) download
Circle Track Analyzer 3.6 -  automatically find the best gear ratio for a particular track ... (9/0) download
Off The Road Metric Tire Size Calculator 1 -  with formulas dealing with gear ratios and such - you ... comes to doing your gear ratio and other calculations that ... (8/0) download
Propeller Calculator 2.0 -  Engine RPM Gear Ratio Propeller Pitch Propeller Slip ... (6/0) download
CarMath 1.1 -  RPM, Tire Diameter, and Gear Ratio RPM by MPH, Tire Diameter, and Gear Ratio Gear Ratio by RPM, Tire Diameter ... by MPH, RPM, and Gear Ratio Cubic Inches by Liters ... (0/0) download
EHeliCalc 1.1 -  parameters of the main gear, motor, motor efficiency and ... Given the pinion, main gear, motor, motor efficiency and ... the screen (motor RPM, gear ratio, pinion, head speed) plotted ... (3/0) download
RC Cheat Sheets 4.0 -  in the app for: Gear Ratio Final Drive Ratio Roll-out Transmission Ratio Convert between units of ... (0/0) download