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Bluetooth File Transfer Beta 1.0 -  This is a Bluetooth File Transfer application for use with ... easy to use * Transfer: File transfer between your PC and ... * VoIP: Use any Bluetooth wireless headset to make ... (13751/0) download

Bluetooth File Transfer (OBEX FTP) J2ME 0.95 -  ready device that support File Transfer Profile (FTP), almost on all models today, with a Bluetooth connection. Download, upload, explore ... intuitive user-interface (GUI). Transfer or delete many files ... * Works on almost all phone models with MIDP ... (2842/0) download
Visual Rapport Screen Pop and Call Accounting Software Integration 2.03 B3 3 -  pop, call logging and file transfer all under one roof. The ... Handling, Email Integration, Instant File Transfer, Personalized Statuses, Call Logging ... TELECOST, Works with virtually all phone systems that are ... (2/0) download
Medieval Bluetooth OBEX File Transfer -  ready device that support File Transfer Profile (FTP), using a Bluetooth connection. Download, upload, explore ... & Drop and background file transfers are both fully ... (1344/0) download
iPhone File Transfer (Windows & Mac) 2.0 -  an amzing device for all and in order to ... make use of iPhone File Transfer software with you. This do transfer the different files in ... iPhone. You can do transfer all video files, all movies, audio files and ... (7/0) download
File Transfer iPhone (Windows & Mac) 2.0 -  The iPhone file transfer software easily copies all the files from your ... follow the instruction automatically all of the iphone files ... and you just save all the files in a ... (6/0) download
CC File Transfer 1.4 -  is a web based file transfer software built for people that need transfer file pc to pc regularly ... reliability, and security. CC File Transfer eliminates the hassles of ... designed to help you transfer file quickly and easily from ... (288/0) download
PC File Transfer 1.1 -  PC File Transfer is a remote access ... to the internet. PC File Transfer is capable of reaching ... but don't worry. PC File Transfer will send your files ... (407/0) download

Selkie Quick File Transfer 3.6.0. -  Selkie Quick File Transfer (SQFT, rhymes with‘swift’) is fast, easy file transfer between computers. Use this ... money. Get the best file transfer software for less than $30. Selkie Quick File Transfer is simple, secure, powerful file transfer software for documents, photos ... music - any kind of file you keep on your computer! You can transfer ... (26/0) download
Red Drive File Transfer Extension 1.3.2 -  Drive is a free file transfer extension that integrates with ... without launching a separate file transfer client. Red Drive supports various file transfer protocols including FTP, FTPS ... ... (8/0) download
DVDFab File Transfer for Mac -  DVDFab File Transfer for Mac is a ... is finished, the DVDFab File Transfer will be activated automatically. It supports batch transfer to save time, and ... fast. Features Highlight: 1. Transfer converted files to devices ... (1/0) download
File Transfer Command Line 2.0File Transfer Command Line (FTCL) is ... independent utility for scripting file transfers. FTCL requires no ... used to automate routine file transfers. FTCL supports various file transfer protocols including FTP, FTPS ... (8/0) download
SmartPTT File Transfer 1.0 -  SmartPTT File Transfer is the freeware application to transfer files through the radio ... on MotoTRBO radios. SmartPTT File Transfer is specially designed for ... provided by MotoTRBO. SmartPTT File Transfer consists of 2 parts: - Client Application. Transfers selected file to the server PC ... (1/0) download
iPad File Transfer ( Windows & Mac) 2.0 -  iPad file transfer software is suitable for efficient transfer of iPad files to ... for quick and reliable transfer of iPad files at ... tools allow doing selective transfer of iPad files. It ... (2/0) download
SocketTools File Transfer 9.1.9100.2138 -  The SocketTools File Transfer components enable you to easily integrate file transfer functionality into your applications ... (148/2) download
NMEA File Transfer 1.00 -  NMEA file transfer is the program which ... (54/1) download
Utility Phone 1.5 -  messaging, text chat and file transfer, all secured using AES 256 ... new U.I.D., all for a small fee ... (51/0) download
JSCAPE Secure FTP Server for Mac OS X 2.1 -  a platform independent managed file transfer server that supports FTP ... partners and automation of file transfer processes, resulting in increased ... Solaris ,UNIX, and Mac OS X platforms. Example uses ... (4/0) download
File Sharing Software 3.1 -  CC File Transfer, web based, can help ... drag files into CC File Transfer, your friends can download ... them upload right. CC File Transfer supports transferring files over ... (202/0) download
4Videosoft iPhone Transfer 5.0.12 -  4Videosoft iPhone Transfer is the professional iPhone file transfer software to transfer iPhone files, including music ... to computer and to transfer computer video, audio, image ... to iPhone. The iPhone Transfer is also can convert ... (19/0) download
Web File Transfer 6.0 -  Web File Transfer is web based file transfer software that makes the ... ftp software. Our web file server provides an audit trail of all files that are sent ... utilizing the web based file manager online file sharing will be an ... (8/0) download
WiFi File Transfer Pro 1.0 -  WiFi File Transfer is a light-weight ... over a wireless connection. Transfer files without a USB ... unzip files Compatible with all modern operating systems that ... (6/0) download
SnapMail 5.2.1 -  platform private messaging and file-transfer utility for your office ... complements your Internet email. All of your messaging can ... (16/0) download
SnapTalk 4.1 Win XP -  platform private chat and file transfer utility for your office ... security and productivity because all messages are kept in ... (14/0) download
SnapTalk Mac 5.1 -  platform private chat and file-transfer utility for your office ... security and productivity because all messages are kept in ... (21/0) download