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6x Music SPA 1.0 -  It is kind of BrainWave Deep Relaxation which uses ... sounds combined with binaural brainwave frequencies designed to take your ... relaxing. The Principle Behind BrainWave Deep Relaxation ---------------------------------------- BrainWave Deep Relaxation uses Brainwave Entrainment techniques that utilize Binaural Brainwave Frequencies to induce ... (0/0) download

BrainStimPro Binaural Generator 4.0 -  Binaural Brainwave Stimulator 4.0 16 ... is a Professional Medical Brainwave Tuning tool for medical ... tone generation for binaural brainwave synchronization, using the latest ... (91/0) download
BrainWave Confidence Boost 1.2 -  Advanced Brainwave Entrainment is used to ... Based on the #1 brainwave entrainment app. *** The Science Behind BrainWave Confidence Boost *** BrainWave Confidence Boost synchronizes your ... sending two different audible frequencies to each ear, which ... (6/0) download
Perfect Sleep Ambient Brainwave Mixer 1.2 -  and scientifically engineered Binaural Brainwave Entrainment tones to create ... future use. ** Advanced Brainwave Entrainment ** Perfect Sleep also provides multiple binaural brainwave entrainment programs including: - Relaxed ... Deep Sleep ** How Brainwave Entrainment Works ** Various brainwave frequencies are known to be ... (1/0) download
Caffeinated Brain 1.0 -  4 Powerful Energy Boosting Brainwave Entrainment Programs in One ... is unlike any other brainwave entrainment application. Other brainwave and binaural beat applications use only a single brainwave frequency and carrier signal. The Caffeinated Brain Progressive Brainwave Entrainment algorithms uses a series of brainwave programs, multiple frequencies ... (9/0) download
Natura Sound Therapy 3.0 -  sounds, colors, visuals, and brainwave frequencies. Natura includes relaxing nature ... visuals. Natura's presets include brainwave frequencies which can help you ... sounds, colors, images, and frequencies have carefully been selected ... (277/0) download
Binaural Beats Mint 1.2 -  you adjust the playback frequencies on both ears to certain beat frequencies that matches to certain brainwave frequencies. HIGHLIGHT - Simple to use ... levels for the binaural frequencies - Allows for mixing of ... (2/0) download
Advanced Sports Imagery - Applied Sports Psychology for Mental Toughness 1.0 -  programs with binaural beat brainwave frequencies Album 1 Overview 1 ... (11/0) download

Weight Loss Brainwaves 1.0 -  The Brainwave sessions created in this ... The distinct array of frequencies helps the brain obtain ... unhealthy emotional fixation. Our brainwave does work, and as ... (2/0) download
Digital Doses 1.1 -  is a powerful binaural brainwave generator able to create ... Mode - Detailed Track Info (Frequencies & Brainwave Activity) - Binaural Beat and Brainwave Info Includes 4 Free ... (4/0) download
CYTSoft Psychrometric Chart 2.1 -  interactive and intelligent psychrometric chart program designed for thermodynamics ... By contrast, CYTSoft Psychrometric Chart gains much higher accuracy ... includes a completely customizable chart on which you can ... (1124/0) download
Rich Chart Builder 1.0 -  Rich Chart Builder transforms your data ... sophisticated 3D and shaded chart styles. - Interactivity: Create interactive ... wealth of professionally designed chart Templates and Layouts. - Simple ... (122/0) download
.NET Chart Designer 1.3 -  .NET Chart Designer is comprehensive charting ... supports more then 40 chart types in multiple modes ... flexible integrated to the chart area. The multi-line ... (146/0) download
Aspose.Chart for .NET is a .NET charting ... create more than 20 chart types like: area, bar ... HighLowClose, OpenHighLowClose and pareto chart with stylish effects including ... (167/0) download
PDF Chart Creator Command Line Tool 1.2 -  The PDF Chart Creator Command Line Tool ... a PDF document. The chart creation process is initiated ... other "command" files. PDF Chart Creator is NOT an ... (45/0) download
.Net Chart Control 5.3Chart Control .NET is the ... menus, and drill-down. Chart Control .NET allows using ... DataTable object. Package includes Chart Control itself, XML driven toolbar, chart configuration control, and arts to decorate chart area. Chart Control .NET is written ... (162/0) download
MB Free Biorhythm Chart Software 1.60 -  MB Free Biorhythm Chart Software helps you generate ... daily biorhythm charts. The chart displays the three primary ... (209/0) download
Manco.Chart for WPF 5.3Chart for WPF is the ... and drill-down. Manco.Chart for WPF allows using ... DataTable object. Package includes Chart Control itself, chart configuration control, and arts to decorate chart area. Manco.Chart for WPF is written ... (103/0) download
Smart Chart Designer 1.3 -  Smart Chart Designer is comprehensive charting ... that supports over 40 chart types. Multiple decoration settings ... flexible integrated to the chart area. The multi-line ... (140/0) download
Gantt Chart Library 3.0 -  Gantt Chart related WPF components as ... and an attached Gantt Chart. The list of the ... Permits using customized Gantt Chart scale headers, such as ... (187/0) download
LinSmith linsmith-0.8.1 -  Smith chart utility. LinSmith is a ... multiple load impedances (different frequencies), and adding components (discrete ... (66/0) download
Gantt Chart 4.3 -  The Gantt Chart is a modern and ... the data from Gantt Chart can be exported to ... (0/0) download
Gantt Chart for Workgroup 4.2 -  The Gantt Chart for Workgroup is a ... the data from Gantt Chart can be exported to ... (0/0) download
Gantt Chart Light Library 4.0.0 -  Gantt Chart Light Library for Silverlight ... NET 4 contains Gantt Chart related Windows client components ... as task based Gantt Chart controls, with increased runtime ... (89/0) download
Edraw Organizational Chart 7.8 -  is a new organization chart drawing software, which creates org chart and business charts with ... many pre-drawn org chart templates and more than 600 org chart symbols and org chart samples, drawing couldn't be ... (268/0) download