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Business Process Visual ARCHITECT (Simulacian) for Mac OS 4.0 -  Fast and cross-platforms business process design tool which supports Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) 2 ... chart. Further to basic business modeling features, BP-VA ... working procedures to all business process elements, animating business process diagram, simulating business process diagram, generating reports and ... (4/0) download

Business Process Visual ARCHITECT (ME) 4.0 -  Do you feel your business process has become too complex ... difficult to visualize your business activities for sharing and ... document and share your business process throughout your company? Business Process Visual ARCHITECT Business Process Visual ARCHITECT Analyst Edition ... (7/0) download
Eunomia Process Builder 2.8.4 -  Eunomia Process Builder is an easy-to-use method and business process modeling tool (BPM tool ... of method, manufacturing or business processes and generation of process web sites with great ... size processes and the process architect edition to model large size processes. Eunomia Process Builder contains a powerful ... (67/0) download
Business Process Visual ARCHITECT Modeler Edition 1.1 SP3Business Process Visual ARCHITECT, a full-featured business process modeler seriously supporting latest OMG's Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). BP ... you to model your business process. New features include support ... Do you feel your business process has become too complex ... (165/0) download
ARIS Express 2.3 -  the world’s first free business process modeling software. ARIS Express ... tool for starting with Business Process Management. It’s easy to ... allows intuitive and fast process modeling. So everyone can ... (46/0) download
Yaoqiang Graph Editor 2.0.123 -  application that focuses on business process modelling. Yaoqiang Graph Editor ... edit and simulate your business processes Support all BPMN ... (2/0) download
Business Process Manager 3.12Business Process Manager (BPM) will help ... You'll also find Small Business Simulations with 3, 5 ... 10 products. Finally, the Business Process Manager Simulation includes a ... (357/0) download
ProcessCapture 3.2 -  'visual storyboard' of any business process or procedure that is ... visual representation of your business processes and procedures can ... and procedures. - Protect your process knowledge. - Reduce risk should ... (16/0) download

Smart Import Pro 1.6.0 -  want to initiate a business process based on information coming ... from a line-of-business application, you need to ... (2/0) download
Barium Business Navigator 1.11 -  Barium Business Navigator is the mobile version of the Business Process Management System Barium Live! ... quality control of your business processes. Login with your ... and turn them into process applications, which guide the ... (2/0) download
MindMaster 1.0 -  for planning, collaboration and business process management. MindMaster helps business professionals and teams plan ... (33/0) download
Flow Charting PDQ Lite for Windows 95 v1.1h -  flow diagrams, network diagrams, process flowcharts, and diagrams for Business Process Reengineering, Total Quality Management ... (53/0) download
RVX Manager 1.0 -  to adapt to any business process and control the results ... RVX Manager implements standard business processes such as: inventory ... assets management. The standard business model applies to any ... (5/0) download
Yaoqiang BPMN Editor 2.0.89 -  a graphical editor for business process diagrams , compliant with OMG ... create, view, edit your business processes Support all BPMN ... (5/0) download
AMADEE Enterprise Designer 3.0 -  a new application for business process management (BPM), which supports ... generation and updating of process models and the automatic ... you easily control complex process structures. International groups or ... (31/0) download
Softabar Command Line Email Client 3.1.0 -  is a tool for business process automation. Use this tool ... (1/0) download
Ebase Xi Community Edition 4.3 -  creation, data integration, and business process management into a single ... the rapid development of business applications, and what's more ... (2/0) download
BridgeWay Configuration Tool 1.2 -  Content Management – provides business process management, case management and ... (2/0) download
Micro Focus Rumba FTP Client 4.2 -  terminal emulation, UI and business process modernization. Rumba® is a ... (9/0) download
Innovator 11.3 -  Platform As well as business process modeling, object-oriented and ... solution, from requirements and business processes right through to ... (4/0) download
Contractor's Office 6.1 -  Software manages your entire business process. If you’re a ... (19/0) download
LABELVIEW 9.0 -  to your company's business process that can be used ... Your existing labels and process will transfer to version ... (14/0) download
QPR ProcessGuide Xpress 2012.1 -  QPR Process Xpress is a powerful, repository-based desktop Business Process Modeling and Analysis tool, aimed at business professionals that seek a powerful means for managing business process information without having to ... on ease of use. Business users often find themselves ... tools that lack adequate process design support. QPR ProcessXpress ... (8/0) download
iGrafx 14.1 -  recognized leader of comprehensive Business Process Analysis (BPA) solutions. Our ... ... (10/0) download
Questetra BPM Suite 8.2Business Process Management (BPM) system is a business application development environment that ... & Drop Designing "Business Process Chart" - Defining 'Data Items' for Business Process - Configure 'Allocation Rule' ... equipped to improve workflow (business processes). Especially, aggregation graphs of process data ... (6/0) download