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Windows NTP Time Server Client 1.0.0 -  TimeTools Windows NTP Time Server Client atomic clock NTP time client software is a simple Windows SNTP client that synchronises time on ... ... (715/0) download

Net Time Server & Client -  The Net Time Server & Client application allows you to ... LAN using various time server types commonly available on ... protocols are supported.As Client, the protocol currently supported ... (8/0) download
Dreambox Server Client 1.0 -  Dreambox Server Client is a utility that ... (9/0) download
EliteKingdoms-Cabal 7.1 -  EliteKingdoms is an unique private server of Cabal Online.Its a free ... ... (64/0) download
BigAnt Office Instant Messaging Server 2.92 -  BigAnt corporate messaging server works with BigAnt office messenger client program based on the ... set up your own private messaging network without having ... servers. BigAnt corporate messenger server stores and delivers offline ... (6/0) download
MetinStars 1.2 -  the newest best international private server. The client has been updated with ... prevention. Features of the server : - New maps, armors and ... (3/0) download
iHeartRO 1.0 -  is a ragnarok online private server for windows. The client is based on official client and it's modified ... (8/0) download
Vilongu HTTP SOCKS tunneler 1.0 -  is a transparent proxy server client for SOCKS/HTTP proxy servers ... to work behind proxy server Supports IE, messengers, online ... configuration within a minute client can be configured for ... (7/0) download

IPU Dekaron Client 1.0 -  IplayUnlimited is an unique private server of Dekaron Online.Its ... The game that this server was created for is ... (2/0) download
Living Control client 1.2 -  Living control media server client Changes: Is now compatible ... (4/0) download
Backup To Neighbor 1.0 -  their files to a server computer. It is a ... AES-128 bit encryption, Client-Driven operation and much ... (48/0) download
Monitoringz 1.2.1 -  Monitoringz is a multiuser server-client software application designed for ... back-end in PostgreSQL server and client front-end interface in ... (34/0) download
Java Chat Demo 1.0 -  Chat demo is simple server-client application in which you ... Chat demo is simple server-client application in which you ... (68/0) download
WebGalileo Java Web Comp 1.5 -  to rapidly assemble dynamic server pages(JSP and others ... help of highly customizable server-client side components. A developer ... (29/0) download
AquaTalk 3.0.1 -  AquaTalk is a server and client chat system duo. The server allows you to kick ... flood-protection settings. The client application allows you to ... (96/0) download
MySQL Navigator 0.3.2 -  MySQL database server client program. MySQL Navigator is MySQL database server client program. You can enter ... drop, user alter, get client &\; server infomation with MySQL Navigator ... (82/0) download
Encrypted FTP 3.3 -  EFTP) is an FTP server-client application for Windows based ... must be used for Client and Server sides. With no encryption ... any other standard FTP server or client. The main feature of ... (4/0) download
Talisman of World 1.5 -  World is the best private server. Is a very useful ... your game friends. The server is easy to install ... (50/0) download
Heroes of Roika 1.0 -  Roika is a FlyForFun private server with many enhancements. This server has it all: quests ... ... (15/0) download
XlorDs Online 3.0 -  XlorDs online the big private server. A Free Classic PVP ... (13/0) download
UnNamedRan 6.9 -  UnNamedRan is a private server free to play RunOnline ... (39/0) download
AngelJam 1.0 -  AngelJam is a private server of O2jam, a casual ... music online game. AngelJam server grow in a fast ... handle. Until now, the server have 10,000 of ... (13/0) download
EliteDekaron 1.0 -  EliteKingdoms is an unique private server of Dekaron Online.Its ... to play on this server because its a very well made game server and provides the users ... (7/0) download
NusKO 1.0 -  NusKO is a server client for Knight Online popular ... TBL files in our client. Also they replaced ingame ... (5/0) download
ZanDekaron 3.1 -  a fun, fast-past private server of Dekatron, a free ... have access to Dekaron Private Server, with Unlimited Cash Coins ... ... (21/0) download