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Capitals of Brazil 1.1Capitals of Brazil is an ... Geographic knowledge for the Capitals of Brazilian States. Using ... (2/0) download

Top Cities and Capitals of USA 1.0 -  on Top Cities and Capitals of USA! ***** Ideal ... the Top Cities and Capitals of USA NOTE: Please ... (3/0) download
Europe Capitals 1.1 -  your knowledge of the Capitals of 45 European Countries. Review mode shows you ... cycle. After completing 45 Countries or Capitals, you can record your ... (3/0) download
World Wide Capitals 1.0(1) -  World Wide Capitals is a great application ... kids to learn the Capitals of all the different countries in the world. This ... cards including USA State Capitals, USA Presidents, Kana Cards ... (5/0) download
GeogXPert for Mac OS 1.1 -  test your knowledge of countries, capitals, and states by clicking ... (12/0) download
Geo Map Quiz for iPad 1.1 -  test your knowledge of countries, capitals and cities around the ... (2/0) download
THEENK AMERICAN CAPITALS 1.0 -  Guess the capitals of American states. Simply ... play. Quickly learn the capitals. The capitals you miss will be ... (7/0) download
Flags & Capitals 2.0 -  FLAGS AND CAPITALS: THE QUIZ Do you know all flags and capitals of the world? Can ... knowledge with Flags and Capitals ... With a simple design, Flags and Capitals is easy to take in hand. Flags and Capitals offers a quiz with 190 countries. You may also learn ... (5/0) download

World Capitals Trivia 1.0 -  choice questions about the Capitals of the World. Test ... (2/0) download
Captains of Football Teams In Euro 2012 1.1 -  teams and flags of countries. You can create photos ... (2/0) download
Mx Capitals 3.0 -  == MEXICAN STATE CAPITALS == Application to query the state capitals of Mexico. Students can ... (1/0) download
Name that Flag - Free World Countries Flags Quiz 1.0.3 -  learn the flags of countries all over the world ... modes: - Flag image to countries name or - Country name ... of all flags and countries with map localization of ... (5/0) download
Flag Master! 2.1.2 -  of the flags and capitals of the world with ... Full listing of all countries, capitals and flag images for ... than the pool of countries available to choose from ... (0/0) download
Flags Club 1.0 -  that consists hundreds of countries flags from around the ... the flags of the countries in an effective way. Learn the flags of countries the world with this ... educational App. Learn which countries belong to the continents ... (1/0) download
GeoStateCapitals - Capital Cities of the USA 1.2.1 -  the names of State Capitals of the USA given ... (6/0) download
N8MoneyEditX v1.034 -  for a variety of countries according to Windows settings ... (50/0) download
Holiday Calculator 2.0.1941.35332 -  events for hundreds of countries. Currently Schneider Software has ... (22/0) download
Geodata International 4.10 -  World-wide database of countries with georeferenced towns, municipalities ... (36/0) download
ATC-FlyRadar 2.0 -  a different number of countries. The way of viewing ... (11/0) download
Your Web TV Program for Mac OS X 3.5 -  videos from hundreds of countries, in many different languages ... (9/0) download
Geodaten International 5.01 -  World-wide database of countries with georeferenced towns, municipalities ... from more than 160 countries. Often is it necessarily ... (2/0) download
Icons-Land Vista Style Flags Icons Set 1.0 -  set represents flags of countries, dependent territories, and special ... Flags that correspond to countries contain ISO codes inside ... (5/0) download
Geodata International 7.03 -  World-wide database of countries with georeferenced towns, municipalities ... (0/0) download
GoStudy Road Signs International 1.0 -  of a variety of countries. No more studying at ... (3/0) download
Geo Trending 1.0 -  you a list of countries which are currently being ... (2/0) download