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WatGas 4.1 -  solids WatGas performs Water-Natural Gas Phase Behavior calculations, including ... calculations- Water content of natural gases- MeOH/Glycol injection calculations ... (54/0) download

GOWProp 5.5 -  and liquids GOWProp calculates gas, oil and water PVT ... user selected method:- Gases: Natural Gas, Air and Nitrogen;- Liquids ... MEG, DEG and TEG\; Gas properties include: Density, Compressibility ... (153/0) download
Gaztrans Lite for Mac OS 1.1 -  Gaztrans corporation that supplies natural gas to the private sector ... (2/0) download
BBAlternateFuels 4.3 -  fuels: Gasoline CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Methanol Ethanol Diesel LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) Electric Hydrogen Propane Bio ... (3/0) download
Arab Financial Brokers 4.0 -  in gold, engaging in natural gas trading or looking for ... trading -Crude Oil Trading -Natural gas trading -Coffee futures trading (3/0) download
VLE Flash 4.0 -  for professionals in the natural gas / petroleum industry. You ... great with a standard gas analysis. Now you can ... Dew Points from your gas analysis - Calculate the temperature ... (1/0) download
DOE ScaleMix 1.0 -  protection and encourage domestic natural gas production by providing accurate ... to support various shale gas water management approaches. As ... (1/0) download
CompHP 1.0 -  that just about every natural gas engineer has received from ... (1/0) download

Gas Mileage MPG Tracker 1.0Gas Mileage Tracker is a ... understand and track your gas mileage and gasoline usage ... your total miles and gas mileage, your total highway miles and highway gas mileage, as well as ... (61/0) download
Salt Cavern Gas Storage Toolbox 1.0 -  The Salt Cavern Gas Storage Toolbox (SCGS Toolbox ... economic needs of the gas industry, specifically in the area of Salt Cavern Gas Storage. Salt caverns are ... ... (0/0) download
ISO-5167 6.01 -  or pressure drops for gas and liquid orifice meters ... 1991).The program includes:- Gas Orifices: Natural Gas, Air and Nitrogen\; - Liquid ... DEG and TEG\; - Restriction Gas Orifices\; - Restriction Liquid Orifices (570/0) download
AGA-3 11.06 -  is originally designed for gas orifices. In this programs ... the following orifice-types: - Gas Orifice - Liquid Orifice - Restriction Orifice - Gas - Restriction Orifice - Liquid The ... the following fluids: Gases: - Natural gas - Nitrogen - Air Liquids: - Oil ... (24/0) download
BCHP Screening Tool 2.0 -  costs of power and natural gas and the simulated performance ... (3/0) download
Orifice 5.5 -  or pressure drops for gas and liquid orifice meters ... 1991.The program includes:- Gas Orifices: Natural Gas, Air and Nitrogen\; - Liquid ... DEG and TEG\; - Restriction Gas Orifices\; - Restriction Liquid Orifices (270/0) download
Sokath for Linux 0.5.0 -  Unfornately, the gas prices have risen as ... (0/0) download
CNG 4.21 -  type) to use Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Methanol, Ethanol, Gasoline ... and molecular value of gas composition (vs. micro motion ... (32/0) download
Save Our Planet 1.7 -  reduce your monthly propane/natural gas, electricity, water and gasoline ... discounts from energy, water, gas and other companies in ... (35/0) download
Drilling Rig Investment Calculator 2.2 -  Take advantage of our FREE Drilling Rig Investment Calculator to analyze and evaluate investment opportunities. Enter your investment figures and instantly see your potential earnings. (146/0) download
Dark Wheel 1.0 -  to use cheaper fuel - natural gas.Limitations:E Limited features ... (37/0) download
Prode Properties 1.1 -  HCDP), cricondentherm, cricondenbar of natural gas mixtures from gas analysis - Thermodynamic properties, physical ... of application: petroleum, refining, natural gas, hydrocarbon, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical ... (6/0) download
FireCAD WTPB 3.0 -  etc) and Gas fired boiler (Natural Gas boilers, BF gas, refinery gas ..etc). Both High pressure ... (23/0) download
Diablo EZReporter 2.0 -  two optional modules: a Natural Gas Analysis (NGA) calculation and ... (3/0) download
Trash Demo 1.0 -  resources: trash, precious metals, natural gas, and toxic waste to ... (1/0) download
MixProps 1.8.0 -  professionals in the chemical, natural gas, and petroleum industries. You ... to API 14.1! Natural gas professionals will appreciate the ease with which standard gas analysis problems can be ... (3/0) download
Ideal Gas in 3D 2.01 -  first software simulates ideal gas molecules in a cylinder. You can see ideal gas molecules in 3D if you use "Ideal Gas in 3D". It can ... all parameters of ideal gas as temperature, pressure, volume ... and temperature of ideal gas showed by diagram. The ... (130/0) download