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Natural Gas Pipe Size 1.5 -  required pipe diameter for natural gas piping in an instant ... pipe diameter when designing natural gas piping systems. Only some ... as a standard DN; - Gas working pressure and temperature ... (2/0) download

GB GAS L.P.G. PIPE SIZING CALCULATOR 2.1 -  Very similar to the natural gas pipe sizing calculator except ... 28 mm . Input the gas rate for the appliances ... tell you how many gas bottles are required for ... (3/0) download
Oil and Gas: Alternative Fuel Station Finder (Electric,LPG,LNG & Liquid Based) 1.7 -  Electrical,BioDiesel,Natural Gas,Ethanol,Hydrogen,LNG,PNG ... (2/0) download
GB Gas Tightness Testing 2.1 -  A simple Natural Gas Tightness testing app. Start ... you only work with Natural Gas Download this one. Changes ... (4/0) download
Green Gas Finder 1.1 -  Green Gas Finder allows you to ... Electric, Bio-Disel, Compressed Natural Gas, Liquid Natural Gas and Liquid Propane Gas locations across the country ... a few touches. Green Gas Finder search is powered ... (1/0) download
Gas Ratio Calculator 2.0 -  Use the Gas Ratio Calculator to process the results from your Gas Flue Analyser and find the CO/CO2 ratio for natural gas. If the boiler is ... the analyser into the Gas Ratio Calculator, the CO/CO2 ... (3/0) download
Gas Hydrualics 1GAS HYDRAULICS This app calculates the flow rate of natural gas utilizing the three most ... equations used in the gas pipeline industry. These equations ... the auspices of the Gas Processors Suppliers of America ... (4/0) download
Air Products Gas Converter 1.0 -  Air Products Gas Converter converts weight and ... as well as liquefied natural gas (LNG/methane). Easily and quickly ... properties of each industrial gas, particularly molecular weight and ... (14/0) download

Gas Tycoon Lite 1.3.1Gas Tycoon Lite - classic challenging ... is to restore the natural gas supply from the gas station to each home ... be connected to the Gas Station. - All pipes will ... (4/0) download
Gas Capacity & Pipe Size Calculator 001 -  know if your existing natural gas meter has capacity for ... if your current copper gas piping is correct and will support the natural gas appliances? If you answered ... questions. 2 unique functions : Gas Capacity Calculator Enter the ... (2/0) download
WatGas 4.1 -  solids WatGas performs Water-Natural Gas Phase Behavior calculations, including ... calculations- Water content of natural gases- MeOH/Glycol injection calculations ... (54/0) download
GOWProp 5.5 -  and liquids GOWProp calculates gas, oil and water PVT ... user selected method:- Gases: Natural Gas, Air and Nitrogen;- Liquids ... MEG, DEG and TEG\; Gas properties include: Density, Compressibility ... (153/0) download
Gaztrans Lite for Mac OS 1.1 -  Gaztrans corporation that supplies natural gas to the private sector ... (4/0) download
BBAlternateFuels 4.3 -  fuels: Gasoline CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Methanol Ethanol Diesel LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) Electric Hydrogen Propane Bio ... (5/0) download
Arab Financial Brokers 4.0 -  in gold, engaging in natural gas trading or looking for ... trading -Crude Oil Trading -Natural gas trading -Coffee futures trading (8/0) download
VLE Flash 4.0 -  for professionals in the natural gas / petroleum industry. You ... great with a standard gas analysis. Now you can ... Dew Points from your gas analysis - Calculate the temperature ... (2/0) download
DOE ScaleMix 1.0 -  protection and encourage domestic natural gas production by providing accurate ... to support various shale gas water management approaches. As ... (2/0) download
Global Transit Monthly 1.0 -  It profiles leading natural gas pipeline and storage facility ... (0/0) download
DT Toolbox 1.0.3 -  for the compression of natural gas. Simply enter the suction ... flow rate of the natural gas stream and the app ... required to compress the gas. The app also calculates ... (1/0) download
Conversion Calculator by Chart 1.1 -  burgeoning LNG liquefaction and natural gas processing industries. It is ... (6/0) download
Gaztrans Free 2.0 -  Gaztrans corporation that supplies natural gas to the private sector ... (4/0) download
SoCalGas 2.1 -  The Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) application is ... payment history. Owners of Natural Gas Vehicles can use this ... (1/0) download
Heat Input Calculator 1.0.0Gas appliance Heat Input and Gas rate Calculator. Used to check appliance gas consumption against data badge ... to Regulation 26(9) gas safety installation and use regs 1998. Covers Natural Gas, Propane and Butane. Imperial ... App settings for default Gas type, Meter type and ... (1/0) download
LNG Conversion Calculator 1.1 -  volume units for liquefied natural gas made by Det Norske ... (1/0) download
SIGMA-B31G 2.0 -  of corroded high pressure natural gas pipelines following ASME B31G ... (1/0) download