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Escape from Frankensteins Castle Game 3.0 -  Escape from Frankensteins Castle free game is one of more ... trapped in Dr. Frankenstein's castle. Horatio's missing, and with ... Download Escape From Frankenstein's Castle for FREE and enjoy ... (51/0) download

Fate Of The Dwarf 1.0 -  is an interesting shooting game for free. Nice defense castle game and you have to ... (1/0) download
Castle Wars 1.05Castle Wars is a game of strategy which is ... countries on the map. Castle Wars features over 80 ... (289/0) download
Castle Card Game 1.0Castle Solitaire is a free solitaire card game for the PC similar to Beleaguered Castle Solitaire. The four aces ... (7/0) download
Beleaguered Castle Solitaire 1.0 -  Beleaguered Castle is a free online solitaire card game similar to Fortress Solitaire. In Beleaguered Castle, the four aces are ... The goal of the game is to move all ... (6/0) download
Crush The Castle 1.0 -  Crush The Castle is a medieval physics-based game. The King has ordered ... kingdom to survive. Crush castle after castle by wiping out all ... next projectile. Crush the castle and leave no man ... (5/0) download
Dragon Castle v1.0 -  Dragon Castle is a 3D fantasy game in which you play ... of a dragon. The game is set in the ... (97/0) download
Gruesome Castle v1.01 -  Gruesome Castle is a true 3D graphic adventure game, combining the 3D freedom ... with the classic adventure game play of LucasArt's Monkey Island series. Gruesome Castle follows the exploits of ... cousin Edward at Gruesome Castle. Upon arriving they quickly ... (85/0) download

Crusher Castle II v2.2 -  Crusher Castle II is the sequel ... adventure, arcade and strategy game. The object of the game is to escape from a haunted castle with 25 different rooms ... (481/0) download
Fairlight Castle 1.05 -  Fairlight Castle is a vampire hunter adventure game. Fairlight Castle is similar to Chateu ... last year. But the game is much better (and ... at a time.Fairlight Castle is a fairly original adventuregame. The game was written using a ... (56/0) download
Royal Trouble Game 3.0 -  Royal Trouble free game is one of more ... they imprisoned in a castle, but they have no ... in this Hidden Object game to escape, solve the ... (25/0) download
Echoes of the Past 2: The Castle of Shadows Collector's Edition 1.0 -  town, then into a castle and surrounding grounds—much ... point-and-click adventure game. Our goal is to ... button from the first game returns: Struggle for more ... (0/0) download
Froggy Castle 2 2.1 -  Froggy Castle is an arcade game, with lots of levels ... the frogs' invasion. Froggy Castle introduces two attractive characters ... the sentinels of their castle. Big and nasty frogs ... (5/0) download
Castle Vox 1.1Castle Vox is a simultaneous-turns strategy game. Out-strategize your opponents ... of war maps. Board game fans will particularly enjoy Castle Vox, which mixes elements ... and Axis & Allies. Castle Vox includes maps spanning ... (3/0) download
Castle Defense 1.2 -  In this game there will be a castle and a road leading to the castle. Enemies will pass through ... roads to attack the castle. You lost the game if the castle is destroyed. You need ... them from attacking the castle. When you destroy an ... (5/0) download
Mystery Of Unicorn Castle 1.0 -  of magnificent hidden object game are waiting for you! ... the atmosphere of the castle, where ancient and modern ... In this hidden object game you are also awaited ... (2/0) download
Leaping Freddy -  is a new platform game where you meet a ... Freddy sneaks into the castle of a local wizard ... (36/0) download
Realms of Magic 1.0 -  a fantasy based card game, like Magic: The Gathering ... to destroy your opponent's castle before he destroys you ... a fantasy based card game, like Magic: The Gathering ... (166/0) download
Leopold 1.1 -  to take your enemy's castle in this free online strategy game. Construct an army from ... to take your enemy's castle in this free online strategy game. The tactics and strategy ... (15/0) download
SerpentHead Revisited 1.0 -  Adventure game set in a mysterious castle, where a dragon and ... Mharim, you must infiltrate Castle SerpentHead to uncover the ... wizard Salorann. This adventure game is set in a mysterious castle, where a dragon and ... (14/0) download
Underground Tour 1.6 -  lives in a big castle. He lived years without ... (37/0) download
Arctic Quest Game 3.0 -  Arctic Quest free game is one of more ... sage from reaching his castle and breaking the spell ... choices from the leading game publishers like iWin, PlayFirst ... (55/1) download
iTankster Free - Addictive Tank Game 1.1 -  yet hugely addictive tank game in which players must ... enemy tanks destroy your castle and collect the flag ... an action filled tank game for iPhone and iPod ... (17/0) download
Super Mario Castle 2 1.0 -  Super Mario Castle is a minigame created by Stefan Oudburger. Game is very interesting if ... Read more: Super Mario Castle 2 - Free software downloads ... (4/0) download
Diplomat Solitaire (3 Pass) 1.0 -  free online solitaire card game similar to Fortress Solitaire or Beleaguered Castle. Diplomat Solitaire is played ... (2/0) download