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Five Cellular Automata 6.47 -  A cellular automaton consists of: (a ... software for exploring five cellular automata, as follows: 1. An ... (33/0) download

Seurat 1.0.1 -  that will use Hodgepodge cellular automata and cyclic space to ... (0/0) download
Mad Life 1.1 -  A cellular automata simulation (such as Conways' ... Fargoal. Changes: - Allow background music to play - Fix STORE ... (5/0) download
Mirek's Cellebration (Mcell) v2.20.0.384 -  is a feature-rich cellular automata explorer. The program's main ... of Life and other cellular automata (CA), and creating new ... (37/0) download
Spirofractal Screen Saver and Application v3.03 -  fractal, strange attractor, and cellular automata images, either automatically and ... Attractors, Quadratic Attractors, Wolfram Cellular Automata, and more. Save output ... (24/0) download
QCADesigner 2.0 -  tool for Quantum Dot Cellular Automata (QCA). This tool is ... (9/0) download
Fun3D Portable Beta 1.0 -  parametric surfaces, 3d curves, cellular automata and L-Systems. Fun3D ... Surfaces 3D Curves 3D Cellular Automata (based on Conaway Game ... (3/0) download
Fun3D Beta 1.0 -  parametric surfaces, 3d curves, cellular automata and L-Systems. Fun3D ... Surfaces 3D Curves 3D Cellular Automata (based on Conaway Game ... (12/0) download

AutomataPlay 1.0 -  the fascinating world of cellular automata - a set of simple ... any of the 256 automata rules, which are shown ... (3/0) download
Cellular Automaton Explorer 5.0 -  The Cellular Automaton Explorer is designed ... way to learn about cellular automata (CA) than to try ... (2/0) download
Xynthesizr 1.0 -  synthesizer + instant generative music features. Create music easily and intuitively. Just ... Game of] Life-like cellular automata and randomized Extended range ... scales and Life-like cellular automata rules Save your presets ... (3/0) download
Xlife -  A cellular-automaton laboratory This program ... will also handle general cellular automata with the orthogonal neighborhood ... (281/0) download
Fun3D 1.0 -  3D surfaces, curves, spatial cellular automatic structures and L ... Surfaces - 3D Curves - 3D Cellular Automata (based on Conaway Game ... (8/0) download
WolframAlpha -  Metabolic Pathways COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCES Cellular Automata Substitution Systems Turing Machines ... Mythology Television Programs Awards MUSIC Musical Notes Intervals Chords ... (2/0) download
CellFighter ScreenSaver 1.2 -  This screen saver is based on an innovative extension of the Game of Life: two rival swarms of tiny critters wage a non-stop war for the screen space. The behavior of the living armies is highly amusing and unpredictable. The screen saver insensibly adds fresh forces to each army to enliven the show. You can change colors and forms of the critters, ... (29/0) download
CellFighter Game 2.5 -  This program is an extension of the Game of Life that transforms the classical Life from an environment for various experiments into a genuine game with an active player and a clear goal: rival colonies of virtual germs wage a war against each other, and you takes part in this battle in real time as a commander of your own living army; the playing ... (19/0) download
DarwinBots 2.4 -  placed in, as in cellular automata. Rather, the bots move ... (6/0) download
Groovy Lava Screensaver Creator 2.00 -  Create an artificial cellular life form and watch ... life with your favourite music or as your very ... into the world of cellular automation and discover a ... (35/0) download
Techno DJ D3VIL 1.0 -  Techno, Trance and Electronic music with a lot of ... his top "Techno/Trance DJ" Music & Ringtones from the U.S. cellular networks, directly to all ... TECHNO INTENSE TECHNO/TRANCE DJ MUSIC & RINGTONES - Play All ... (3/0) download
Beatbox DJ 1.1 -  Top "Beatbox DJ" music ringtones from the U.S. cellular networks. MOUTH-POPPING BEATBOX MUSIC RINGTONES - Play All 22 Beatbox Music Ringtones (press "blue speaker ... audio. *************************************** Enjoy the music and then download the ... in bundles. Play the music on your iPod, iPhone ... (4/0) download
Dance DJ 1.1 -  Top "Dance DJ" music and ringtones from the U.S. cellular networks. BASS THUMPIN' FULL TRACK DJ MUSIC & RINGTONES - Play All ... All 8 Full Track Music MP3's in Bundles - Download ... Bundles - Download Full Track Music MP3's Individually - Download Ringtones ... (7/0) download
Runxt Life Plus 1.1 -  LIFE is a generative music application created for the ... platform based on the cellular automaton theory Conways Game ... (3/0) download
Music Organizer Deluxe 3.9Music Organizer Deluxe is Windows software that allows music collectors, audiophiles, hobbyists, dealers ... LPs, tapes, and any music media. Our music management database is intuitive ... users. Ready to use music cataloging database solutions make ... (84/0) download
Music Wizard Professional 7.2.0Music Wizard is the perfect solution for managing your music collection, including CD, MP3 ... are lending a record, Music Wizard reminds you if ... the full MP3 support: Music Wizard is able to ... (98/0) download
Music Masterworks 4.29 -  Make your own music with our award-winning voice-to-note music composition software. With Music Masterworks you can compose ... life is easy with Music Masterworks voice-to-note ... (383/0) download