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IChing Diviner v1.6Lines progress from the bottom ... six-line hexagram contains changing lines, another hexagram is produced containing the static lines from the first hexagram ... the newly-formed changed lines. In divination terms, the ... (77/0) download

Changes I Ching Software for Mac OS 1.0 -  readings and note which changing lines tend to appear more ... (9/0) download
Applets by Andrei 1.1 -  re-ordered simply by changing lines in the XML configuration ... (18/0) download
I Ching Mandala 1.25 -  does not deal with changing lines in this edition. Video ... (16/0) download
I Ching 2 (ad-supported edition) 6.0 -  to browse signs and lines as in the original ... the "changing lines", the lines that are changing from one state to ... been determined as either changing (old) or unchanging (young ... (15/0) download
I Ching Planner 2.02 -  complete hexagrams, including the changing lines. The seventh touch prints ... (16/0) download
CAXperts CopyMoveRotate 2.4 -  copy, translation/rotation/mirroring of models/drawings/lines/equipments, changing SiteID/IndexNo/PartitionNo of models and ... (8/0) download
Player360 1.0.3 -  Player360 keeps you connected, changing the gaming experience as ... bother with long ATM lines and expensive processing fees ... ACCESS BANKS & CREDIT LINES Not only does Player360 ... (2/0) download

Touch Word 4.0.0 -  Drag lines and make words!!! Do ... of em. Letters keeps changing and you can enjoy continuos play with changing difficulties. Dynamic background gives ... (0/0) download
Golden Lines 1.0 -  Golden Lines is extremely addictive variation of classical Color Lines game, logical game for ... task is to build lines of balls of the ... easy? Try it. Golden Lines has excellent graphics and ... (59/0) download
Advanced Lines 3.2 -  Advanced Lines is an incredibly addictive ... three different game types: lines, squares, and blocks. Advanced Lines is played on a ... the game down. Advanced Lines can be enjoyed by ... (133/0) download
Lines Deluxe 1.0Lines Deluxe is a terrific ... of the old classic Lines game. This new version ... to form nice orderly lines of 5 or more ... (21/0) download
Crystal Lines II 1.00 -  Crystal Lines is a popular logical ... remake of the classic Lines game, it has many ... (23/0) download
Universal Code Lines Counter 1.0.2 -  code, blank and comment lines of software projects for ... not only source code lines, but also blank, comment and even mixed lines (source code and comment ... Features of Universal Code Lines Counter at a glance: - Counting source code lines of many languages. - Detailed ... (75/0) download
Lines Push 3.92 -  variant of the classical Lines game. The game is ... (1/0) download
PDAcraft Lines 1.1.0Lines is a very popular ... vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines. Lines, which are longer than ... (2/0) download
Mobile Lines 1.2.2 -  Mobile Lines is very interesting game ... (2/0) download
Pet Connect Lines 2.6 -  Pet Connect Lines is a time based ... (3/0) download
ShiftN 3.6 -  Converging lines in photographs, particularly of ... photographs often have diagonal lines, but the mind thinks ... having vertical and horizontal lines. Converging lines are caused by the ... (0/0) download
Lines wallpaper set for Mac OS 1.0 -  Mac wallpapers with a lines theme. The blue is ... (5/0) download
More Flying Lines for Mac OS 2.0 -  that feature brightly colored lines arranged in various ways ... (0/0) download
Flying Lines Desktops for Mac OS 1.0 -  that feature brightly colored lines arranged in various ways ... (0/0) download
Delete Lines 1.1.0 -  Delete/Filter lines from big text files ... delete or filter particular lines of a big text ... text (or alternatively all lines that do not contain ... (3/0) download
Remove (Delete) Lines In Multiple Text Files Software 7.0 -  need to remove specific lines from multiple text files. Filter lines by single keyword, multiple keywords, by blank lines or by line number ... (1/0) download
Lithuanians Code Lines Counter 2.2 -  standalone application counts physical lines of source code of ... ... (4/0) download