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Rohos Logon Key for Mac OS 1.4.3 -  USB drive into a security token for your computer and ... secure way by USB token, replacing the password based login.Your security benefits: The Mac is ... Mac with a USB token is fully automatic and ... (27/0) download

DeepNet MobileID 5.6.1 -  your iPhone as a security token! Why carry a ... currently carrying a dedicated security token, it is time to ... strong authentication experts - Deepnet Security. For more information, please ... (2/0) download
Double Password 1.2 -  ground in your computer security. First of all, it ... Double Password creates your security token on your flash drive ... the level of your security: low, medium and high ... (8/0) download
Shetab SharePoint Live Authentication -  Claims Provider and standard Security Token Service (STS). With Shetab ... "All Live Users" security groups which works just ... in "NT_AUTHORITYAuthenticated Users" security group. a? "All Verified Live Users" security group, which includes all ... (2/0) download
ImpressCMS 1.3.4Security: IP banning, restricting content by group, backend security features for database manipulation, security token system for form validation ... (5/0) download
SQUARE ENIX Software Token 1.0.0 -  The SQUARE ENIX Software Token is an application designed to strengthen the security of user accounts for ... (4/0) download
DNSPod Token 1.0.4 -  DNSPod Token is a security enhancement tool of DNSPod. After enabling the DNSPod Token authentication, your account access ... After enabling the DNSPod Token authentication, when the users ... generated by the DNSPod Token App.By using the ... (4/0) download
Passbay UKey Tool 3.5 -  Passbay UKey Token is series of info security products that provide easy ... of application with UKey Token to realize and strengthen ... (8/0) download

FEITIAN Mobile OTP 1.1.1 -  provides multiple OATH compliant token forms tailored for organizations's ... requirements with considerations of security, budget, and deployment difficulties. The FEITIAN Mobile OTP token installed on various mobile ... The FEITIAN Mobile OTP token provides the advantages of ... (4/0) download
OTPC601 1.0 -  provides multiple OATH compliant token forms tailored for organizations's ... requirements with considerations of security, budget, and deployment difficulties. OTP c601 token is the device developed ... for improve user authenticate security, protect users account from ... (0/0) download
abylon ENTERPRISE 6.5 -  offers innovative and professional security and encryption modules for ... smart card, a USB-token, a chip card or ... and Blowfish guarantee the security of the files. abylon ... (205/0) download
Security Zone Manager 1.0 -  Plaxoft Security Zone Manager is the first internet security tool to unleash the ... of Microsoft Internet Explorer security zones. With Security Zone Manager you can ... them to the restricted security zone with just one ... (31/0) download
PC Security Manager 1.4 -  PC Security Manager is a registry ... way you want. PC Security Manager will enable to ... individual user profile. PC Security Manager allows your to ... (168/0) download
NoSpyZone Security Center 2.5 -  NoSpyZone Security Center is a simple ... to manage your computer security... Set it up and ... about it. The NoSpyZone Security Center is a FREE ... (80/0) download
HIPAA Security Rule Assistant 11.5 -  HIPAA Security Rule Assistant provides HIPAA ... and understand the HIPAA Security Rule. It contains Risk ... (80/0) download
Outlook Security Manager 1.5 -  Outlook Security Manager is a one ... tool to disable Outlook Security. With Outlook Security Manager you can easily bypass Outlook Security settings and avoid security warnings, or alerts, in ... Unlike similar tools, Outlook Security Manager doesn't transform OOM ... (66/0) download
Small Business Security Manager 4.3 -  The Small Business Security Manager is designed to assist the classified facilities security officer (FSO) with visitor control, employee security training, and document control ... the US Government's Facilities Security requirements is these three ... network computer. Access workgroup security is implemented to ensure security of all data entered ... (45/0) download
PC Security Explorer 2 -  PC Security Explorer 2 highly improves your computer's security. You get powerful tool ... your computer up from security threats and make backup ... well as their potential security risk. You can scan ... (23/0) download
Hurricanesoft Internet Security 2006 EN 3.1.3 -  Hurricanesoft Internet Security 2006 is a security software to protect your ... (17/0) download
Outpost Security Suite Pro 2007 (5.0.1252. -  Outpost Security Suite Pro is a robust, proactive Internet security solution that protects against ... rootkits and botnets. Outpost Security Suite Pro brings together ... (16/0) download
1st Security Center Pro -  1st Security Center is a powerful security utility that allows you ... time very easy. 1st Security Center supports Internet Explorer security that enables you to ... several computers very easy. Security restrictions can be applied ... (25/0) download
Corporate Network Security 3.1 -  network with Corporate Network Security. This network-based password-protected security software lets you impose ... Internet. Using Corporate Network Security you can do the ... In total, Corporate Network Security supports over 600 different security restrictions, options and tweaks ... (47/0) download
TrustPort PC Security -  TrustPort PC Security is a complete security application thatprotects and secures ... sensitive information.TrustPort PC Security is compatible with TrustPort ... antispyware and antispam protection - security of network connection - on ... (129/0) download
PC Security Tweaker 9.9 -  PC Security Tweaker is a security tweaking utility you can ... running specific applications only. Security tweaks can be applied ... (23/0) download
Desktop Security Rx 4.00.377 -  Desktop Security Rx is a robust desktop security application that is ideal ... out of order. Desktop Security Rx delivers complete desktopsecurity ... computers. Easily configurable Desktop Security software that prevents users ... (27/0) download