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Chicken Adventure 2.0Chicken Adventure is a funny game and kids like playing this game. When you play this game you have to move your chicken to reach all stars ... higher place, make this chicken jump to reach them ... D to move your chicken, press X or J ... (11/0) download

Anacondas 3D Adventure Game 1.0 -  Anacondas 3D Adventure Game is based on the ... its characters. In this game you will be guiding ... Blood Orchid. But the adventure begins with a disaster ... (13/0) download
Adventure Game Studio 3.2Adventure Game Studio allows you to ... own point-and-click adventure games. It consists of ... ... (23/0) download
Dry Gulch (Windows) 1.0 -  Pinkerton agent, in this adventure game set in the Old ... six-shooter! Navigate through game options, as you solve ... (2/0) download
Presto: You Are The Wand. A Magical Adventure Game For Wizards. 1.0 -  A Magical Adventure Game For Wizards." is ... Wand is unlike any game you have ever seen ... (4/0) download
Pro Dinosaur World Adventure Game 1.1 -  *** Pro Dinosaur Adventure Game is a great game for kids and family ... Advertisement *** Fun Family Game *** Dinosaur Adventure Game for children and adults ... play *** Simple Relaxing Game *** Beautiful Color Graphics *** Great Game Animation *** Fun Background ... (3/0) download
Bygone City 2 Adventure Game 2.0 -  sequel to Bygone City Adventure Game. It has twice as ... puzzles than the first game. Before there were first ... there was the classic adventure game. Games where you take ... (4/0) download
Bonez Adventures:Tomb of Fulaos 1.1 -  3D Role-playing / Adventure game from a 3rd preson's view. The game takes place in different locations, which offers classical adventure tasks as are: using ... others, talking with NPC game characters, or solving logical ... (80/0) download

Armada 2250: The Rebellion 1.0 -  Rebellion is an action/adventure game in which you play ... IP) in a multiplayer game... includes Capture the Flag ... (136/0) download
Robot Heaven 1.0 -  fast, 3-D action, adventure game! Eddie the Robot ... (70/0) download
Jodie Drake and World in Peril 1.07 -  Peril is a classic adventure game with hidden-object mechanics ... effects, blended with vintage game-play, providing players with ... (2/0) download
Acorn's Big Adventure 1.0 -  Acorn's Big Adventure is adventure game for free. You are ... (59/0) download
Autumn's Treasures -  in this Hidden Object Adventure game! After receiving her ... (42/0) download
Colossal Cave Adventure: 770 point version for Mac OS 1.88 -  The original adventure game, dating back to about ... Also known as just Adventure or Advent (for ancient ... is a text-based game. Let your imagination provide ... (3/0) download
Bike Adventure 1.0 -  This is an adventure game with bikes. It has ... (6/0) download
QuadQuest 2.31.21 -  a turn-based strategy adventure game in which you play ... (45/0) download
QuadQuest II 1.01.74 -  the turn-based strategy adventure game from Dataware in which ... equipping your party. The game play is the same ... (98/0) download
Pakman Artifact for Smartphone 1.08 -  of artifacts avalilable in game,depends on number of ... (47/0) download
Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure v1.4 -  Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure is an exciting and challenging adventure game in which you help ... surprising creatures, joystick support, game save, and more. (644/0) download
Ally's Adventure: Through the Glass v1.0 -  Ally's Adventure: Through the Glass is an adventure game based on a classic ... the Looking Glass", this game is the first in ... enjoy this humorous fantasy adventure containing math and science ... (83/0) download
Animaniacs: A Gigantic Adventure v2.2 -  Animaniacs: A Gigantic Adventure is a 2D side-scrolling adventure game featuring Yakko, Wakko and ... In Animaniacs: A Gigantic Adventure, youlll become all three ... of traditional side-scrolling adventure gameplay (power-ups, inventory ... (1047/0) download
Men In Black: The Game v1.02 -  Men In Black: The Game is a fast-paced and challenging action/adventure game that puts you in ... the same name, the game puts you in the ... (56/0) download
Alien Attack -  Attack is an interesting adventure game for free. Try to ... (92/0) download
Battle of Lemolad 1.1 -  Lemolad is an interesting adventure game for free. My Lord! ... (8/0) download
Bubble Quest 1.0 -  Quest is an interesting adventure game for free. Play bubble quest game and help the bouncing ... (13/0) download