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NJStar Chinese Word Processor v4.31 -  processes Chinese characters on an English ... 95/NT. It includes 20 Chinese input methods, such as ... Big5, GB and HZ Chinese codes with auto-detection ... (252/0) download

Flash flip book template of Dragon 1.0 -  The Chinese New Year had just ... So we choose some Chinese dragon graphics as the ... know, different from western dragons, Chinese dragons are considered to be ... (2/0) download
NJStar Chinese WP 6.00 -  NJStar Chinese WP Version 6.0 ... for 70,000+ different Chinese characters. Support the latest ... in 100,000-entry Chinese English dictionary for easy ... (0/0) download
NJStar Chinese WP for Mac 6.00 -  NJStar Chinese WP Version 6.0 ... for 70,000+ different Chinese characters. Support the latest ... in 100,000-entry Chinese English dictionary for easy ... (1/0) download
MB Free Chinese Zodiac Software 1.50 -  MB Free Chinese Zodiac Signs Software determines your Chinese zodiac sign from your date of birth. Chinese zodiac signs are also ... are based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. This program ... belong to according to Chinese Astrology. It gives a ... (728/0) download
Chinese Character Bible 9.0 -  Learning Chinese is not as difficult ... sounds, only to master Chinese characters either patience OR ... required. If you learn Chinese, you need to learn Chinese Characters. If you learn Chinese Characters, you need to use the Chinese Character Bible! The Chinese Character Bible is like a teacher who writes Chinese characters in front of ... (177/0) download
Abstract-Pictures Screensaver 1.7 -  Abstract pictures animated, abstract image, abstract ... ... (78/0) download
My Pictures 3D Screensaver 1.2 -  My Pictures 3D Screensaver is a ... looking graphics. The selected pictures are displayed on the ... through the specified gallery. Pictures can be displayed at ... (356/0) download

Learn To Speak Chinese 3.2 -  Learn To Speak Simplified Chinese is specially developed for ... people who are learning Chinese. It includes 347 scenes ... Learn To Speak Simplified Chinese mainly comes with a ... (75/0) download
Chinese Master 4.3Chinese Master is a good tool for learning Chinese. The soft has been ... a large number of Chinese words as quickly as ... It helps you learning Chinese by reading aloud. This ... (62/0) download
Pictures Slideshow Maker 2.0 -  If so, try Pictures Slideshow Maker. In just ... history. All of your pictures and music files are ... required to view your pictures. Pictures Slideshow Maker uses a ... (43/0) download
Chinese Symbol Studio 3.1Chinese Symbol Studio is a ... translates and generates beautiful Chinese writing symbols (Kanji). It ... can I do with Chinese Symbol Studio? Translates English words to Chinese writing symbols (Kanji). Creates ... (148/0) download
Chinese Calendrics 8.27 -  The Chinese Lunar Calendar is a ... of a dark moon. Chinese Calendrics is used to ... between dates in the Chinese solar and lunar calendars ... (67/0) download
Easy Chinese Dialogs 3.11 -  Easy Chinese Dialogs is a very ... study tool for learning Chinese; it gathers 347 pcs ... presents the content of Chinese dialogs and English dialogs ... (50/0) download
MB Free Chinese Astrology Software 1.40 -  MB Free Chinese Astrology Software determines your Chinese zodiac sign or animal ... great powers of the Chinese Oracle known as the ... belong to according to Chinese Astrology. It gives report ... (635/0) download
Sort Pictures 4.79 -  Sort Pictures - easily? Sort Pictures - is a full-automatic ... and picture organizer. Sort pictures, sort photos, sort images ... one click with Sort Pictures. Key Sort Pictures features: - Sort pictures (automatically) (with user-friendly picture sorter wizard) - Sort pictures easily (just start picture sorter and all pictures will be sorted ... (177/0) download
Dragons Bane: Mah Jongg II v1.2Dragons Bane: Mah Jongg II ... pyramid shape that the Chinese call the "dragon"\ ... (43/0) download
Remove Duplicate Pictures 9.47 -  Remove Duplicate Pictures - How to remove duplicate ... duplicate pictures? Remove duplicate pictures - easily with automatic duplicate picture remover. Find duplicate pictures and remove duplicate pictures, delete duplicate pictures and remove duplicate pictures, remove duplicate pictures and remove duplicate photos ... is possible. Remove duplicate ... (59/0) download
Chinese Zodiac Free Screensaver 1.0.2 -  In Chinese astrology, each person is ... twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac (rat, ox, tiger ... were well established in Chinese thought; the earliest depictions ... (12/0) download
Chinese Toolbox FREE Toolbox FREE helps you learn Chinese while you read online or digitized Chinese texts that are interesting to you. Chinese Toolbox FREE is the freeware operating mode of Chinese Toolbox. After a 15 ... full version (or mode), Chinese Toolbox READER, provides more ... functionality, especially related to Chinese words, phrases and idioms. (85/0) download
Remove Duplicate Pictures and Photos 3.91 -  Remove Duplicate Pictures - what is the Best ... How to remove duplicate pictures in my photo collection? ... in computer with your pictures. Automatically download software to delete duplicate pictures in photo collection with ... (1/0) download
Delete Duplicate Pictures 4.96 -  Delete Duplicate Pictures: What is the Best ... duplicate pictures? Delete duplicate pictures with the duplicate picture ... program to delete duplicate pictures can delete duplicate pictures, automatically delete duplicate picture ... (3/0) download
Pictures to Color 1.0Pictures to Color is a ... the colour palette from pictures. You would possibly need ... (2/0) download
Qigong for Self-Health Care 1.0Chinese magic Qigong with 5000 ... is treasure of traditional Chinese culture with long history ... important part of traditional Chinese medicine in past thousands ... (17/0) download
Chinese Checkers for Mac OS 1.3 -  A variant of Halma, Chinese Checkers is both an ... (4/0) download