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Donarius Donation Tracking Software v1.30 -  donations by donor or church envelope number. You can find ... name, surname, donor number, church envelope number, or tax receipt ... ability to re-assign church envelope numbers, and support for ... (191/0) download

SmartsysSoft Label Maker 3.26 -  SmartsysSoft Label Maker lets you design Address labels, CD/DVD labels, Folder labels, Media Labels, Post cards, Shipping labels, and even Envelopes. It comes with a lot of pre-designed label templates, pictures, shapes, symbols. You can choose them from a vast library and then custom with your own logo, images and clip art to create your attractive ... (159/5) download
Simply Church Accounting 1.1Church Accounting Software The same as Simply Church Accounting 1.0, but includes the envelope printer,and best of ... (93/0) download
Opening Envelope 1 -  Opening Envelope is an opening envelope flash animation file great ... (4/0) download
Church Office Helper 3.0 -  It also tracks the church staff, both full-time ... special needs of the church to be tracked. Over ... about every way the church would like to group ... (157/0) download
Church Bells Carillon Gift Basket 2.3.11Church Bells chimes desktop system ... (66/0) download
Church Secretary 32 7.0Church Secretary 7.0 makes ... for even the smallest church to quickly record, update ... (97/0) download
Easy Church Membership 4.0 -  Easy Church Membership was designed to ... help these churches. Easy Church Membership is to maintain a database of church members, all tithes and ... specific members. At the church level there is a prayer list, church calendar, and staff calendar. The church calendar allows user defined church resources to be allocated ... (135/0) download

Hospitalist Followup Template 2 -  hospitalist follow up visit template. This template is suitable for hospitalists ... (144/0) download
Asthma Evaluation Template 2 -  page asthma patient evaluation template. This template is suitable for pulmonologists ... asthma. The asthma patient template contains prompters and space ... plan This one page template contains detailed checklists for ... (187/0) download
Internal Medicine Clinic H&P Template 2 -  The Clinic H&P template contains prompters and space ... (376/0) download
Boilerplate Template Text Inserter 2.0 -  the past with Boilerplate Template Text Inserter. Simply create ... (37/0) download
WonderWebWare CSS Template Shaker 2.4 -  CSS Template Shaker is WYSIWYG (what ... get) xhtml / css template generator. Using the tool ... and feel of the template on the fly, in ... (128/0) download
IncrediFlash Website Template 1.06 -  selection of professionally designed template without the need to ... their templates. IncrediFlash Website Template comes with a free Editor to customize your template. It is designed with ... 5 minutes. IncrediFlash Website Template can be publish into ... (190/0) download
Church Manager for Windows v2.02Church Manager for Windows helps ... and resources of their church. Church Manager provides complete member ... your logo on reports, envelope printing, and more. (49/0) download
Church Directory Organizer Deluxe 3.9Church Directory Organizer Deluxe for ... organize and manage your church directories. Enter, manage, track, and organize church members, print church photo directories, print text church directories, print church contact lists, organize church business contacts, print church business contact phone books. For the database novice, church directory intuitive ... (31/0) download
Excel Invoice Template 1.60 -  a free Excel Invoice Template that provides a Fill ... to use Excel Invoice Template. The invoice template is customizable, since it ... styles, colors of the template, by using various tools ... (2225/0) download
Service Invoice Template 1.10 -  Service Invoice Template is an Excel workbook ... in this Service Invoice Template is for intended for ... based The service invoice template is provided in an ... (28/0) download
Consulting Invoice Template 1.10 -  is a free invoice template. This Excel-based invoice template is created basically for ... needs. The consulting invoice template works with Excel 2000 ... this Excel-based invoice template you can do calculations ... (14/0) download
Newsletter Publishing Invoice Template 1.10 -  This is free invoice template / free invoice form ... area. Since this invoice template is in Excel format ... use this free invoice template as a start point ... (21/0) download
Invoice Template with Two VAT Tax Rates 1.10 -  This free VAT invoice template has two VAT rates ... invoicing item; the invoice template calculates tax using the ... to instruct the invoice template not to calculate tax ... (21/0) download
Envelope Making Software Making Software can used ... messages and sizes of envelope can be achieved by ... of sender and receiver. Envelope Creation Software appliations to ... (19/0) download
Church Scheduler 2.8Church Scheduler is a specialized ... events. It's perfect for church staff to plan working ... store the information about church members, such as their ... (346/2) download
Church Secretary Professional Edition 2.0Church Secretary Pro is comprehensive ... contribution and visitation records, church library inventory and a ... at just $199 per church. Manual included in both ... (12/0) download
Calendar Template Software Creating Temp 9.0 -  calendar with its calendar template. Your template allows you to make ... to your taste. The template of the calendars also ... (17/0) download