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WEP Key Maker 1.1WEP Key Maker 1.1 generates WEP key for Airport networks. WEP Key Maker generates a hexadecimal WEP key from a pass phrase ... 128- and 64-bit) key to encode packets with WEP encryption. Third party devices typically use a hexadecimal key, which WEP Key Maker helps create. Generating such a key from a pass phrase ... create and reproduce a key without ... (194/0) download

Wep Key Creator 2.0Wep Key Creator, will create a ... or 256 Bit Hex Wep Key from a word or ... copy and paste the key directly into your wireless ... (15/0) download
Password Construction Kit 2.1 -  Includes a WEP key and random byte generator ... (26/0) download
CryptoTerm 1.6 -  CryptoTerm is the package consisting of following programs: Terminal Emulator, FTP (SFTP) Client and Batch FTP (SFTP) Client. CryptoTerm package allows to obtain a uniform, unified and intuitive access to diversified system environments - starting from Windows, through Unix environments, up to the IBM Mainframe systems. The CryptoTerm provides connections ... (3/0) download
WirelessKeyView 1.13 -  or copy a single key to the clipboard. ... (785/0) download
CiscoKits CCNA Subnet Calculator 1.0 -  you prepare for your Cisco certification exams! Subnetting is one of the key concepts on the Cisco CCNA certification exam. So ... you know subnetting the Cisco CCNA way! Here are ... (4/0) download
Remote Phone Control for Cisco Phones 1.0.2 -  Phone Control tool for Cisco Unified Communications allows a ... to remotely control a Cisco IP phone within their ... view and control a Cisco IP phone and talk ... (5/0) download
Cisco Mind Share 1.0Cisco Mind Share game helps ... entry and associate-level Cisco certification exams. Players learn ... and recognition speed on key topics. Cisco Mind Share game players ... (2/0) download

Agile 10 Key 2.0 -  Test your ten-key ability and practice to ... your skills. Agile 10 Key helps users build ten-key typing speed and accuracy ... (404/0) download
Key Remapper 1.02Key Remapper is an utility ... (58/0) download
Cisco CDP Monitor 3.3Cisco CDP Monitor is a ... and network engineer. First, Cisco CDP Monitor is a ... to use the CDP(Cisco Discovery Protocol) to send host information to connecting Cisco devices . With Cisco CDP Monitor, Users could ... (604/0) download
Office Product Key Code Finder for Microsoft Office 2.20 -  Find your Product Key Viewer for Microsoft Office ... (2844/0) download
CPU Multi-Gauge for Cisco 1.04 -  CPU Multi-Gauge for Cisco is an important tool ... high load periods. A key feature is the ability ... (63/0) download
APKF Product Key Finder 2.2 -  APKF Product Key Finder is CS, CS3 ,CS4, CS5 and CS6 key finder. The software automatically ... more. With Adobe Product Key Finder you simply diagnose ... money. APKF Adobe Product Key Finder is a free ... (400/0) download
CDP Cisco Client 3.3 -  CDP Cisco Client is a highly ... network engineer. First, CDP Cisco Client is a CDP ... to use the CDP(Cisco Discovery Protocol) to send host information to connecting Cisco devices . CDP Cisco Client (CCC) would produce a CDP Cisco Client Service (CCCS) in the system after CDP Cisco Client is installed . Users ... (41/0) download
Magic Boss Key 4.10 -  Magic Boss Key allow you to hide ... to use Magic Boss Key. Everybody should have such ... (3/0) download
RSA Key Generator New -  RSA Key Generator was developed as ... input the name and key prefix, nym name and ... (17/0) download
Game Key Revealer 1.6.0 -  Game Key Revealer retrieves the CD-Key and Serial for installed ... with help of Game Key Revealer. Features: - Recover over ... games product keys - CD Key Changer *Battlefield 2 *Battlefield ... (51/0) download
CiscoKits CCNA TFTP Server 1.0 -  you prepare for your Cisco certification exams! Upgrading and ... is one of the key concepts on the Cisco CCNA certification exam. So ... how to perform a Cisco IOS Upgrade! Not only ... (6/0) download
Start on Key 0.0.1 PreAlpha -  Start on Key is a simple tool ... (1/0) download
Register Hot Key 1.1 -  Define a Key Combination as Hot KeyRegister Hot Key(s) & Launch Programs ... (25/0) download
Key Customizer 3.9600Key Customizer can customize keyboard layout, change any key to other keys. This ... you can disable any key; with it, you can make the broken key function again; with it ... (6/0) download
Jump To Key 1.0 -  Jump To Key is a handy and ... to a certain registry key instantly.The application is ... and enter the registry key you wish to jump ... (4/0) download
Product Key Viewer Professional 2.3 -  Product Key Viewer Profession will find ... (43/0) download
KDT Recover Product Key 1.1.2 -  KDT Recover Product Key enables the user to ... and change a product key for Windows, Microsoft Office ... products. KDT Recover Product Key also supports a method ... (18/0) download