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Ford M Radio Code 1.1Radio Code Calculator for series M . Kalkulator ... forda. Changes: Added Radio/Navigation Code Calculator for Navigation EX and ... (8/0) download

Clarion Source Assistant version v1.8 -  reformats Clarion source code. It reformats Clarion for DOS 2.x and 3.x, and Clarion for Windows source code to use indentation, single ... Text areas before a code statement are not reformatted ... (249/0) download
Electronics Assistant 4.2 -  includes a resistor colour code calculator, resistance, capacitance and power ... (8/0) download
Code Calculators 1.0Code Calculator is a small and ... type of electrical expression. Code Calculators includes a raceway ... (14/0) download
TCCalc - Timecode calculator 6.0 -  is a powerful time code calculator. With its two views ... TCCalc supports : Common timecode calculator operations. Division and multiplication by integer. Division time code by time code. Last operation repeat (ex ... (1/0) download
TCCalc 2.0 -  is a powerful time code calculator. The famous timecode calculator for iPhone finally on ... TCCalc supports : Common timecode calculator operations. Division and multiplication by integer. Division time code by time code. Last operation repeat (ex ... (0/0) download
Resistance Color Code Calculator 1.0 -  Resistor is a basic building block in electronics circuitry. Resistor is used to limit current in a circuit because it presents opposition to charges. Resistors that are reasonably small, their values are shown as color bands on them. These color bands represent the value of that specific resistor. Resistor values are difficult to find by newbies ... (11/0) download
inLight Radio PRO -  inLight Radio is an easy to use radio player for streaming music ... internet. By using inLight Radio to over 17,000 internet radio stations. inLight Radio allows you to listen to an online radio station, as well as ... You can also add radio stations to a favorites list. TE A simple radio player for streaming music ... (4/0) download

Electrc 2008 -  the 2008 National Electrical Code.Electrc 2008 is designed ... (23/0) download
Clarion/PHP 2.0 -  The generated code includes important features necessary ... five important things that Clarion developers should know about ... at generation time. - The code generation system itself is ... (32/0) download
Resistor Values 2.1 -  Resistor Values is an electrical engineering program that will calculate the value of a 4 band resistor. Resistor Values will determine the value of a resistor based on the color bands or the reverse, it can display the color bands of a resistance value entered by the user. The trial version of Resistor Values is limited to resistance values of 1000 ... (166/0) download
ID2000 Suite 1.5 -  band plan covering amateur radio bands) and just added - SWR Calculator (calculates the SWR ratio ... ... (5/0) download
Resistor Color Bands PC 1.1 -  Resistor Color Bands is a free application designed to be a simple tool that displays resistor color codes and values. Resistor Color Bands can be used as a learning tool for students studying in electronics or simply use it to categorize resistors by their color codes and values. Resistor Color Bands is a free application designed to be a simple tool ... (7/0) download
CCResistor 1.1 -  and getting the colour code instantly. It also caters ... dyslexia. The Resistor Colour Code Calculator: A resistor is an ... (3/0) download
EMS FireCell 1.3 -  A handy resistor colour code calculator, Ideal for when you ... IP (Ingress Protection) rating calculator that explains each element ... a given IP rating code. Regional Contacts & Technical ... (1/0) download
CW Decoder 2.99 -  Decode Morse code from a radio 5 to 50 wpm ... control (AFC) Transmit Morse code, keyboard input 5 to ... (7/0) download
WorldUnlock Codes Calculator 4.4 -  WorldUnlock Codes Calculator is a free utility ... Motorola unlock. Includes MasterCode calculator that can reset your Nokia security code if you have lost ... (36/0) download
Zipoid 1.1 -  Zipoid is a ZIP Code verification, look-up and distance calculator tool. It contains a ... ranges between different ZIP Code locations to estimate transportation ... assigned to various ZIP Code locations, or view the ... (25/0) download
Almeria Spain Postal Code Software 1.0 -  The Software includes postal code, city name, colony name ... time zone and area code in Almeria. Enter 2 ... (115/0) download
Dalby Source Printer for Clarion v2.11 -  Dalby Source Printer for Clarion is a custom source code printer for Clarion programmers. It can print code with a variety of ... (74/0) download
Resistor Calculator 1.0.1 -  Determine the color code of a resistor and ... By using this resistor calculator it is very simple to determine the color code of a resistor based ... also provide a color code and the program will ... (12/0) download
mini Ring Core Calculator 1.2 -  the mini Ring Core Calculator application will make it easier for amateur radio enthusiasts to calculate inductors ... antenna matching units. This calculator presents a single-window ... (5/0) download
Video Timecode Calculator 1.6 -  Video Timecode Calculator is a program that computes timecode (time code) in many different concurrent ... full description! Powerful Timecode Calculator for video editors, multimedia ... (5/0) download
RDF Calculator 1.0 -  RDF Calculator for radio-direction finding, topographic map ... RDF mode. The RDF Calculator was primarily written for radio-direction finding. It can ... (1/0) download
Morse Code Master 2.1 -  Morse Code Master is an innovative ... solution for pilots and radio enthusiasts. Morse Code Master offers comprehensive training for developing your morse code skills. It is a ... any training pilot and radio licence student or holder ... (4/0) download