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Scanned Text Editor 1.0 -  Edit any scanned document without lossing anything. Layout ... as in the original document. The program will NOT ... it. To save the document in the internal file ... (2/0) download

Scanned Document Distributor 2.0Scanned Document Distributor is a highly ... of actions on them. Scanned Document Distributor lets you define ... be performed on the scanned document(s). These 5 action ... (1/0) download
Scanned Document Skew Fixer 1.2.5Scanned Document Skew Fixer automatically corrects ... skew angle of the document from the content and rotates the scanned image to th ... (2/0) download
Signature Checker 1.0 -  an area of a scanned document and determine if it ... documents have already been scanned and saved as PDFs ... (0/0) download
DocClear Lite 3.0 -  DocClear Lite enables to clear the Document menu manually or after ... (1/0) download
AccXES 15.0 -  Show thumbnails of a scanned document (Preview Pane) Display whether ... of the currently selected document (Document Size feature) Select an ... feature) Print the currently scanned / viewed image Scan ... (6/0) download
Free Image OCR 7.3.7 -  text contained within any scanned document or image and can ... usually work are in scanned PDF or image format ... PDF into a text document without problems. The produce ... (4/0) download
Free Image OCR 7.3.6 -  text contained within any scanned document or image and can ... usually work are in scanned PDF or image format ... PDF into a text document without problems. The produce ... (1/0) download

Fastscanner v1.2 -  you to scan a document to a file, to ... You can save a scanned document as a BMP, GIF ... (60/0) download
Image Capture Software 3.7 -  a Panasonic high-speed document scanner to a PC ... delete, etc.) of a scanned document on the thumbnail window ... (3/0) download
ViewPoint 5.01 -  graphics file (illustration, photo, scanned document, etc.). You do not ... (6/0) download
Free OCR to Word 5.9.1 -  converts any image or scanned document to editable Word document without modifying the original ... copy of your paper document in your favorite word ... solution to convert pictures, scanned images and so on ... (6/0) download
Scanner Pro by Readdle 5.1.1 -  notes, or any multipage document. Scanned documents can be emailed ... Experience the simplicity of document scanning: + Scan receipts ... scans any type of document, ranging from a receipt ... (0/0) download
Smart Planning 1.1 -  The uploaded or scanned content is automatically saved as a pdf document to your Smart Planning ... the content of the scanned document. The url address is ... (0/0) download
EasyDoc 2.187.333 -  form, any type of scanned document or other digital files ... pages together in one document that will be immediately ... (0/0) download
Document.Editor 2015Document.Editor is an open ... edit more then one document in a session, Tab ... options like Open New Document, Load Previous Documents, Do ... (0/0) download
eDocuments Scan 5.6.13 -  Basic Features * Efficient document scanning * Sophisticated user ... detection of the new document * Blank page detection ... to achieve the best document quality and minimize the size of the document, such as the following ... (3/0) download
Zetadocs PDF 6.2 -  Zetadocs PDF, document management and delivery software ... Main Features : - Simple, fast document assembly : The Zetadocs PDF ... Management software to provide document automation functionality. Users can ... (1/0) download
Panasonic Quick Image Navigator 1.2 -  handling and management of scanned files by searching and ... manage a lot of scanned documents. Scanned data can be quickly ... way in which the scanned document can be utilized. You can also correct a document that is tilted and ... (2/0) download
Quick Scanner - Scan Documents & Convert to PDF & Image to Text 1.2 -  notes, or any multipage document. With Quick Scanner, you ... order pages in one document. + Provides different page ... recognize the content of document quickly + Provides different ... (0/0) download
PocketScan It - Scanner, Sign and Faxing PDF documents 1.3 -  ipad into a portable document scanner. allows ... ensure optimal exposure and document creation. We remove shadows ... as readable as possible. Scanned documents can then be ... (0/0) download
Winwash A.S.C 4 -  can remove popup windows, clear history, control window properties ... A.S.C.: - Quickly clear internet URL history - Clear Internet Explorer history - Clear Internet Explorer Cache (and Custom wash items) - Clear typed URL - Clear URL Registry Keys - Clear Windows Run history - Clear Recent File Searches - Clear AutoComplete History - Clear Temp ... (14/0) download
Invoice101 - PC 7.3.1 -  items, payments, installment plan, scanned documents, more. Invoice 101 ... items, payments, installment plans, scanned documents and more. Advanced ... parts markup calculator, integrated scanned document management and contextual help ... (33/0) download
Photocopier Pro v1.08 -  You simply place your document in the scanner, launch ... a copy of the document. You can preview your document before it is printed ... invert and mirror) the scanned document. In addition, the program ... (82/0) download
Mark Separator 1.0 -  ability to separate a scanned document by placing a mark ... (4/0) download