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CaptionMaker 5.1 -  DV (Windows) you can closed caption any DV video sitting ... without using any external closed caption encoder. Once you have ... file, you can add closed captions to a DV ... (23/0) download

Evertz CaptionWare 1.0 -  Evertz 8000 and 9000 Closed Caption products. CaptionWare also addresses the need for Closed Caption looping requirements, typically required ... intervals to run the Closed Caption message. The software is ... easy way to insert caption test messages, allowing simple ... (4/0) download
Enterprise TV 1.0 -  Search program metadata and closed caption data * Browse your ... (4/0) download
OfficeOne ProTools Movie Captions 1.1 -  to insert movies with closed captions on PowerPoint slides ... movie file provides the closed caption information. OfficeOne ProTools Movie ... (4/0) download
EZConvert 4.1 -  the Open/DVD, Teletext or Closed Caption project types. EZConvert can ... (1/0) download
honestech DVD Player 3.0 -  R), Fast Forward (F), Closed Caption (C), and 18 more ... ... (4/0) download
Geditor32 4.0 -  WSS525, WSS625 lines and Closed Caption data. Geditor software features ... (5/0) download
Full Motion Video Pro 6.0 -  TE Closed Caption / Subtitle Wizard - makes ... (2/0) download

NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus 5.4.4 -  and all subtitles including closed caption. Output profiles for various ... (251/6) download
MP4 Video Player 2.3.0Closed caption display (3/0) download
Hunter n Hornet - Appisode Series 1.3 -  Then try the closed caption supported in English! Go ... (3/0) download
TrialDirector for iPad 1.0.1 -  6 (such as editing closed-caption video clips, pre-treating ... TrialDirector 6 * Import closed-captioned video depositions from ... (4/0) download
MP4 Video Player For iPad 2.3.0Closed caption display (3/0) download
VASST Caption Assistant 1.0 -  VASST Caption Assistant is a new ... allows you to create closed captions Vegas Pro 10 ... of the captioning types. Caption Assistant gives you control over the type of caption and the layout of the caption. It supports the traditional ... (8/0) download
SCC Caption Reader for Mac OS X 1.0 -  Have an SCC caption file that you need ... (0/0) download
IE7 Open Last Closed Tab -  IE7 Open Last Closed Tab is a plug ... X" reopen the last closed tab. This is very ... the previous tabs you've closed (like the built-in ... (101/0) download
SCC Caption Reader for Mac OS 1.0 -  Have an SCC caption file that you need ... (5/0) download
Case Closed v1.00 -  Case Closed is a murder mystery ... the appropriate tab.Case Closed features animation, beautifully detailed ... (111/0) download
Caption Writer 1.0 -  Create caption labels. Caption Writer streamlines and simplifies ... rapid creation of precision caption labels. It is versatile ... (61/0) download
Batch TIFF Resizer 3.16 -  which converts, resize, add caption, reorder, extract TIFF, PDF ... (0/0) download
Chameleon Window Manager Lite -  to Tray, Minimize to Caption, Specify Transparency, Position window ... (3/0) download
DASS-GUI Portable 1.4 -  that calculates all significant closed sets* of a given ... analyses of the identified closed sets: filtering, handling of ... extraction of the underlying closed set hierarchy and corresponding ... (5/0) download
Remnant Knights Closed Beta 1.0 -  Remnant Knights Closed Beta is a combat ... (3/0) download
MAGPIE 2.0 -  is the original free caption- and audio-description authoring ... be used to add closed captions to movies playable ... combine (or mux) TTXT caption files with MP4 or ... (1/0) download
IDS Caption 1.0 -  IDS caption allows for the slow ... can speed up the caption synchronization process by increasing ... media playback speed. The caption times are tied to ... (6/0) download