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DTM ODBC Driver List 2011 -  DTM ODBC Driver List is a free ... the list of installed ODBC drivers. The text file ... show version of installed driver. This feature helps to identify driver revision problems by one ... (3/0) download

Actual ODBC Driver for OpenBase for Mac OS 2.2 -  With the Actual ODBC Driver for OpenBase, you can ... Unlike other solutions, this driver installs completely on your ... all required information. The driver includes on-line help ... (41/2) download
Informix ODBC Driver Install 1.0 -  Informix ODBC Driver Install is a driver that makes possible that ... can configure the remote ODBC access from off box ... (3/0) download
OpenLink Ingres ODBC Driver (Express Edition) 6.1 -  The OpenLink ODBC Driver for Ingres (Express Edition ... architecture in which the driver is deployed, either a ... database server. The OpenLink ODBC Driver for Ingres (Express Edition ... (1/0) download
Vultar ODBC driver for JBASE 1.9 -  Vultar ODBC driver for jBASE is the ... ... (12/0) download
ODBCHTTP Home Edition 1.0.1 -  ODBCHTTP is the first odbc driver that connects to databases ... Linux port of the ODBC driver. ODBCHTTP is the easy ... (3/0) download
FlexODBC Driver 32 4.0 -  FlexODBC is the premier ODBC driver for DataFlex DBMS files. This driver is a fully functional ODBC driver that can read and ... files. It requires an ODBC compliant front-end application ... Main Features: - SQL and ODBC are the corporate data ... (3/0) download
DBISAM ODBC 4.2 -  The DBISAM ODBC Driver is contained within a ... or higher with the ODBC.NET Data Provider. The DBISAM ODBC Driver contains an easy-to ... and also supports direct driver connections using a connection ... (4/0) download

ACES ODBC Driver 7.0 -  Microsoft Jet database engine ODBC Driver. Requires expert coding, interoperability ... (9/1) download
Microsoft Data Access Components SP1 14.0 -  OLE DB provider and ODBC driver. This redistributable installer for ... OLE DB Provider or ODBC driver, the Desktop Database ODBC Drivers, or the Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver. Requirements: - Supported Operating Systems ... (4/0) download
DaFT 1.4 -  connected to with an ODBC driver. DaFT allows you to ... screen to follow all ODBC driver messages (errors etc.). All ... (3/0) download
odbc2csv 1.0 -  information from the local ODBC driver and output it to ... for sql export. Extract odbc dsn information information and ... (29/0) download
tables2csv 1.0 -  information from the local ODBC driver and output it to ... (23/0) download
odbc2xls 2.7.5 -  effective method to extract ODBC Table Data from the local ODBC driver into an Excel XML ... user just selects an ODBC database and table and ... (25/0) download
ArchiCAD Project ODBC Driver 14.0 -  Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is a widely accepted ... database access language. The ODBC Driver reads ArchiCAD project files ... (1/0) download
VDS ODBC 8.1 -  The library works through ODBC driver. This library allows you ... any database, using drivers ODBC. Possibilities: - Work with any ... (4/0) download
Magic DB Explorer 2.5 -  OLE DB (ADO) or ODBC driver. Work with different databases ... (51/0) download
SmallParser v1.0.1.26 -  SmallParser can also be used for OLEDB/ODBC driver development. (23/0) download
DBCopyWare -  done by using any ODBC driver or OLEDB provider. If ... (5/0) download
Outlook Sync Db 2010 Light -  other database having an ODBC driver available. If you like ... (2/0) download
AnySQL Maestro Professional -  which is accessible via ODBC driver or OLE DB provider ... (36/1) download
mnoGoSearch for Windows Pro 3.2 -  SQL database using an ODBC driver. This version also features ... (1/0) download
MDAC SP1 2.8 -  OLE DB provider and ODBC driver. This redistributable installer for ... (3/0) download
Export Table to SQL for DB2 1.6ODBC driver for IBM DB2 is ... (1/0) download
Pervasive.SQL 11.1 -  has a 64-Bit ODBC Driver for 64-bit Windows ... (2/0) download