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Confirmed Kill v0.109 -  multiplayer World War II combat flight simulation. When the game begins ... engine driven by a flight model used in FAA ... (102/0) download

Legendary Fighters 1.0 -  style with characteristics of combat flight simulation. Inspired in 60's jet ... Center - Cockpit view - Aerial combat missions - 9 flyable fighters ... (7/0) download
JSBSim Python Bindings 0.2 Alpha -  bindings to the C++ flight simulation model JSBSim. Using JSBSim ... middot; Writing "homebrew" flight simulator games, with for example Panda3D ... · Integration of flight dynamics in your Python ... (2/0) download
Combat Flight Simulator - Second World War Pacific HD 1.0Combat Flight Simulator game of the ... (6/0) download
Comanche 3 -  3 is a helicopter flight simulation featuring intense combat missions. Comanche 3 offers ... new technology, an accurate flight model, and realistic sounds ... a real Comanche in flight) which you'll experience in ... (1000/0) download
Apache 3D Sim 1.5 -  Enjoy a fully featured combat flight simulator and join over ... detailed processing of a combat helicopter with a unique ... of the most famous combat helicopters of all time. Enjoy land & carrier combat operations with various scenarios or improve your flight and landing skills in the free flight mode. OVER 1.500 ... (9/0) download
F-16 Multirole Fighter v.011 -  Multirole Fighter is a flight simulation featuring an authentic Lockheed Martin approved flight model and avionics. Able ... get airborne and begin combat in minutes. You can ... (688/0) download
MiG Alley v1.3 -  an interactive, campaign-based, flight simulation set during the Korean ... personal 50's Jet Fighter simulation. Without radar-guided missiles ... aircraft, all with accurate flight models: F86 Sabre (the ... (458/0) download

Flatspace 1.08 -  3D space trading and flight simulation. The ultimate objective in ... Elite and rogue-like games such as Nethack and ... (40/0) download
Sky Fight 1.0 -  this amazing WWI 3D combat flight simulator. Superior 3D graphics ... of a regular PC flight simulator. Play many challenging ... (3/0) download
Falcon BMS 4.3 -  BMS (F4) is a combat flight simulator. It models the ... has been popular among combat sim pilots due to ... Continual development of the simulation by community members has ... (25/0) download
F-15 Eagle: Flight of the Defender 1.0 -  F-15 Eagle: Flight of the Defender is a flight simulation with a dogfight mindset ... (20/0) download
Joint Strike Fighter v2.01 -  Fighter is the first flight simulation that lets you pilot ... packed with ground targets, flight groups and surface-to ... (722/0) download
Banzai Bug v1.5a -  Banzai Bug is a flight adventure game, that brings ... whole new dimension to flight simulation by giving you a ... pheromone- pumping, action-packed flight-simulation. Buzz through an exterminator's ... (41/0) download
Dawn of Aces 2.12 -  player, real-time WWII combat flight simulator played against hundreds ... completely different flavor. The flight arenas carry a more ... (103/0) download
Steel Beasts 2.3b6 -  Beasts is a realistic combat tank simulation in which you command ... just another modern tank simulation. This design effort goes ... This is a tank simulation in which real-world ... (826/0) download
StarFlight v1.9 -  StarFlight is a star flight simulation screen saver that contains ... (60/0) download
Orbiter P1 Build 100830 -  free and realistic space flight simulation program for the Windows ... the concepts of space flight and orbital mechanics by ... ORBITER is a free flight simulator that goes beyond ... (3/0) download
DTR Pinball 1.0 -  popular Dirt Track Racing simulation games for intense tilt-and ... (3/0) download
Red Ace Squadron 1.0 -  is an old-school combat flight simulator based around WW1 ... Different from many other flight simulators, Red Ace Squadron ... (7/0) download
Room war 1.0 -  is a rather smart flight simulation game for Windows. It ... (1/0) download
Navigraph nDAC 3.0 -  for navigation material for flight simulation with regular updates is ... (4/0) download
Master of the Skies: The Red Ace 1.0 -  is an old-school combat flight simulator based around WW1 ... Different from many other flight simulators, this game makes ... (8/0) download
Aerosoft's - Mega Airport Budapest 2.0 -  the newest software for flight simulation. The scenery is of ... (18/0) download
RASAero 1.0 -  RASAero Aerodynamic Analysis and Flight Simulation Software, is a combined aerodynamic analysis and flight simulation software package for model ... for use in other flight simulation programs for orbital rockets ... (4/0) download