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WCF Data Services 5.3 -  WCF Data Services 5.1 enables creation and consumption of data services for the Web according ... 3 of the Open Data Protocol (OData), which facilitates data access and change via standard HTTP verbs. WCF Data Services 5.1 includes .NET ... This release of WCF Data Services also includes support for ... (2/0) download

Microsoft Meta Data Services SDK v3.0 -  Microsoft Meta Data Services SDK includes all the ... information models. The Meta Data Services Software Development Kit (SDK ... ... (43/0) download
MDS Manager -  is a lightweight Master Data Services management utility that is ... (1/0) download
Composite Application Data Services for 4.6 -  back-office applications as data services.With Composite’s technology ... the world’s leading data services solutions. Customers will be ... to tap their CRM data within, as well as combine this data with other information from ... (6/0) download
Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES2 3.1 -  Adobe® LiveCycle Data Services ES2 is a scalable ... development license of LiveCycle Data Services ES2 to help get ... ... (15/0) download
Granite Data Services 2.3.2 GA 1.0 -  Granite Data Services (GraniteDS) is a comprehensive ... Comet implementations, allowing scalable data-push. Code generation tools ... Java entity beans and services into their ActionScript3 equivalent ... (4/0) download
WaveFinder 5.0 -  next generation of radio data services, transforming your PC into ... and edit music and data. For MP3 users, WaveFinder ... (3/0) download
Serial/IPAŽ 4.9 -  public/private networks and wireless data services. Use remote serial devices ... converts and relays the data stream and control signals ... field equipment gets the data stream through serial cables ... (0/0) download

GENBAND Personal Communicator 8.0 -  multimedia applications and Unified Communications (UC) services. GENBAND Personal Communicator simplifies communications with incoming and outgoing ... (8/0) download
Merlin for MCH 5.0 -  MIL-STD-1553 bus communications data. The program enables avionics ... modes by defining raw data. In Sequential Monitor mode ... additional option of defining data with engineering units. (3/0) download
Wish Tree 6.0 -  system, the server provides data services to the client. Based ... Tree, we define two services provided by the server ... client to retrieve the data of all the stars ... (3/0) download
OurTel 2.14 -  3G/WiFi Network => Cheaper Data Services to make VoIP call ... (2/0) download
Caceres View 1 -  Allow localize touristic interest data, services, transport. All the data is updated by SIG ... (11/0) download
IEA Key World Energy Statistics 2.0 -  well as through electronic data services. For the first time ... contains timely, clearly presented data on the supply, transformation ... in order to include data from the 2013 edition ... (2/0) download
Dynasoft TeleFactura 5.82 -  OSS convergent telecoms voice, data, voip, billing and Radius ... service operators distributing telecoms services. Managing 1000s of voice or data end-users has never ... easy. Hosted and outsourced services are offered to mitigate ... (0/0) download
DevForce Silverlight 5.2.2 -  enables you to build data-intensive rich internet applications ... multiple methods for each data type is time consuming ... enabling offline operation.DevForce Data Services fills a gap in ... (1/0) download
SWX Onlinebackup 1.3.2 -  Onlinebackup can simultaneously store data in up to 8 ... servers, local network and data services in the "cloud" (WebDAV ... email or SMS. Your data is encrypted before copying ... (1/0) download
TelcoMgr 7.5.1 -  your business telephone and data services. The program is designed ... or Service Carrier account data. * Detailed line, circuit and/or service data, including summary cost, Data Network Elements and Carrier ... Customer/Location Managed Service Contracts data. * User Telephone Directories ... (3/0) download
Corrupt Office 2007-2013 Extractor 3.2.2 -  of software for recovering data and text from corrupt ... displaying extracted text or data from corrupt docx, xlsx ... to recover text and data where MS office fails ... (22/0) download
Xceed DataGrid for Silverlight 1.4 -  On-demand data retrieval (data virtualization) ensures that only ... reduces the amount of data to be transferred, which ... datagrid to display remote data blazingly fast, thanks to ... (4/0) download
JBoss Developer Studio 4.0 -  enterprise applications and SOA services. JBoss Developer Studio Portfolio ... ... (2/0) download
Attunity Connect 4.5 -  Standards-based data access to relational and non-relational data sources. Attunity Connect provides ... relational and non-relational data sources on platforms ranging ... NET connectivity to enterprise data - XML data services: read and update your data using XML - Coverage: available for many supported data sources - Low cost of ... (12/0) download
Microdata Management Toolkit - CD-ROM Builder 1.1 -  by the World Bank Data Group for the International ... is used to document data in accordance with international ... and to export the data into various common formats ... (4/0) download
ObjectStore PSEPro for Java 7.1 -  is an persistent object data management solution that is ... a complete set of data services for Java or C++ ... (8/0) download
Everest SDK 2.0 -  analysis, and create feature data. With the ability to connect to online data services and to read most ... files natively, so getting data into Everest GIS is simple and easy. Analyzing data is a breeze with ... (3/0) download