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Image In Focus 3.4 -  Image In Focus is a nice tool that combinesvarious out of focus images to create a single Montage composite in-focus images.Various microscope or ... into one perfectly in-focus picture. Each image, with a different portion in focus, is used to perfect the focus for the composite in-focus image. Sophisticated algorithms are ... to make the best focus ... (5/0) download

Reptiles in Focus Screen Saver v1.0 -  Reptiles in Focus Screen Saver is a ... (27/0) download
SAP Business in Focus 13.08.4 -  the SAP Business in Focus mobile app for iPad ... of SAP Business in Focus for iPad Access real ... use SAP Business in Focus with your business data ... (4/0) download
MS in focus 7.7.0 -  MS in focus, edita semestralmente in inglese ... (5/0) download
Focus 21 1.3.1 -  get it done, use Focus 21". Get into the ... on your mind in Focus 21 instead of your ... in small areas of focus and realize big gains ... (0/0) download
Keepinhead Flashcards Mobile 2.0.0 -  in the Million idea competition in Europe (2nd place ... (9/0) download
KeepInHead Flashcards PC 2.0.6 -  in the Million idea competition in Europe (2nd place ... (7/0) download
Knoxville DUI Lawyer 2.0 -  out the level of competition in your niche, and ... hidden niches with little competition you can profit easily ... (0/0) download

PC HealthBoost 3.0.5 -  and shoulders above its competition in delivering speed, performance ... (18/0) download
Classified Concepts Open House 1.0Competition in the Real Estate ... (3/1) download
Bike motron racing - motorcycle highway lane turbo chase race PRO 3.2.1 -  a greatest moto racing competition in superbike racing game ... (1/0) download
InFocus Pro 2.1.5 -  In Focus Pro is a powerful ... (2/0) download
Monster Energy Supercross 2013.3 -  off-road motorcycle racing competition in the world, produced ... (1/0) download
Venice Basketball League 5.1.001 -  the most intense Streetball competition in the world. LET ... (1/0) download
Gold Poker FREE - You are the king 1.5.7 -  smooth gameplay and riveting competition in this full featured ... (2/0) download
CrossPix Magic Express 1.07 -  graphics editor, won a competition in Tokyo by designing ... (4/0) download
Retro Timer HD 1.0 -  Developed in the spirit of Apple Macintosh; easy to use, precise result and designed with the user in focus. (1/0) download
NaLan 24 1.1 -  Have a competition in the game ! ... (9/0) download
CHGKounter 1.0 -  app for training and competition in What? Where? When? ... (1/0) download
MGBA Inc. - Mixed Gender Basketball Association 1.0 -  join together in team competition in the best interest ... (3/0) download
Quickpro Aperture 1.0 -  that everything is in focus when youre taking landscape ... (2/0) download
Copa America 2011 by La Tercera 1.1 -  the most important football competition in the continent that ... any detail of the competition. La Tercera, Grupo Copesa ... (1/0) download
Deep Voyage for Mac OS 1.0.19 -  a royal garden design competition in an Underwater Kingdom ... (3/0) download
AKVIS Refocus for Mac OS X 2.0 -  the camera fails to focus on the subject automatically ... sharpness of out of focus images. The program can ... photo or bring into focus only the selected part ... (14/0) download