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Count Down Timer X 1.0Count Down Timer X is a essential ... be used as a Count Down Timer or count down reminder to alert ... also work as a Count down clock, Countdown reminder ... (8/0) download

BigTime 1.2 -  BigTime: Easy to see count down timer with optional voice announcements ... (42/0) download
AS3 Timer ( XML and Run Time Change) 1 -  This a timer ( count down timer ) that you can change ... (3/0) download
Cool Timer 2.1Count-down timer with a cool, customizable ... (53/0) download
PCODO 2.0 -  PCODO is an universal count-up or count-down timer. It can be used ... graphical software.After a timer ran down, the following ... file/Start a program.The timer can automatically restart after ... (2/0) download
FW Timer 1.0 -  means staring at the count-down timer on Fish Wrangler, pretty ... accomplish other things. FW Timer is a fully configurable count-down timer used to notify you ... and fish. Activating the timer is a simple as ... (0/0) download
Coin Op Internet Cafe Kiosk Timer Demo 1.0 -  Op Internet Cafe Kiosk Timer have to work with ... by time, when the count down timer is expired, the user ... (3/0) download
Minute Timer 1.8 -  Minute Timer Program Functions1. To set and start the timer count down, select time in ... 2. To cancel the timer count down, click the Reset ... version, the maximum allowable count down is limited to ... (2/0) download

TimeCaster Up/Down Timer 1.1 -  are looking for Up/Down Timer with remote displays, this ... With Wi-Fi your Timer system goes wireless! It ... (1/0) download
Watch Dog 2.0 -  Two Stop Watches; Four Count Down Timers; Note Reminder; Stop Watch & Count Down Timers keeps time ... (75/0) download
Personal Productivity Timer 1.0 -  Dual time count down timer facilitates well proven time ... (66/0) download
Timer-7 2.0Timer-7 is count down or up timer for any purposes: busyness ... learning, working, etc. Completed timer can play a wave ... chain timers (a completed timer can runs next or top timer; for example first timer is lesson and second timer is a break); save ... (1/0) download
XNote Timer 1.11 -  Free countdown timer and stopwatch software. As simple as possible! Both count-up mode to measure time intervals and count-down mode to work ... (1/0) download
XP Timer Pro 2.00 -  nice, easy and cheap Timer for everyone ! Adjustable ... min. and max. (alarm), count up, count down, sound on-off ... (1/0) download
Multi Timer v1.1 -  Multi Timer features ten independent timers which allow you to count down to zero or ... identifying string to each timer. Multi Timer runs as a convenient ... (79/0) download
Online Countdown Timer 1Count it down!'s Countdown Timer easily helps you remember ... a large visual Countdown Timer you can use for ... time. Instantly, the Countdown Timer begins counting down to ... (3/0) download
Easy Count Down Timer 10.1 -  Powerpoint slide behind the timer. Easy HR Countdown Timer comes with a number ... full screen Easy Presentation Timer. Features: -Microsoft Powerpoint compatible - Call the timer from within Powerpoint. -Set ... message -Select your own timer colour scheme - select the ... (2/0) download
PocketOne StopWatch 1.6.0 -  Pocket PC stopwatch and count up/down timer for your Pocket PC ... Pocket PC stopwatch and count up/down timer for your Pocket PC ... (17/0) download
TBTimer v1.00 -  TBTimer is a count up and down timer designed to run in ... (35/0) download
Egg Timer Software 7.0 -  an alarm when the count down is complete but ... (1/0) download
T-Minus Tax Day Countdown 6.0Count Down to Tax Day ... 15? Now you can count down to Tax Day! Count Down to Tax Day ... 15? Now you can count down to Tax Day! ... (95/0) download
T-Minus Grand Opening Countdown 6.0Count Down to Grand Opening ... Mall, Website with style. Count Down to Grand Opening ... (41/0) download
T-Minus Wedding Countdown 6.0Count down the time to ... song as background music! Count down the time to ... will build as you count down the months, days ... (54/0) download
T-Minus Anniversary Countdown 6.0 -  anniversary, now you can count down the time to ... anniversary, now you can count down the time to ... (19/0) download
StopCounter 1.1 -  time as well as count down to important times ... also set it to count down to a certain ... seconds you want to count down to. Have it ... (73/0) download