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Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2 1.0.5 -  sequel to the popular, CRASH BANDICOOT NITRO KART 3D combines ... Fans can race as Crash or one of nine ... Duty: Zombies, Guitar Hero, Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D, Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2, Tony ... (7/0) download

Citrus Engine Level Architect 0.2 -  The Level Architect is a level editor specially designed for the ... While there are other level editors available, you will ... Citrus Engine. The new Level Architect features * Start ... (14/0) download
Escape 5.8.08 -  has a built-in level editor and facilities for automatically ... (171/0) download
qED-Lite v1.0970615 -  Lite is a Quake level editor. The interface provides a ... (80/0) download
Marauder 2 1.3 -  enemies, 36 levels, a level editor, 5 powerups, 9 different ... pick just the right level of challenge, so you're ... (9/0) download
Ballistic 1.01 -  Myth III level editor/creator. Ballistic allows you ... (40/0) download
Cave Story 1.0 -  like a manual, a level editor, a mini-game and ... (12/0) download
Box Drop 1.2.1 -  *******NEWS******** ***Coming soon: Level Editor, Global Score Keeping, Bigger Buttons, Level Indicator, Completed Level Indicator, and MORE LEVELS! ... of Gameplay - Replay any level anytime - Real world Physics ... (2/0) download

Doodle Ride 1.0 -  ways to overcome each level. Editor Picked by! ... (2/0) download
3 Balls Level Editor 1.0 -  each change; Save new level in text file, or ... (1/0) download
Super Slyder 32.0 -  to help Slyder collect level-altering items, navigate over ... to-use, built-in level editor allows you to create ... (2/0) download
AT File Mole v. 2.2 -  same time for low-level editing of ANI, ICO ... CPL, SCR files. Low-level editor for ani, ico, cur ... (5/0) download
Beat Ball 2 1.0.5 -  yourself in the included level editor. The game also has ... 5 MB + LevelSet Editor and MediaPack Editor + Downloadable LevelSets + ... (33/0) download
Band of Bugs 1.0 -  online play, and a level editor that lets you design ... by providing a unique Level Editor, allowing gamers to create ... your progress; A 20-level story mode campaign featuring ... (64/0) download
Graal The Adventure v1.4 -  playing game with a level editor included. By adding and ... (120/0) download
Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese 7.2 -  Includes a level editor and over 150 bonuses ... to collect. In each level you'll have to fend ... and candles. Includes a level editor and over 150 bonuses ... (44/0) download
Deluxanoid 1.2 -  go to the next level. The game also has a built in level editor to make your own ... go to the next level. The game also has a built in level editor to make your own ... (14/0) download
Pushy and the Magic Blocks 1 -  full levels and a level editor so the fun never ... full levels and a level editor so the fun never ... (12/0) download
The prodigious Escapee Gold Full version 1.52 -  theme music, and a level editor. The Prodigious Escapee Gold ... an easy to use level editor. The objective is to ... the exit point. The level editor allows players to create ... (19/0) download
Archibald's Ice Cubes 1.1 -  means of a free level editor which is a part ... means of a free level editor which is a part ... (46/0) download
Arrow Antics 1.5 -  action levels, a full level editor and lots of traps ... (62/0) download
Jewel Twist (Mac) 1.21 -  Jewel Twist features an intuitive and easy to use interface, in-game hints, and a level editor. (94/0) download
Crazynoid 1.1.03 -  The full version contains 22 levels and come with a visual level editor. (8/0) download
Metal Venture 1.0 -  A Level Editor allows you to create ... split in levels, each level containing up to 196 ... reach the next world level. - Cutscenes between each level, and at the beginning/end ... (0/0) download
Happyland Adventures - Xmas Edition 1.3 -  The game includes a level editor. By using it you ... go to the next level. The level exits will remain closed ... advance to the next level. The game can be ... (13/0) download