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Crazy Eights Deluxe 1.7Crazy Eights Deluxe is a classic card game for the whole family ... basis for the popular game of Uno. Designed to teach the game to the beginning player, and as a challenging game for the more experienced ... (40/0) download

Card Games Chest 1.0 -  from one beautiful app: Crazy Eights, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Mau ... hints. Very addictive! With Game Chest it's easy to ... Phone: homepage Tutorial, in-game hints and rules are ... (6/0) download
Crazy Math Game 1.4Crazy Math Game is multimedia software that ... Column Operations, Four Operations, Crazy Multiplacation, Searching Equations and 24-point Game) to improve your kids' ... (10/0) download
DinnerSpinner 0.6 -  will play the pogo Crazy Cakes game for you on DinnerSpinner is a Crazy Cakes cheat for the Crazy Cakes game on ... (3/0) download
Crazy 8's Expert v1.1 -  you play an exciting game of Crazy Eights. Crazy Eights Expert is a version of the famous card game that you might also ... One. It is a game for 2 to 10 ... can customize the whole game to match your local ... (29/0) download
CardsFunIII -  which says it all, Crazy Eights,German Whist,Agony and ... $18, or $3 a game a real bargain.Good ... ... (4/0) download
Wild Wheels 1.0 -  Wheels is a totally crazy racing game where you'll not ... getting stuck in the game : even if a mission ... (0/0) download
3D Classic Card Games Shareware 1.1 -  games, whist, seven up, crazy eights, war and 11 playing ... (1/0) download

Buzzing Cars 1.0 -  BuzzingCars is a totally crazy racing game where you'll not ... getting stuck in the game : even if a mission ... actually work in the game) assure great comfort, even ... (2/0) download
Liquid Saver 1.2 -  monitor but it's a crazy (it might drive you crazy) video game as well. Try to ... as you can, the game will record high scores ... (13/0) download
CardsFun 1.0.08 -  the price of one game. Consisting of Crazy Eights, Oh Hell, Comet, Agony ... will no doubt enjoy Crazy Eights and Comet. Six fun ... the price of one game. Consisting of Crazy Eights, Oh Hell, Comet, Agony ... (21/0) download
Gumboy Tournament 1.8 -  Tournament is an arcade game developed by Cinemax. The game is the sequel to the acclaimed Gumboy: Crazy Adventures game. And although Tournament is ... this makes a good game great. Gumboy Tournament follows the same game style. You control a ... the walls of some crazy and beautiful levels. The ... (1/0) download
Crazy Fruit 5 18.0 -  you will enjoy the Crazy Fruit simulation poker or slot game. Installing the game is easy and when ... you can set your Game to auto play or ... you to see your Game statistics. The interface displays ... (2/0) download
ABLsudoku : online battle 1.0 -  levels, 4 Options of game and a new child game Sudoku " Tibidous " ... level 4 Options of game An individual Challenge of ... line Games: a classic game. A ?Crazy Battle game? ... (65/0) download
Agapito's crazy adventure 2.0 -  Enjoy with Agapito in this wild and crazy adventure game. (23/0) download
Crazy Car Gangsters 2.3Crazy Car Gangsters game is a very curious ... this Free Car Racing Game everyone will find something ... the beginning of the game you are to choose ... (69/0) download
Crazy Crash Racing 2.4 -  The game Crazy Crash Racing is right ... this Free Car Racing Game you will not only ... yesterday's beautiful surroundings. The game will be interesting even ... (185/0) download
Crazy Minesweeper 2.20 -  got to check out Crazy Minesweeper - modern remake of ... based on original idea. Game includes two modes: Classic and Crazy. Crazy mode is a brand-new game with original rules; in ... and modifications in this game. It is a progressive ... (52/0) download
Crazy Fishing Online 3.0 -  a fisherman in the game "Crazy Fishing Online". The ... for the challenge? Download Crazy Fishing Online and Play ... (31/0) download
Crazy Fishing 3.3 -  a fisherman in the game "Crazy Fishing". The ocean ... for the challenge? Download Crazy Fishing and Play for ... (43/0) download
Crazy Controls 2.0Crazy Controls is a funny free online arcade game where you need to ... job. Your arrow went crazy. It changes its direction ... right moment when the crazy arrow points in direction ... (2/0) download
Crazy Cakes 1.1 -  The game Crazy Cakes is a patience game, which is less depending ... and logical combining. The game consists of 48 cake ... The aim of the game is to place the ... (4/0) download
Crazy Fishing Multiplayer 3.1 -  a fisherman in the game "Crazy Fishing Multiplayer " ... for the challenge? Download Crazy Fishing Multiplayer and Play ... (31/0) download
TimWin's Game Suite 8.0 -  TimWin's Game Suite is a collection ... 5 Hand Poker, BoxE, Crazy 4 Eights, Go 4 Elevens!, Flip ... word puzzles, download this will not be ... (26/0) download
Crazy Eggs for Mac OS 1.3.1Crazy Eggs is a puzzle game that fun for your ... challenge them to a game of logic, precision and ... The goal in your game is to link up ... (5/0) download