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MPC Editor 3.0 -  Editor allows you to create program files on your PC ... can either save your program or export to drive ... (2/0) download

Go chess Test Creater 1 1.0.9 -  a go game test program but also a go game test create program.It provide file system ... Korea,English) Changes: Change create function Back move and ... (1/0) download
Ssetup 4.95 -  space on chosen drive, create target directories and copy files to them, create Program group and start target ... with Microsoft compress -Setup program is secure: install information is scrambled and unreadable. -create multiple target sub directories ... (84/0) download
Porta'Menu -  Can create program groups for easier use. Has hash control for program safety Portable menu launcher ... anyway you like. Can create program groups for easier use ... an hash control for program safety, controling each one ... (34/0) download
SMS App BlackBerry -  Bulk SMS program easily create and forward messages from ... install SMS App BlackBerry program in personal desktop or ... effective Blackberry bulk SMS program is magnificent way to ... (6/0) download
The Broadcast Clock Creator 2.6 -  -Create a Variety of Broadcast ... to quickly and easily create broadcast clocks for use ... staff training and for program changes. The best part ... (5/0) download
RunClik 1.0.1 -  open more than one program by simply choosing a program group from the system tray. Easy! You can create program groups, customize the list ... even launch your favorite program group when Windows starts ... the system tray. Easily create favorite programs groups that ... (11/0) download
Gate Keeper (by GigaBest) v1.0 -  you to run any program without the system shell. The program is especially designed for ... the system. You can create program groups, each with its ... user only knows a program group's password, access is ... (32/0) download

Employee ID Card Designer -  application facilitates you to create business cards in different ... provides easy facility to create business labels in any ... colors. Advanced ID cards create program is easy to install ... (30/0) download
MeterMate 5.4 -  task of generating a program for electronic meters can ... complicated one. The MeterMate Program Creation software provides you ... s Smart Programming, one program replaces hundreds of programs ... (9/0) download
dLauncher 2.71 -  simple, easy to use program launcher. A good alternative ... and websites. You can create program groups, customize the list ... panel and shortcuts. Easily create favorite programs groups that ... (4/0) download
Blue Excel 4.1 -  is designed to make program Gantt Chart. Excel is often used to make program plan instead of Microsoft ... provides faster way to create program Gantt Chart plan. It ... calendar date. You can create task bar by input ... (160/4) download
dbQwikEdit PRO -  edit data, design tables, create queries, import and export ... can use it to create new databases, work with ... convert data, export data, create simple reports, build SQL statements, run SQL Scripts, create parameterized queries, migrate and sync data. Create short cuts to your ... (66/0) download
3D Aqua Icons Collection 1.5 -  can use them to create program interfaces, panels, toolbars and ... (84/0) download
Artistic Icons Collection 3.0 -  can use them to create program interfaces, panels, toolbars and ... (160/0) download
XP Artistic Icons Collection 3.5 -  can use them to create program interfaces, panels, toolbars and ... (19/0) download
Start Menu Tuner 1.44 -  Where's the program I need in this ... to do that! The program Start Menu Tuner will ... problem. Use it to create program categories you need and ... (16/0) download
ECommerce Shopping Cart RapidShop 4.3 -  Turn-key eCommerce powered by quick and simple, clean HTML/JavaScript shopping cart and product catalog generated for you by Excel 2000/2003-based desktop wizard. Use PayPal, GoogleCheckout and many other financial clearance plug-ins ready or tie to any gateway of your choice. Publish your files to virtually any server, or CD/USB-storage. No programming ... (162/0) download
Prime 97 Add-in for Word 97 v1.1 -  Word 95): Bookmark Manager, Create Program Shortcut, Document Variable Manager ... (31/0) download
Prime 95 Add-in for Word 95 v7.0b -  AutoText Lister, Bookmark Manager, Create Program Shortcut, Crop Marker, Document ... (41/0) download
MultiBox v4.0 -  The program includes a word-processor, paint program, Explorer-style file manager ... game, and tools to create "program installations"\; for Windows, DOS ... (29/0) download
CD Executor v2.50 -  into the Registry, and create program groups and shortcuts.Moreover ... "About"\; box.The program was designed to be ... (52/0) download
Macro Express 2000 v2.1 -  Macro Express, you can create "global"\; macros that ... used in any Windows program. Or you can create "program specific"\; or "window ... only with a particular program or window. You can create macros manually or you ... (35/0) download
Barcode Generator Mac -  Barcode Generator Mac application can download from which is developed with latest feature to manufacture coupons in random and sequential value series. Want to know how to use Apple Mac Barcode application? Use barcode labels building software which is capable to print barcode images on a selective paper sheet or save pattern ... (11/0) download
Moqui 1.0.0 -  Moqui was created to be an enterprise-ready framework that is based on Groovy and Java. Moqui includes the following tools in order to help you build applications:· Moqui Framework: facilitate efficient and flexible application building,· Moqui Mantle: universal business artifacts to make your applications easier to build and ... (1/0) download