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SentiGaze SDK 1.1Eye movement tracking with webcam and PC, no specialized ... during the calibration procedure. Eye movement tracking session can ... (60/1) download

PC Private Eye v2.0 -  PC Private Eye provides motion detection surveillance via Webcam. PC Private Eye can control your desktop ... detection sensitivity. PC Private Eye also includes multiple camera support, scheduling capability, a Webcam feature which can update ... (217/0) download
eyeblink -  common symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Healthy human blinks ... Eyeblink fights the dry eye syndrome with blink rate measurement using a webcam, smart blink training, eye exercises or break reminder ... blink training uses a webcam to observe your blinks ... (428/14) download
Eye of Horus 1.0 -  you could keep an eye on it? Have you ... need to keep an eye on something then the Eye of Horus is the ... are safe because the Eye of Horus software will ... (49/0) download
WebCam - Web Camera Security System 2.00 -  allows youto keep an eye at all the activities ... outdoor) live through a Webcam.The software sends last ... (19/0) download
Ivideon Webcam Surveillance 1.9.0 -  Ivideon Webcam Surveillance is a fully-featured and completely free webcam surveillance solution. It's fast ... account to configuring your webcam, the process only takes ... want to keep an eye on your home, office ... (3/0) download
Webcam Motion Detector 2.4 -  Motion detection and webcam monitoring. Video surveillance with ... files to FTP server. Webcam Motion Detector includes an ... WMD can keep an eye on your home, it ... (226/6) download
Easy Photo Grabber 1.4.0 -  It keeps a watchful eye on your office, house ... 768x576 pixels from your webcam or TV-capture card ... (193/0) download

Anti Red Eye 1.7 -  Anti Red Eye is a Photoshop plugin ... remove the common red eye effect from your images ... rectangular area around the eye and the red pupil ... (227/0) download
Red Eye Pilot Plugin 1.40 -  Red Eye Pilot Plugin removes red ... (27/0) download
Red Eye Remover Pro 1.2 -  Red Eye Remover Pro is a ... in flashes make red eye effect the most common ... and amateur photographers. Red Eye Remover Pro is a unique professional red eye correction tool based on ... (82/0) download
Willing Webcam Lite 5.5 -  nice feature of this webcam software is that it ... if you want Willing Webcam to erase the files ... the Rewind box. Willing Webcam has many options to ... (367/0) download
Webcam Saver 1.3 -  With Webcam Saver, you can. Watch ... Just add your own webcam locations and modify the ... like it. Everything in Webcam Saver is one hundred ... (45/0) download
WebCam-Control-Center 7.0 -  Add live Webcam images to your website quickly and easily. WebCam-Control-Center comprehensive motion ... any area with your Webcam. Schedule its FTP/Email client ... take pictures with your Webcam and date stamp or ... (181/0) download
CoffeeCup WebCam 4.0 -  Now, with CoffeeCup WebCam, you can hook up your camera, start the WebCam software, and put LIVE ... and multiple Websites. CoffeeCup WebCam will upload images from ... you can have your WebCam keep an eye on things for you ... (163/0) download
H264 WebCam 2.26 -  H264 WebCam is a 8-channel ... capture cards etc. This webcam software uses H264 video ... (163/0) download
Hide Hellion Eye 1.3 -  Hide Hellion Eye is an application that ... photo to Hide Hellion Eye. Sure, it can be ... (16/0) download
CamGames - WebCam Cyclops PLAY Games games WebCam Cyclops Play is a ... new gaming experience. Your webcam puts YOU in the ... to special algorithms your webcam will become motion-sensitive ... (468/0) download
Red Eye Remover 2.0 -  in flashes make red eye effect the most common ... and amateur photographers. Red Eye Remover is a program ... can automatically remove red eye from your images. Using ... (42/0) download
EatCam Webcam Recorder Pro 3.5Webcam Recorder records webcams to ... from any source. With Webcam Recorder you can replay ... of your favorite moments. Webcam Recorder can record anything ... (1025/0) download
WheresJames Webcam Publisher 1.15Webcam Publisher makes it easy ... and motion detection. WheresJames Webcam Publisher makes it easy ... feature helps keep an eye on things while your ... (14/0) download
DawnArk WebCam Recorder -  DawnArk WebCam Recorder is a software ... collect data from the WebCam recording into AVI, WMV ... with your friends. DawnArk WebCam Recorder has a very ... (175/0) download
Camersoft MSN Webcam Recorder 1.2.22 -  Camersoft MSN Webcam Recorder provides you the ... way to record MSN webcam video streams of your ... More Features of the webcam recorder for MSN: (1 ... (90/0) download
Webcam Browser Monitor 10.1 -  surveillance on the local webcam from the internet browser ... supports to monitor mult webcam at the same time ... (25/0) download
GorMedia MoreCam None Virtual Webcam 3.0 -  all world, split real webcam with no fake webcam needed; 2. compatible with ... even use all fake webcam software simultaneously, for real webcam will not be occupied by these virtual webcam any more.; 3. Support ... video effects to real webcam directly, please refer to "GorMedia Webcam Software Suit(www.GorMedia ... (242/0) download