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Dale and Peakot 1.0 -  Get Dale and his remote-controlled ... the stolen hens! Help Dale get his chickens back ... (17/0) download

Dale Hardshovel & the Bloomstone Mystery for Mac OS 1.0 -  Intrigued by the papyrus, Dale checks his archaeological network ... ancient Egyptian deity. Now, Dale has to solve 100 ... (2/0) download
Tetris Jr. PC for Windows v1.00 -  Tetris Jr. PC for Windows is ... on the game.Tetris Jr. PC is based on ... ... (31/0) download
Tetris Jr. PC for Windows 95 v5.1 -  Tetris Jr. PC for Windows 95 ... on the game.Tetris Jr. PC is based on ... ... (31/0) download
Bricks Jr. v0.9 -  Bricks Jr. is a puzzle game ... The goal of Bricks Jr. is to move the ... number of moves. Bricks Jr. was especially developed for ... (28/0) download
Logomaki Jr. v1.0 -  Logomaki Jr. is a fun word ... (21/0) download
JR Directory Printer 1.2 -  The JR Directory Printer utility allows ... (26/0) download
DPlot Jr -  DPlot Jr represents a free scaled ... version of DPlot, DPlot Jr may be redistributed to ... involved. Input to DPlot Jr is accomplished through Dynamic ... (3/0) download

Van Dale 7.4 -  Van Dale is a series of ... the publishing veteran Van Dale and Paragon’s SlovoEd ... (8/0) download
MindMapper Jr 1.0 -  User interface of MindMapper Jr. is all graphic and ... get started with MindMapper Jr. Specifically designed for age ... (1/0) download
Jr. Vet Demo 1.0Jr. Vet is a free ... (4/0) download
Pluggo Jr. 3.6 -  Pluggo Jr. is a collection of ... (0/0) download
Control Freq Jr 2.2 -  Control Freq Jr™ is a software program that quickly and easily programs your Uniden BC245XLT or BC780XLT using standard files types like Excel spreadsheets, DBase files and comma delimited text files. Control Freq Jr™ is not a full blown scanner control program even though it does have some functions found in scanner control programs. (1/0) download
Paul Prescott's Charge -  Charge"\; by Horatio Alger, Jr in TXT format. This ... (31/0) download
Cast Boy -  Boy"\; by Horatio Alger, Jr. in TXT format. This ... (19/0) download
Pitfall:The Mayan Adventure v1.1 -  game in which Harry Jr. faces ferocious crocodiles, deadly ... (490/0) download
Tribute to John F. Kennedy Jr. Screen Saver v2.0 -  Kennedy Jr. Screen Saver is a ... of John F. Kennedy Jr. The screen saver includes ... (87/0) download
Folder Guard Jr. v2.01 -  folder with Folder Guard Jr., the folder and its ... you instruct Folder Guard Jr. to remove the protection ... (280/0) download
Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare for Mac OS 1.0.3 -  Flora Dale wakes up briefly as ... (4/0) download
tlReader for Mac OS X -  University Press, Macmillan, Van Dale Lexicografie, Pearson, Longman, the ... (0/0) download
ACSerial2Web 1.5 -  ACSerial2Web, short for AquaController Jr. serial interface to web ... monitor and control AC jr. controller from anywhere on ... (12/1) download
ACR TrendReader 2.3 -  OWL, Nautilus, TRH and JR data loggers. Powerful features ... (9/1) download
IB Central 1.2 -  NSE Indices, Nifty stocks, Jr. Nifty stocks, Highly traded ... (8/0) download
JR Screen Ruler Pro 3.1 -  The JR Screen Ruler is a ... (0/0) download
Excel Switch First Last Name Order Software 7.0 -  middle initials and suffixes (Jr, Sr, III, etc.). Change ... middle initials and suffixes (Jr, Sr, III, etc.). (16/0) download