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CyberArchive 1.1 -  Cyber Archive is a data compression and archival program which ... demonstration for the Cyber Compression Suite and Cyber Operations' data compression services. Our service includes taking your existing data or file format and creating a matching compression algorithm for maximum optimization of the data structure. Using our large array of compression ... (7/0) download

PowerArc 1.3.2 -  High efficient Data Compression Library for use with ... ZIP, BZIP and PPM compression algorithms. Compression ratio more than 1 ... better than ZIP/RAR archiver. Compression speed up to 8 ... (15/0) download
Chilkat Zip Compression C++ Library 12.4.0 -  advanced, feature-rich Zip Compression Visual C++ Library that ... your application's file and data compression needs. Includes file and ... extract Affordable, advanced Zip Compression Visual C++ Library with ... (14/0) download
FathZIP 4.7 -  is a high-performance data compression COM component for Windows ... multiple disks, or compress data from/to memory. Everything with ... (16/0) download
Visual Patch Maker -  patch maker features DeltaMAX data compression for faster software deployment ... art binary differencing and compression algorithms. This ensures you smaller ... performing software patches. The algorithms used by Visual Patch ... (68/0) download
PKZIP 64-bit 14.00.0023 -  the gold standard in data compression and file management, evolving ... you can easily exchange data across all major computing ... mainframe environments. Large File Compression & Very Large Archive ... (10/0) download
DynaZIP-AX v4.0 -  is a multi-threaded data compression component in ActiveX form ... (282/0) download
Paszlib v2.1 -  of zlib, a lossless data compression library. The zlib data format is portable across platforms. Unlike the LZW compression method used in Unix compress, the compression method currently used in ... essentially never expands the data. zlib's memory footprint is ... independent of the input data and can be reduced ... (187/0) download

ZipTV (for Delphi 2) v2.529 -  Lets you add data compression capabilities to your Delphi ... (27/0) download
ZipTV (for Delphi 3) v2.52 -  Lets you add data compression capabilities to your Delphi ... (26/0) download
Armadillo Software Protection System v1.60A -  system, anti-crack measures, data compression, and other security features ... of-the-art encryption, data compression, and other security features ... (529/0) download
Stored Application System (SAS) v1.0 -  a database not only data manipulation algorithms but also user interface ... the same UI and algorithms. Stored Application System uses ... (20/0) download
Firestreamer-DVD 1.0 -  the Backup Utility, including data compression, media spanning and Windows ... (9/0) download
DataLock 1.0 -  any format - High ratio Data Compression achieved - Secure communication of data over internet, Lan - No ... (9/0) download
SX Fidelity Amplifier -  streaming audio use lossy compression algorithms which negatively impact the ... available that uses sophisticated algorithms to repair and replace ... file lost during lossy compression. Features : - Manual override of ... (7/0) download
kSpectra Toolkit for Mac OS 2.25 -  spectrum and coherence estimation, data compression, as well as reconstruction ... (0/0) download
Beyond Encryption 1.0 -  standard file encryption and data compression. It is intended as ... extract the files and data to pre-determined locations ... (3/0) download
Files Wrapper 1.0 -  freeware file archiver and data compression utility developed by digiP ... (3/0) download
BeeGui 1.0 -  BeeGui uses as compression algorithm the core of ... technique used for the data compression is based on the ... is high level of compression and good speed. (7/0) download
ActiveX Easy Compression Library 1.00 -  ActiveX Easy Compression Library is a high ... very easy-to-use compression and encryption library. This ... and strings. Key features: Compression algorithms - Wide range of compression algorithms and modes - Fastest compression levels are extremely fast - Good balanced compression levels provide both good ... (221/0) download
CompressionMaster Suite 2.75 -  is the most advanced data compression library available for Delphi ... Suite includes three independent data compression products: Easy Compression Library, FlexCompress and ZipForge ... for developing applications with data compression and encryption capabilities. The ... (39/0) download
AidAim CryptoPressStream 1.00 -  CryptoPressStream is a streaming compression and encryption library. It ... to compressed or encrypted data stored in the stream ... an easiest setting of compression and encryption parameters, and ... (295/0) download
SecuWipe for Smartphone 1.0 -  Erase data from your Smartphone. Wipe ... The program employs different data sanitizing algorithms, including zero-filling, U ... does not contain any data that could compromise you ... (1/0) download
MSCGzip for Windows 2.0 -  you compress and decompress data an ... (77/0) download
CHAOS Compressor 3.0Data compression utility, which allows you ... (46/0) download