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Internet Cleaner 3.4.1Internet Cleaner is an award-winning ... As its name implies, Internet Cleaner can easily eliminate all records of your Internet activity kept by various ... and removes all temporary Internet files and cookies. It ... (51/0) download

YL History Cleaner 3.33 -  History Cleaner is an Internet Eraser that protects your Internet privacy by cleaning up ... the tracks of your Internet and computer activities. Our ... web browsers such as Internet Explorer, AOL, Netscape, Opera ... (1/0) download
COMODO Registry Cleaner 1.0 -  Comodo Registry Cleaner improves the health of ... faster by conducting a deep scan of the Windows ... (124/0) download
PCBooster Free Disk Cleaner 7.3.4 -  space, PCBooster Free Disk Cleaner is a highlight to ... files generated when surfing internet in order to clean ... let this professional disk cleaner do that for you ... (0/0) download
Simnet Disk Cleaner 2011 -  Simnet Disk Cleaner is an application that ... your disk drives. Disk Cleaner uses an Advanced Parallel ... files with Simnet Disk Cleaner, you increase free disk ... (2/0) download
PCTuneUp Free Disk Cleaner 4.3.3 -  PCTuneUp Free Disk Cleaner is a free disk cleaner utility designed to help ... was. PCTuneUp Free Disk Cleaner is the perfect solution ... select. PCTuneUp Free Disk Cleaner provides a file filter ... (0/0) download
Clever Privacy Cleaner Free 4.3.1 -  Clever Privacy Cleaner Free - free internet tracks eraser and privacy cleaner software - is specially designed ... computer and browse the Internet, you leave behind a ... from web browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera ... (0/0) download
PCMate Free Disk Cleaner 6.6.2 -  PCMate Free Disk Cleaner is an advanced hard disk cleaner for Windows to clean ... performance. This free PC cleaner also cleans Internet histories, cache files, and cookies of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera ... steps. With this disk cleaner software, you can clean ... (1/0) download

Internet Browser Eraser 1.0Internet Browser Eraser is an ... ... (280/0) download
Smart Internet Eraser 1.0 -  Smart Internet Eraser is one of the most advanced internet history eraser and cookie ... among other things. Smart Internet Eraser helps you clean traces of applications and internet history thus making your ... (34/0) download
Free Internet Eraser 2.30 -  Free Internet Eraser is an Internet privacy software that protects your Internet privacy by permanently erase internet history and past computer ... be performed manually, Free Internet Eraser can automate this process for you. Free Internet Eraser allows you to erase history, erase Internet history, internet cache, cookies, address bar ... you can ... (258/0) download
Free Internet Window Washer 3.6 -  Free Internet Window Washer is a ... your PC and the Internet. As you work on ... computer and browse the Internet, you leave behind traces ... (0/0) download
Privacy Eraser Pro 5.95 -  Eraser Pro is an Internet Eraser that protects your Internet privacy by permanently erase Internet history and past computer ... etc.) and customize the Internet Explorer (IE) title bar ... and many others. Our internet eraser also support popular ... (67/0) download
System Purifier 3.37 -  shredder, privacy eraser, disk cleaner, free space wiper/eraser and ... the tracks of your Internet activities and computer activities ... eraser, temporary (temp) folders cleaner, internet history eraser, web browser's ... (19/0) download
Universal Shredder 1.90 -  Universal Shredder - Internet and PC cleaning utility ... well as clean. Clean Internet Usage : Clears browsers history ... (35/0) download
System Optimization Wizard 1.2 -  system optimizer and registry cleaner, Fix all potential errors ... Wizard Features: 1, Registry Cleaner If you bump into ... registry. 2, Junk Files Cleaner Junk Files Clear is ... (2/0) download
Wash n Sweep 2.2 -  the world of the Internet. This is a cutting ... will get two additional Internet software applications that are ... (27/0) download
Secure Windows 2009 3.0.2 -  menu, Desktop, Explorer, and Internet Explorer etc. In addition ... location changer, empty folders cleaner and lots of more ... (18/0) download
Spyware Terminator 2.0.0 -  Real-time Shield's Internet, System, and Application Guards ... (136/0) download
QuickCrypto 3.1P -  Manager File Shredder System Cleaner Internet Privacy File Recovery Windows ... (8/0) download
Ashampoo UnInstaller 4 4.0.20 -  Windows Registry cleanup tool- Internet cleanup tool, delete all ... Windows services tool- Manage Internet Explorer extensions tool- File ... (18/2) download
Speed Up 2008 4 -  as well as the Internet and network data throughput ... (0/0) download
Cleanersoft Free Registry Fix 1.6 -  An increase in registry key errors is one of the top reasons for slow PC performance, windows errors, and computer crashes. The registry is a database containing important settings for your PC. When it becomes cluttered, your computer's performance will suffer. With Cleanersoft Free Registry Fix you can clean and repair the Windows registry quickly ... (2/0) download
Ashampoo UnInstaller 5 5.0.2 - Editor: Ashampoo UnInstaller is a program that you can use to remove or uninstall software from the Windows operating system. It has additional tools and features that make it effective when it comes to uninstalling software. Above all, the program can also monitor any installation you make.  Requirements: Hard Drive Space: 50 ... (4/0) download
Internet Disk Cleaner 2.0Internet Disk Cleaner is a safe and ... tool to erase your internet tracks, computer activities and ... time you surf the Internet or use other applications ... (195/0) download