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MMS Digital Video Recorder 1.6 -  Intertraff MMS-DVR software is a ... 16 cameras. With Intertraff MMS-DVR running on your ... or on motion detection. MMS-DVR increases the security ... (304/0) download

Mobizware-Lite MMS Server, SMS Server 1.22 -  Freeware MMS Server, MMS Server. Send MMS/SMS from ... or mobile phone. Receive MMS file content and save ... (572/0) download
ActiveXperts MMS Toolkit 2.0MMS ActiveX Component for Windows, to send and receive MMS multi-media messages. Support ... MM1 (GPRS Modems), MM4 (MMS over SMTP) and MM7 (MMS over XML/SOAP). Supports all ... (260/0) download
SMS and MMS Toolkit 5.0 -  SMS and MMS ActiveX component for Windows ... provider. Send and receive MMS messages via MM1 (GPRS ... (7/0) download
ActiveXperts SMS and MMS component 5.3 -  SMS and MMS ActiveX/COM component for Microsoft ... provider. Send and receive MMS messages via MM1 (GPRS ... (44/0) download
Tansee iPhone SMS & MMS Copy -  you: - Backup SMS & MMS in iPhone to computer ... (7/0) download
Tansee iDevice SMS&MMS&iMessage Transfer -  - Backup MMS (Picture & Video in ... (5/0) download
MMS Courier 1.2MMS Courier was designed for easily sending multimedia message (MMS) through your computer. With ... bulk) sending and managing MMS easy enough and full ... (1/0) download

DESI Labeling System 3.1 -  The DESI Labeling System is a ... your own telephone labels. DESI telephone labels are easy ... make… and FAST. Try DESI Lite for free, or ... (3/0) download
DESI Plus 3.1DESI is the most user ... the task of creating desi strips takes minutes instead of hours. DESI also gives you amazing ... (7/0) download
ActiveXperts SMS and MMS Toolkit 5.3 -  SMS and MMS Toolkit is toolkit to provide SMS and MMS messaging functionality to Windows ... With ActiveXperts SMS and MMS Toolkit, you can send ... messages)ActiveXperts SMS and MMS Toolkit is available as ... (21/0) download
MMS Coordinate Converter 2012.0MMS Coordinate Converter is a ... (6/0) download
Desi Radio 1.0Desi Radio is a collection ... (4/0) download
BlockUs 1.00 -  SMS/MMS/E-Mail Message Block Utility. BlockUs automatically blocks every attempt to send messages from your device. Blocked messages are placed in a special folder. You decide which messages are un-blocked by creating customized un-block rules based on supplied recipient addresses. This little utility also allows you to peruse all sent messages on ... (3/0) download
Berry Extract 1.18173 -  text messages (SMS and MMS) to Windows text or ... (5/0) download
MMSThePicture 1.0.0 -  of preparing and sending MMS with captured photo becomes ... to your friend with MMS. Further more, you can ... on/off) OCo Text with MMS (on/off) OCo Image Quality ... (7/0) download
Tansee iDevice Message Transfer for MAC -  - Backup MMS (Picture & Video in ... (2/0) download
Tansee iPhone/iPod/iPad SMS Copy for MAC -  - Backup MMS (Picture & Video in ... (13/0) download
Message MMS Free (greeting cards) 1.12 -  Want to make you mms and sms messages lively ... iPhone application called "Message MMS free". You get a ... can be sent via mms, mail, facebook or saved to album. "Message MMS free" is an ecard ... (2/0) download
Desi Music of India 1.0Desi Music of India is ... this app now..!!! Desi Music contains content consisting ... (4/0) download
Zaiqa - Ultimate Desi Food 1.0 -  Zaiqa is an Ultimate Desi Food app. An app ... the day to day desi cooking not compromising on ... (5/0) download
Desi Music Radio 1.0.6Desi Music Radio - is a ... (3/0) download
MMS Cards - Christmas 2.0MMS Cards - Christmas is unique ... family over the holidays! MMS Cards features Christmas themed ... to your contacts as MMS messages. MMS Cards are optimized to ... (0/0) download
MMS Maker 2.6 -  very own Avatar through MMS Maker! With a big ... to be used in MMS, Facebook, Twitter or Email ... you by AIS. Avatar MMS Maker MMS Maker Avatar Changes: Add ... (0/0) download
FreeMessage send sms+mms 1.0 -  FreeMessage lets you send MMS picture message or SMS ... Click send. To send MMS: 1. Select the phone ... Mobile Note: 1. Free MMS to other iPhone users ... (4/0) download