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Personal Lunar Organizer 1.12.0 -  featured information manager with moon phases embedded in the calendar ... and name of the moon phase for the selected ... ... (3/0) download

3D Calendar v3.01 -  a small and versatile desktop calendar with reminders, moon phases, and holiday support. You ... able which displays sun, moon and seasons data and ... (26/0) download
StarMessage - Moon Phases screensaver 3.08 -  screensaver shows the current moon phase, inside a highly ... (31/0) download
MoonPaper: Low Resolutio 0.6.7 -  Annotated moon phases wallpaper and screen saver. MoonPaper is a desktop wallpaper changer / screen ... date with the current moon phase. It also allows ... tray and changes the desktop wallpaper to the image ... (39/0) download
Lunatic Trader 1.0 -  that can calculate all moon phases and lunar cycles. The ... the phase of the moon. You can believe that ... and Latitude of the Moon for the required date ... (1/0) download
Sun and Moon World Map -  of the Sun and Moon in real-time or ... ... (5/0) download
MB Moon Void Of Course 1.0 -  MB Moon Void of Course Software ... lunar phase calculations or moon void of course analysis ... plan. The void of moon effects on you are ... (2/0) download
MB Moon Phase 1.80 -  MB Free Moon Phase is one of ... most simple and accurate moon phase calculator software. The ... calculate which phase the Moon is passing through on ... (7/0) download

MoonDock X 1.2.3 -  3 displays present moon phases in OS X Dock ... you to look at Moon phase information for specific ... like to have the Moon on your desktop, this application is for ... (25/0) download
II_Calendar 2.6Moon-Phases, Zodiac. With this calendar ... schedules can be added. Moon-Phases and Zodiac symbols are ... (18/0) download
Moonrise (16-bit) v2.5 -  the next series of moon phases, and see a graphic ... (53/0) download
Moonrise (32-bit) v3.5 -  the next series of moon phases, and see a graphic ... (110/0) download
Q++ Sun Moon and Planets Calculator 1.5 -  times of the Sun, Moon and other 8 planets ... lunar eclipses, conjunctions, oppositions, Moon phases, Mercury and Venus transits ... (8/0) download
Click Clock -  moonset, equinoxes & solstices, moon phases, eclipses, meteor showers, daylight ... location of the sun, moon, and all of the ... thesaurus, images of the moon, meteor info, and a ... (161/0) download
Photo Calendar Creator 7.25 -  can add text, clipart, Moon phases and photos and enhance ... save a calendar as desktop wallpaper or send it ... (8/0) download
MB Magick 1.20 -  Candle Magick & MB Moon Magick and displays the ... the influence of the phases of the moon on magick rituals. MB Moon Magick is a simple ... the position of the moon and its effect on ... (2/0) download
My Zodiac Calendar 1.0 -  position of planets and moon phase. A general description ... (2/0) download
Calendar Constructer 1.87 -  holidays, daylight savings, lunar/moon phases, sun solstice/equinox, and religious ... (38/0) download
Calendar 2001 (by Joel Graffman) v4.0 rev. 1 -  2001 automatically shows holidays, moon phases and daylight/standard time changes ... (30/0) download
Bossdesk Calendar -  Bossdesk Calendar gives you the ability to create personalized calendars that is organized and easy to use. Hundreds of icons representing different events are available for the user. Easily organize your daily tasks and appointments using calendar folders and sheets which can be manipulated for your own purposes. It is easy to use and keeps your work ... (3/0) download
Calendar Commander 2.14 -  icon graphics, sequence numbers, moon phases, season changes, and importation ... (48/0) download
Salaat Time 1.9 -  * Moon phases in Hijri and Gregorian ... (341/0) download
ClickTray Calendar v2.35 -  ability to show the moon phases, date calculations, calendar printing ... (36/0) download
StarLogin v5.1 -  node crossing dates\; displays moon phases and ages\; predicts lunar ... (79/0) download
Calendar Explorer v1.86 -  calculate the Lunar Quarters (moon phases) for any year between ... (36/0) download